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waterproof rain jackets for women
I need to find the best and cheapest rainwear for farm/ranch work! I’m having a hard time online today…?

I need waterproof. Baseball caps aren’t doing the trick in the rain and I also don’t want the back of my neck getting burned in the sun. I’m thinking cowboy hat, but what material? Felt? Wool? Also, does anyone know the best clothing material for rain? I wear jeans and a shirt and jacket on sunny days, but I need something waterproof, but sturdy. Im slopping pigs, caring for cattle, riding a 4-wheeler around and riding horses alot. I already split a pair of flimsy rain pants. FYI, Im a woman but have no issue wearing mens stuff! New to the ranch thing! Im loving it but im freezing in the rain!

When riding horses I never left home without my raincoat. A long outback, oilskin duster. My hat is an outback type as well. Felt material that is waterproof. It makes the rain go straight off to your back. I could roll this hat with my coat and tie to my saddle, the shape never much mattered in the rain, and it reshapes if you set it just right as it is drying. The coat has all the right splits and snaps and adjustments for straddling a horse and extends over your legs to keep them dry. I buy the same boots year after year as well. Ariats are what my feet love. Pull on ropers with work sole. Walking across rivers never phases these boots, as matter of fact its the best way to break them in. With hard core daily use they last me a year before they start letting moisture in. Cleaning instructions on that coat is to spray with garden hose and hang to dry. Never needs laundered. You have to wear jeans on a horse, so if the does not help enough you may want to look into some oilskin chaps. I sold mine. They were filson tin chaps. Were great to have when I needed them. They were two pieces, could slide over boot and snapped on to belt. I found these on line going directly through Filson. I have since moved on from my life with horses and sold my small coat, but still have one in size lg. that I will eventually put on ebay to sell. I have my hat too. If you are interested let me know.

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