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jacket with thumb holes
These are clothing questions.?

I’m wanting to know where you can buy one of those jackets/hoodies with a thumb hole. Does any one have a clue about this?

Also I wanted to know where you can buy some fingerless gloves. Like these, http://www.whistlinginthedark.net/knitting/images/fingerless%20gloves.jpg , And I want to know if there is one that may go to your elbows.

Also glove related. where can you get something simaliar to these. http://www.kinkyangel.co.uk/images/SB1.jpg
Also maybe that may go to your elbows or not.

On the gloves, they don’t have to be going to the elbows… just preferbly.

Thanks for any help! Much appreciated!

Ive seen a lot of jackets with the thumb hole in them….last year mostly. some at surf apparel stores..like pacsun but u can aslo just cut them yourself with scissors…thats what i do with all of my jackets…..i dont know about any gloves sorry

here are some websites that sell the jackets:




GoGo Gear Hologram Jacket Review at RevZilla.com

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