Hoodie Coat

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hoodie coat
Does anyone know where i can order a slim fit hoodie/pea-coat/balzer/military jackets for a resonable price?

im 6’2 and weigh about 140lbs i like to shop a Express


IDK ^_^?

2scoop-Hoodie coat (2011korea latest fashion) .avi

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Ecko Coat

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ecko coat
What kind of subculture/style do I sound like?

Guess my style :p Cos I get random stuff shouted at me in the street so I was just wondering what style I am. The shouty people have conflicting views.

Short but still girlie pixie cut with a longer but not massive fringe, bleached blonde.

Always a black double breasted coat. Coat has badges on one lapel.

Always a black, green, purple and blue tartan scarf.

Sometimes fingerless gloves.

Usually tops from Dorothy perkins, H&M, Primark or Boohoo.

Japanese Tenshiineko tote bag.

Black skinny jeans OR black baggy jeans OR shorts with black or luminous coloured tights.

New rock boots OR short cyan coloured converse OR white ecko red trainers.

Always a bright eyeshadow of any colour of the rainbow, always black eyeliner under my eyes, sometimes a pink or red lipstick.

Mod, but an updated one.

Session 19

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Coat Tommy

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coat tommy
does anyone know where i can find tommy hilfiger trench coat for men?

Try going on Tommy Hilfiger online.

Fat Guy In A Little Coat Tommy Boy

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Pink Coat Hangers

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pink coat hangers
Im having a Mall scavenger hunt. I need some more ideas to put on the list. Here is my list so farV?

bourbon chicken free sample
toilet paper roll
name tag
clearance sticker
strangers autograph
party hat
shopping bag
ketchup packet
cologne sample
Straw from restaurant

Whole Team Next To A Sign for a ‘2 for 1’ sale
Whole Team Wearing Pink shoes
Whole Team Next To An undressed mannequin posing
One Person Wearing An off white coat (no other colors on coat)
Whole Team Next To Perfume in a red bottle
With The Whole Team With Taylor Launter
In Macys Dressing Room wearing the SAME dress.
Whole Team Around A MALE Gilly Hicks Model
everyone in group sitting on one chair

any other stuff. the party if form 7-9. the scavenger hunt will prolly start around 7:30. Do you think that has enough stuff on it??

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Crochet Coat Hanger – Part 3 of 4

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Coat Dog

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coat dog
Where can I order a dog coat for my collie that offers a matching coat for the owner?

I saw the set in a catalog. They are plaid and they offered two/three color choices. It featured outdoor clothing but very trendy and upscale. I would buy it online, but I am having a difficult time finding that item. Also, not easy to find dog coats/sweaters in XL. Anyway, it was a coat for the dog and a matching coat for the owner. It was impressive because it was plaid and a set. I will appreciate any and all suggestions as I continue my search. Thanks so much! Melora

look in the Lands End catalog

Help Three Legged Dogs Swim with Float Coat Dog Life Jacket

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Coat Girl

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coat girl

Burberry Women Coats Made Her Dream Come True

This is a story talked about a girl called Jimmy and Burberry Coats.


Time flies, the annual Super Girl Competition is beginning again. Jimmy was always dreaming to take part in the competition, but she always had not the courage. For this, she had regretted many times.


This time, she didn’t want to regret any more .So she plucked up her courage come to the broadcasting station, and filled out the application form without any hesitation.After the application, her hanging heart was finally landed. She felt more relax and easy, with the brisk pace, breathing the fresh air. At this time, she felt all around is so beautiful.


Next she should do was that she should practice singing, for the flowing day, she got up early everyday, practice the song she will sang in the stage. Sometimes she would practice at home; sometimes she would come to the park. One day ,she was so addictive into her singing ,she didn’t find there are many people around her who are reveling in her sweet voice.Afer her finished her singing ,groups were applaud and gave a highly appraise to her.


After these periods of practicing, she felt satisfied with singing, and had confident with her voice. But the following most important thing is that she didn’t know which clothes she should wear the Super Girl Show. She was very worried about this, and then she called her good friend Lucy to go shopping with her, they are almost seeing all the shopping malls, but did not find satisfactory clothes. At the time she was almost desperate, she suddenly saw an eye-catching Burberry women coat in the Burberry outlet online store.


She couldn’t wait to run up, and try that Burberry woman trench coat; she looked herself in the mirror, she found this Burberry women coat was not only very comfortable, but also very elegant and temperament.


The competition day was quickly coming, Jimmy put on that Burberry Women coat, which attracted those judges and audience attention. Adding on her perfect song, she won the first prize. What’s more, since this Burberry women coat was suitable for her, made her very elegant and temperament, Burberry Outlet Online Store started to invite her to endorse for their Burberry Products.


So lucky girl she was, do you want to make your dream come ture? Quicky come into our Burberry outlet online, then select your favorite Burberry product. You will find every miracle is possible for you.







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Little Girl and Red Coat in Schindler’s List

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Wool Coats Women

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wool coats women
Help me find a coat like this!?

Please. 😛



It’s the most awesome trench coat I’ve ever seen.
I want it in charcoal or black. Preferably under $100 USD. Preferably wool.
Women’s, not Men’s like the picture.

^The closest I can find so far is this, but it’s not exact. :/

P.S. Who loves Sherlock?

I always can find what I like at http://www.anf-store.com/product/category/Pop-Fashion-Outerwear-0-0-252-1.html?af=6
Maybe you also can find what you like at this online store.
It is really a good store.
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Great customer service and fast delivery.
Hope it can help to you!

Albino D’Amato: Designer at Work – Milan Fashion Week Fall 2011 | FashionTV – FTV.com

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Burton Coat

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burton coat

Baby Cot Mattress

When you are trying to choose a mattress for your baby, there are a few choices that you are going to pick between. There are 3 different mattresses you can choose from for a baby cot/crib. The main quality that you want to look for in a baby cot mattress is whether or not it is firm. You want a firm, supportive mattress for your baby. Your baby will sleep approximately 16 hours a day. You want to do your best to make sure that your little one is sleeping in a baby mattress that is firm and also comfortable.  Although babies wake up a lot, they also sleep a lot. The main baby cot mattresses that you will find will be ones made with coils, fibers, or foam. It is recommended that you get a firm and supportive mattress no matter what kind you end up getting.

Fiber Baby Cot/Crib Mattress

For the most part, a fiber cot mattress is most likely going to be made with coconut fibers that are coated in latex. Baby cot mattresses that are made of fiber hold their shape very well. They are also durable and last for a long time.

Foam Baby Cot/Crib Mattress

Out of all the mattresses, the foam mattresses are cheaper than the other kinds. They also do not weigh as much as the other kinds. You should not just decide to get the foam mattress just because it is the cheaper choice. It will be slightly harder to find one that is supportive. A foam baby cot mattress that is firm will be dense. Only the foam mattresses that are dense will be able to give your baby the support he or she needs.

Innerspring Baby Cot/Crib Mattress

Innerspring mattresses last longer than foam mattresses. The more springs that it has, the better. These will keep their shape better than the foam mattresses. One side of the mattress will most likely be a plastic that is easy to wipe down. The other side would be a cotton material.

You want to make sure you choose the right baby cot mattress that will be comfortable and supportive for your baby. A doctor might be able to give you some advice about how firm it should be for your baby. If your baby is susceptible to allergies, you can find a hyper allergenic mattress to help. Make sure the baby cot mattress you get will fit snug into your baby cot.

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Find more information on anything about baby cots here:Baby Cots

Nail art tutorial – Tim Burton black & white striped nails!

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Car Coat Hanger

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car coat hanger

How to Get Back into your Car without a key?

Here’s an “emergency” that may not be dangerous, but certainly can be exasperating!

If you tend to be feather-headed and leave the keys in your car fairly often, you may be tempted to hide an extra key somewhere on the vehicle. However, I must warn you that unless you’re very clever about where you hide it, you may be inviting someone to steal your car or its contents. Those little magnetic boxes that stick to the metal surface of the body or frame are the best bets here, but be sure to place your box in an obscure and hard-toreach area where it can’t jiggle loose and fall out. I leave the choice of area up to you — if I publish a list of suggestions, the Car Thieves of America will nominate me for their annual Helpful Dummy Award! Be imaginative. Struggling a little to reach that extra key is better than giving the car away easily. And don’t hide your house key with it. You don’t want to give everything away, do you?

Assuming that you’ve decided not to risk hiding that extra set on your car, here’s how to get in without a key:

  1. If you have the old-style door locks with little buttons that go up and down, obtain a wire coat hanger, straighten it out, and bend the end of it into a little hook. Insert it between the rubber molding and the side window or vent window and then, carefully, with the dexterity of a jewel thief, hook it around the door button and pull it up.
  2. If you or your auto manufacturer has had the foresight to replace these buttons with the new, smooth kind, your vehicle has less of a chance of being stolen, but you will have a harder job getting into it without a key. You may be able to use the hanger to hook one or to push the gizmo near the door handle, but most of them will straighten out your hanger before they condescend to budge. Sorry!
  3. If you’re in a parking facility or near a service station, the attendants often have a gadget called a “jimmy” that can be slid between the window and the door and used to operate the locking mechanism. It certainly doesn’t hurt to ask. If they have one, ask them to do the job for you and be generous with your thanks. They’ve just saved you a lot of time and money.
  4. If you call a locksmith, you’ll have to prove that you own the vehicle before any work can be done, and you’ll probably also have to pay immediately. (Let’s hope that you didn’t lock your wallet in there along with your keys.) If your key is lost outside your car and your steering wheel locks, the locksmith may have to dismount the steering wheel and remove the lock — this can cost you lots of money, plus time and aggravation, before you can drive off again.

There’s good news, however. Each car key is coded by the auto manufacturer, and if you have the key code number, a locksmith can make you a new key as long as you have identification and can describe the vehicle in terms of its vital statistics. General Motors car keys have little coded tags that you knock out of the key and keep; other U.S. cars come with little metal tags with the number on them; and most foreign carmakers engrave the number right on the keys.

As a valuable favor to yourself, write down the code number where someone at home can read it to you in an emergency. Also record it — without identifying what it is — in your pocket address book or in your wallet before you lose your keys. If you don’t know the code number for your keys and you bought the car, new or used, from a dealer, the dealer may still have the number on file. Failing that, a good locksmith may be able to analyze a key in fairly new condition and come up with the proper code for it.

  1. If you happen to lock yourself out of the car while you have the trunk open, you may be able to move the rear seat out of the way and gain access to the rear of the car (or you can hide an extra ignition key in the trunk).
  2. If you get totally freaked out and decide to break a window, break the little vent window, if you have one. It’s cheaper to replace, and sometimes the latch breaks before the glass does.

If you have to break the glass, wrap something around your hand and use a stone or other heavy object. Keep your head away from flying glass, although most auto glass should be shatterproof. And don’t break a window that will interfere with visibility while you’re driving home to face the jeers of your family and friends.

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woodchuck is an up and coming expert on crafts and hobbies. Do you want complete woodworking for home resource? You can download fine woodworking plans and designs on 12000 shed plans,or you can learn woodworking by going to Woodworking Plans TV site.

How To Unlock A Car Door With An Hanger !!

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Guess Jacket Men

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guess jacket men

Vickers machine gun


The Vickers machine gun was based on the successful Maxim gun of the late 19th century. After purchasing the Maxim company outright in 1896, Vickers took the design of the Maxim gun and improved it, reducing its weight by taking out all unnecessary parts, and adding a muzzle booster.

The British Army formally adopted the Vickers gun as its standard machine gun on 26 November 1912, using it alongside their Maxims. There were still great shortages when the First World War began, and the British Expeditionary Force was still equipped with Maxims when sent to France in 1914. Vickers was, in fact, threatened with prosecution for war profiteering, due to the exorbitant price it was demanding for each gun. As a result, the price was slashed. As the war progressed, and numbers increased, it became the British Army’s primary machine gun, and served on all fronts during the conflict. When the Lewis Gun was adopted as a light machine gun and issued to infantry units, the Vickers guns were redefined as heavy machine guns, withdrawn from infantry units, and grouped in the hands of the new Machine Gun Corps (when heavier 0.5 in/12.7 mm calibre machine guns appeared, the tripod-mounted, rifle-calibre machine guns like the Vickers became medium machine guns). After the First World War, the Machine Gun Corps (MGC) was disbanded and the Vickers returned to infantry units. Before the Second World War, there were plans to replace the Vickers gun; one of the contenders was the 7.92 mm (.312 in) Besa machine gun (a Czech design), which eventually became the British Army’s standard tank-mounted machine gun. However, the Vickers remained in service with the British Army until 30 March 1968. Its last operational use was in the Radfan during the Aden Emergency. Its successor in UK service is the L7 GPMG.

Use in aircraft

The Vickers gun became a standard weapon on British and French military aircraft, especially after 1916. Although heavier than the Lewis, and using a belt feed which proved problematic in the air, its closed bolt firing cycle made it much easier to synchronize it to allow it to fire through aircraft propellers. The famous Sopwith Camel and the SPAD XIII types used twin synchronised Vickers, as did most British and French fighters between 1918 and the mid 1930s. In the air, the heavy water cooling system was redundant, but because the weapon relied on barrel recoil, the (empty) water-holding barrel jacket or casing needed to be retained. Slots were cut into the barrel jacket to aid air cooling.

As the machine gun armament of fighter aircraft moved from the fuselage to the wings in the years before the Second World War, the Vickers, with its fabric belts was generally replaced by the faster-firing Browning Model 1919 using metal-linked cartridges. Several British bombers and attack aircraft of the Second World War mounted the Vickers K machine gun or VGO, a completely different design.


Main article: Vickers .50 machine gun

The larger calibre (half-inch) version of the Vickers was used for armoured fighting vehicles and naval use.

The Gun, Machine, Vickers, .5-inch, Mk. II was used in tanks, the earlier Mark I having been the development model. This entered service in 1933 and was obsolete in 1944. Firing either single shot or automatic it had a pistol type trigger grip rather than the spades of the 0.303 in (7.7 mm) cartridge.

The Gun, Machine, Vickers, .5-inch, Mk. III was used as an anti-aircraft gun on British ships. This variation was typically four guns mounted on a 360 rotating and (+80 to 10) elevating housing. The belts were rolled into a spiral and placed in hoppers beside each gun. The heavy plain bullet weighed 1.3 oz (37 g) and was good for 1,500 yd (1,400 m) range (1,300 m). Maximum rate of fire for the Mark III was about 700 rpm from a 200-round belt carried in a drum. They were fitted from the 1920s onwards, but in practical terms, proved of little use. During the Second World War, the naval 0.5 in (12.7 mm) version was also mounted on power-operated turrets in smaller watercraft, such as Motor Gun Boats and Motor Torpedo Boats.

The Mark IV and V guns were improvements on the Mark II. Intended for British light tanks, some were used during the war on mounts on trucks by the LRDG in the North Africa Campaign

Foreign service

The Vickers was widely sold commercially and saw service with many nations and their own particular ammunition. It was also modified for each company and served as a base for many other weapons. For example:

6.5 mm Italian

6.5 mm Arisaka

6.5x54R Dutch

7×57 Mauser

7.5×55 Swiss

7.62×51 NATO

.30-06 Springfield

7.62x54R Russian

7.65×53 Mauser

8 mm Lebel

The Vickers MG remains in service with the Indian, Pakistani, and Nepalese armed forces, albeit as a reserve weapon, intended for emergency use in the event of a major conflict.


The weight of the gun itself varied based on the gear attached, but was generally 25-30 lb (11-13 kg), with a 40-50 lb (18-23 kg) tripod. The ammunition boxes for the 250-round ammunition belts weighed 22 lb (10 kg) each. In addition, it required about 7.5 imperial pints (4.3 L) of water in its evaporative cooling system to prevent overheating. The heat of the barrel boiled the water in the jacket surrounding it. The resulting steam was taken off by flexible tube to a condenser containerhis had the dual benefits of avoiding giving away the gun’s location, and also enabling re-use of the water, which was very important in arid environments.

Rimmed, centrefire Mk 7 .303 inch (7.7 mm) cartridge from World War II.

In British service, the Vickers gun fired the standard .303 inch (7.7  mm) cartridges used in the Lee Enfield rifle, which generally had to be hand-loaded into the cloth ammunition belts. There was also a 0.5 in (12.7 mm) calibre version used as an anti-aircraft weapon and various other calibres produced for foreign buyers. Some British tanks of the early Second World War were equipped with the 0.5 in (12.7 mm) Vickers.

The gun was 3 ft 8 in (1.1 m) long and its cyclic rate of fire was between 450 and 600 rounds per minute. In practice, it was expected that 10,000 rounds would be fired per hour, and that the barrel would be changed every hour two-minute job for a trained team. Firing the Mark 8 cartridge, which had a streamlined bullet, it could be used against targets at a range of approximately 4,500 yd (4.1 km).


The gun and its tripod were carried separately and were both heavy. The original design did not anticipate its being carried up jungle-covered mountains on men’s backs, but such was the weapon’s popularity that men were generally content to man-pack it to all manner of difficult locations. The tripod would be set up to make a firm base, often dug into the ground a little and perhaps with the feet weighted down with sandbags. The water jacket would be filled with water around the barrel. The firing of the gun would make the barrel heat up, and conducted heat would then boil the water in the jacket, and steam would be carried away down a rubber pipe, to condense in a metal can. The condensed water could then be poured back into the jacket to top it up, but another function of the condenser tin was to hide the emissions of steam, that might give away the gun’s position. This cooling system, though heavy, was very effective, and enabled the gun to keep firing far longer than air-cooled rival weapons.

The loader sat to the gunner’s right, and fed in belts of cloth, into which had been placed the rounds. The weapon would draw in the belt, push each round out of the belt and into the breech, fire it, and then drop the brass cartridge out of the bottom, to gather in a pile of spent brass underneath the weapon, while the cloth belt would continue through to the left side and wind up on the ground.

Clinometer for Vickers .303 machine gun

The Vickers was used for indirect fire against enemy positions at ranges up to 4,500 yards. This plunging fire was used to great effect against road junctions, trench systems, forming up points, and other locations that might be observed by a forward observer, or zeroed in at one time for future attacks, or guessed at by men using maps and experience. Sometimes a location might be zeroed in during the day, and then attacked at night, much to the surprise and confusion of the enemy. New Zealand units were especially fond of this use. A white disc would be set up on a pole near the MMG, and the gunner would aim at a mark on it, knowing that this corresponded to aiming at the distant target. There was a special back-sight with a tall extension on it for this purpose. The only similar weapon of the time to use indirect fire was the German MG 08, which had a separate attachment sight with range calculator.

A British World War Two Vickers MMG platoon typically had one officer in command of four guns, in two sections of two, each with a crew and a small team of riflemen whose job was to protect the gun, and keep it supplied with ammunition.


 Commonwealth of Nations



 New Zealand


 South Africa

 United Kingdom







Gallery of images

Wikimedia Commons has media related to: Vickers machine gun

British Vickers gun team in action at the Battle of the Somme. Both are wearing gas masks

Rear view of Vickers gun team in action at the Battle of the Somme

Vickers gun set up for anti-aircraft purposes during the First World War

Vickers machine-gun of the 1st Manchester Regiment in Malaya, 1941

British Vickers gunners in action in Holland during Operation Market Garden. All are wearing the Mk III Turtle helmet

View of the breech of a Vickers gun showing brass feed ramp

Dorsal view of a Vickers gun showing fluted water-cooling tank

See also

Kjellman machine gun

M1917 Browning machine gun

Maschinengewehr 08

Schwarzlose MG M.07/12

Skoda M1909 machine gun

Vickers K Machine gun

Vickers .50 machine gun


^ Hogg, Ian V.; Batchelor, John (1976). Weapons & War Machines. London: Phoebus. pp. 62. ISBN 0-7026-0008-3. 

“The Vickers gun accompanied the BEF to France in 1914, and in the years that followed, proved itself to be the most reliable weapon on the battlefield, some of its feats of endurance entering military mythology. Perhaps the most incredible was the action by the 100th Company of the Machine Gun Corps at High Wood on 24 August 1916. This company had ten Vickers guns, and it was ordered to give sustained covering fire for 12 hours onto a selected area 2,000 yards away in order to prevent German troops forming up there for a counter-attack while a British attack was in progress. Two whole companies of infantrymen were allocated as carriers of ammunition, rations and water for the machine-gunners. Two men worked a belt-filling machine non-stop for 12 hours keeping up a supply of 250-round belts. One hundred new barrels were used up, and every drop of water in the neighbourhood, including the men drinking water and contents of the latrine buckets, went up in steam to keep the guns cool. And in that 12-hour period the ten guns fired a million rounds between them. One team fired 120,000 from one gun to win a five-franc prize offered to the highest-scoring gun. And at the end of that 12 hours, every gun was working perfectly and not one gun had broken down during the whole period. It was this absolute foolproof reliability which endeared the Vickers to every British soldier who ever fired one. It never broke down; it just kept on firing and came back for more. And that was why the Mark 1 Vickers gun was to remain the standard medium machine-gun from 1912 to 1968.”

^ http://www.vickersmachinegun.org.uk/

^ http://www.vickersmachinegun.org.uk/

Further reading

Anon, Vickers, Sons and Maxim Limited: Their Works and Manufactures. (Reprinted from ‘Engineering’) London (1898).

Plates showing the mechanism of the forerunner of the Vickers gun, the Vickers Maxim gun as well as numerous plates of the factories in which they and other arms were made.

External links

British Vickers Gun tactics during the Great War

Vickers machine gun

Spartacus Educational – Vickers machine gun

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British Empire Small Arms & Ordnance of the First World War

Rifles, side arms,

Hand grenades

Short Magazine Lee-Enfield rifle  Pattern 1914 Enfield rifle  Martini-Enfield rifle  Ross Rifle (Canada)  Webley Revolver Mk. II

Grenade, No 1  No 2 grenade “Hales Pattern”  Rifle grenades, 3, 20, 24, 35 Hales  No.s 5, 23, 36 Mills  No. 6 grenade  No.s 8, 9 Double Cylinder Jam Tin  No. 13 Battye  No. 15 Ball grenade  No. 27 Smoke Grenade  No. 34 Egg grenade 


Tank guns

QF 6 pounder Hotchkiss  QF 6 pounder 6 cwt

Field Artillery

BL 12 pounder 6 cwt  QF 12 pounder 8 cwt  QF 12 pounder 18 cwt   QF 13 pounder  BL 15 pounder  BLC 15 pounder  QF 15 pounder  QF 18 pounder  QF 4.5 inch Howitzer

Mountain artillery

RML 2.5 inch Mountain Gun  BL 10 pounder Mountain Gun  BL 2.75 inch Mountain Gun  QF 2.95 inch Mountain Gun  QF 3.7 inch Mountain Howitzer

Howitzers, medium,

and heavy artillery

QF 4 inch gun Mk III  BL 4 inch gun Mk VII   QF 4.7 inch Gun  BL 5 inch Howitzer  BL 5.4 inch Howitzer  BL 60 pounder gun  BLC 6 inch siege gun  BL 6 inch Gun Mk VII  BL 6 inch Gun Mk XIX  BL 6 inch 30 cwt howitzer  BL 6 inch 26 cwt howitzer  BL 8 inch Howitzer Mk I – V  BL 8 inch Howitzer Mk VI – VIII

Siege artillery

BL 7.5 inch Mk III naval gun  BL 9.2 inch Howitzer  BL 9.2 inch Mk X naval gun  BL 12 inch Howitzer  BL 12 inch Mk X naval gun  BL 15 inch Howitzer


Garland Mortar  3 inch Stokes Mortar  4 inch Stokes Mortar  2 inch Medium Mortar  Newton 6 inch Mortar  9.45 inch Heavy Mortar

Smoke and chemical weapons

4 inch Stokes Mortar  Livens Projector

Railway guns

BL 9.2 inch Railway Gun  BL 12 inch Railway Gun  BL 12 inch railway howitzer  BL 14 inch Railway Gun

Anti-aircraft guns

QF 1 pounder pom-pom  QF 2 pounder pom-pom  QF 12 pounder 12 cwt  QF 3 inch 5 cwt   QF 13 pounder 6 cwt  QF 13 pounder Mk IV  QF 13 pounder 9 cwt  QF 3 inch 20 cwt  QF 18 pounder  QF 4 inch Mk V

Machine guns

Vickers machine gun  Lewis Gun  Maxim gun  Hotchkiss Mark I

Foreign weapon designs

in British Army use

Hotchkiss Mark I  Lewis Gun  75 mm AA gun  QF 15 pounder  9.45 inch Heavy Mortar

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British & Commonwealth small arms of World War II and Korea


Webley Mk IV & Mk VI Revolvers  Enfield No. 2 Mk I Revolver  Browning GP-35 “High Power” Pistol  Smith & Wesson “Victory” Revolver  Welrod

Rifles & submachine guns

SMLE No.1 Mk III* & Lee-Enfield No.4 Mk.I  Lee-Enfield No.5 Mk.I “Jungle Carbine”  De Lisle Commando Carbine  Sten SMG  Lanchester SMG  Austen SMG  Owen Gun  Welgun   M1921/M1928/M1 Thompson SMG

Machine-guns &

other larger weapons

Bren gun  Charlton Automatic Rifle  Lewis Gun  Vickers MG  PIAT  Rifle, Anti-Tank, .55 in, Boys  SBML 2inch Mortar  ML 3-inch Mortar  No.2 “Lifebuoy” Flamethrower


British grenades of WWI and WW2   Mills Bomb   F1 grenade

Small arms cartridges

.303 British  9mm Parabellum  .45 ACP  .455 Webley  .38/200  .38 Special  .50 BMG

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Weapons of the British Empire & Commonwealth of Nations 17221965


Beaumont-Adams Revolver  Webley Revolver Mk. II  Enfield No. 1 & No. 2 Revolvers  Browning Hi-Power

Rifles and carbines

Brown Bess Musket  Ferguson rifle  Baker Infantry Rifle  Brunswick rifle  Enfield 1853 Rifled Musket  Snider-Enfield  Martini-Henry  Martini-Enfield  Lee-Metford  Lee-Enfield  L1A1 SLR  Lee-Enfield No.5 Mk.I “Jungle Carbine”  De Lisle Commando Carbine

Submachine guns

Lanchester  Sten  Owen gun  Sterling L2  F1 submachine gun

Rapid-fire weapons

Nordenfelt gun  Gatling gun  Gardner gun  Maxim gun  QF 2 pdr “Pom-Pom”  Vickers Gun  Lewis Gun  Charlton Automatic Rifle  Bren gun

Anti-tank weapons

2 pdr Anti-Tank Gun  6 pdr Anti-Tank Gun  PIAT  Rifle, Anti-Tank, .55 in, Boys  L6 Wombat

Field guns

and other weapons

25 pdr Field Gun  Congreve rocket  SBML 2-inch Mortar  Ordnance ML 3 inch Mortar  No.2 “Lifebuoy” Flamethrower  Stokes Mortar

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How much money do you think I’ll get if I traded these clothes at Plato’s closet?

I’ve never been there before so I was wondering do they only accept brand names or any clothes that look fine. I know the place is a sort of rip off but at least I get some money right? 🙂 Here are the clothes,

Gold stud belt
Peace sign covered bag with built-in wallet
Banadana (sp?)
blue bra xD
red waterproof jacket
white 3/4 sleeve shirt
red/black babydoll top
hearts and bones hoodie
pink tee
brown tee
brown/blue turtleneck sweater
white tee
white heart covered long sleeved shirt
2 black tees with hearts
disney bambi tee (from Sweden? XD)
jean mini skirt
jean shorts
south pole jacket/hoodie

lol btw I love how in the T.V. ad this woman brings in like, 3 shirts and gets some huge wad of cash back. ahahahah! XD

they are pretty cheap.. so probably around $100 total.


Cloudveil Spacewalk Jacket Women’s

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Dali’s Car

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Blue Coat

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What Kind Of Shoes Would You Wear With A Blue Pea Coat?

I was wondering what type and colour of shoes you should wear with a blue pea coat.
By The Way, I’m A Guy.

flats, pumps, mary janes…those would all look cute.

ooh lol sorry without a pic i thought you were a girl >.< well i would just wear some black loafers, its a pretty classic look. =)

Blue Coat Corporate Video

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Tan Coat

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Spray Tanning is Just One More Way to Get a Sunless Tan

There are many people who love the idea of getting a tan without having to worry about sun burn or skin cancer as a result of the tan. These days you can pick up various products which are supposed to provide you with a great looking tan without all of the worry. Of these many different products you will find that spray tanning products are good items to look into.

With the spray tanning products you will need to take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the application process. Also the need to take safety precautions is one that should also be looked at when you are choosing your spray tanner. Now once you have looked at the instructions you might want to see how the tanner works on a small patch of your arm.

If you like the result of the spray tanner in your test trial, you should make sure that you have lots of time available to apply the spray tanner in an even coating. You will also need to have some tissues or wet towels handy to wipe up any excess tanning lotion. By using these spray tanning products you are mimicking the actions of getting a sun tan.

But this tan is known as sunless tanning and it is less painful than getting a sun tan which may involve red, peeling skin. To make sure that you are getting a full tan it is best to make sure that you have enough time to spray the tanning onto your body. So you might want to start with tanning your legs first.

To start the spray tanning process you should start from the lower section of your legs. In a smooth glide spray and coat your leg from the knee to the tips of your toes. Make sure that the spray tanning has gone on evenly. If you see any bare parches carefully coat that part with the spray. But be careful about the amount that you are applying. Otherwise you may end up legs that are multicolored.

Once you have applied the spray tanning to your entire legs you should look in the mirror and spray the front of your body. There is one item that should be mentioned. If at any point in the spray tanning process you feel any allergic reactions, itching or even mild burning you should immediately stop using this product. Wash the remainder of the tanning solution off of your body.

If these reactions continue you should see your doctor for advice on how to stop these painful reactions. Otherwise you can finish your task of spray tanning your self. This is just one more way to get a sunless tan.

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