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WWII Uniform Code USMC?

I’m desperately searching for information on USMC uniforms from WWII. I’m trying to refurbish a WWII era USMC uniform as a gift for a veteran. I have the medals, campaign ribbons, marksmanship medals, chevrons, etc. The uniform is a Winter Green Jacket, 3rd Airborne Marines, 1945. Rank Sargeant, deployed to the Pacific. I have no idea what goes were, or if I have everything I need (i.e. collar insignia, lapels, etc.) I need pictures or descriptions ASAP, the gift is for Christmas. Hope to hear from current Marines and Former Marines! PLEASE, don’t say buy a book! LOL, I already thought of that, but can’t get a book in time for Christmas. Anything online, or shoot me an email at leyden460@yahoo.com. Thanks much!

Marksmanship medals are places 1/8 inch above the left breast pocket with medals or ribbons placed 1/8 inch above that. You can find websites which will give the correct order for medals and ribbons.

The division patch was one inch below the shoulder seam and the chevrons were one inch below that.

This is a huge file but, it includes all you could want to know about WWII Marine uniforms: http://www.usmc.mil/news/publications/Documents/THE%20EAGLE,%20GLOBE,%20AND%20ANCHOR%201868-1968%20%20PCN%2019000319900_3.pdf

The other thing is that the Marine Corps is very proud of its traditions. Once I sent an e-mail to ask what march was played at a certain time during the Marine graduation ceremonies and I got an answer. I would bet you could send an e-mail to the Marine Corps Museum with specific questions and they would give you an answer.

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