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ecko coat
What kind of subculture/style do I sound like?

Guess my style :p Cos I get random stuff shouted at me in the street so I was just wondering what style I am. The shouty people have conflicting views.

Short but still girlie pixie cut with a longer but not massive fringe, bleached blonde.

Always a black double breasted coat. Coat has badges on one lapel.

Always a black, green, purple and blue tartan scarf.

Sometimes fingerless gloves.

Usually tops from Dorothy perkins, H&M, Primark or Boohoo.

Japanese Tenshiineko tote bag.

Black skinny jeans OR black baggy jeans OR shorts with black or luminous coloured tights.

New rock boots OR short cyan coloured converse OR white ecko red trainers.

Always a bright eyeshadow of any colour of the rainbow, always black eyeliner under my eyes, sometimes a pink or red lipstick.

Mod, but an updated one.

Session 19

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