[affmage source=”cj” results=”20″]Goose Down Coats[/affmage]
[affmage source=”cj” results=”20″]Goose Down Coats[/affmage]
[affmage source=”cj” results=”20″]Goose Down Coats[/affmage]
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Goose down coats will provide absolutely the best insulation you can find.

Down is a special type of feather from birds that make for the best insulation possible for items like sleeping bags, comforters, and jackets. The Down from birds such and geese and ducks come from a small layer of soft and fluffy feathers that lie underneath the regular feathers of the bird. They lack the hooks and barbs on the tips that the regular feathers do thereby giving it an extremely soft feel.

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 For Women
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The softness and fluffiness and loose structure of the down feathers gives it some very special characteristics for insulation. The down is excellent at trapping air pockets and thus makes it a superb thermal insulator. In addition to this unique property, down feathers are extremely lightweight so goose down coats will be extremely warm while being exceptionally light. Down also has outstanding compressibility.

For Men

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Synthetic fibers are often used in place of down for insulation but lack the qualities that down has. Synthetic fibers are not as lightweight as down is thus giving products made from man made materials a disadvantage by being heavier. Synthetic fibers also are not as good at insulating because they cannot trap air in the pockets as down can. Lastly, synthetic fibers cannot be compresses as well as down can.

Products such as goose down coats are rated by their fill power. Fill power is a rating for down that is measured by the number of cubic inches a given ounce of down would occupy. Higher fill powers provide better insulation than the lower ones do. Also, the higher fill powers are generally more expensive. Fill powers for Jackets are usually in the 550 – 750 range.

The difference between the lower and higher fill powers are primarily density of material (down feathers). The high range fill powers are less dense yet take up more space. The extra space is in the form of air pockets between the fibers. Because there are more air pockets, more air is able to be held within the jacket. The body then heats the air and is held there by the down feathers thus giving more efficient insulation. An additional benefit to this is because the down is less dense at higher fill powers you are left with a lighter weight jacket. In short, the higher the fill power, the better the insulation and the lighter the weight.

The quality of a goose down coats are second to none. Everyone should have one and with winter coming now is the time to get one. Buy one as a gift or buy on for yourself and you will definitely be happy you did. If taken care of, these jackets will last many years. The down can last a long time. Many of these jackets come with water resistant shells that will keep the down (and you) protected from wet weather.

A few brief interesting facts about the birds that down is taken from.

The term “goose” is actually a term that covers a tremendous number of species including swans and ducks. What are called “true geese” are birds belonging to the subfamily Anserinae. These geese have migration patterns that range from far north close to the North Pole and south into Texas and far West to the Pacific coast. The geese breed in the winter months while far north. Some geese produce down to line their nest with for the eggs. This down is harvested after the young have left the nest and is considered top quality down.

If you’ve ever noticed geese flying in a V pattern you might have wondered why they do that. The bird that is flying behind another bird receives an uplift from the bird in front. This allows for easier flying and increases the bird’s flying range by an incredible 70%. The geese take turns flying in the front and thus share the burden of not having the assist in flying.

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