Hoodie Coat

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hoodie coat
Does anyone know where i can order a slim fit hoodie/pea-coat/balzer/military jackets for a resonable price?

im 6’2 and weigh about 140lbs i like to shop a Express


IDK ^_^?

2scoop-Hoodie coat (2011korea latest fashion) .avi

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Hood Coat

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hood coat
Will a Sleazy hood help keep my horse from growing a winter coat?

So I’m in wyoming for college. I am going to be showing a lot this year and I have a turnout sheet on my horse now and when it gets colder I’ll put his turnout blanket on. He’s kept in a stall with turnout when the runs are open.

I have read that hoods can rub the mane off. Would a sleazy hood keep the winter coat from growing on his neck? I will NOT body clip him because he hates clippers.

If it’s the typical sleazy material (polyester spandex), no, because it is a very thin, airy material. They are useful for when you’ve banded manes, have braided/washed it to lay it flat, or if you have a mane-rubber, they can be helpful in protecting the mane. Because of how breathable they are they allow the cold air just as well as without it, it would be much like you wearing a thin cardigan on a winters day with 3′ of snow on the ground.

I’ve been using hoods for a long time and have never had a problem with them, if they fit well and are attached properly they can be a show coat lifesaver. My mares and I have never had fuzzies issues at fall and winter shows across North America. Hope this helps and good luck with your showing endeavors.

Murda Blakk feat. Jay Hood: Coat Sean Jean (Traphouse Performance)

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Hooded Coat

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hooded coat
Looking for Anime characters wearing a mask or hooded coat.?

I decided to do a cosplay of an Anime or manga character. However, since I don’t like people to see my face (or rather it doesn’t fit to most characters) I decided to cosplay a character who wears a mask or hood.
So if you know of such characters please let me know. Please exclude characters from Bleach and Naruto. Thanks.

he dosent very often, but mello from Death Note has been known to wear a hooded cloak and a few characters (Cant list them all) from an anime called MAR wear cloaks


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