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vinyl coat
any ideas what i could use to affix magazine pictures to a vinyl miniskirt and then coat it to preserve pics?

i am going to diy a black vinyl miniskirt with pictures i`ve cut out of magazines…what type of adhesive should i use to apply the pics, and what can i use to coat over them so the pictures are not damaged when i wear/wash the skirt?

I suggest that you purchase some light weight vinyl,maybe half a yard, either black, or maybe some bright color, if you’re a daring person. Also get a half a yard of clear vinyl, the type used to protect table tops.

Cut the vinyl into a picture frame, just a1/4 inch larger than the picture you want to use. Sew the frame onto the skirt, on three sides only, leaving one side open to insert the picture. Sew close to the outside edge of the frame.

Cut a piece of the clear vinyl just a bit smaller all around and insert it into the frame, then insert the picture under that.

You can remove the picture and the clear vinyl for washing.


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