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levi jacket small
What size denim jacket should I purchase?

I just bought a Levi denim jacket online and recieved it today. I ordered a large thinking it should fit, because most jackets I wear are large. But not this one, the sleeves went past my hand and all you could see is my finger tips hanging out. The jacket went several inches past my waist. I was hoping it would just barely cover my belt if I wear one, and my hands were actually accessible. If I send it back should I get a medium or do you think it will still be too big or get a small? I’m afraid the medium might be a little too big also but the small will be too small. What should I do, I paid 12 bucks shipping already so might as well bite the bullet and re order a new size.

I think a medium would be perfect because the large doesn’t seem to have fit you too big

Levi Strauss Jean Jacket used Size youth ?? S ??

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