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dainese jacket leather
I’m buying a bike to ride mostley in London- what do people recomend I wear?

I’m getting a CBR600 (my first bike!) and will be mostley riding to and from work (although I will be taking it out of the city and would like to do some track days where I will obviousley wear boots and full leathers…). I was going to get a leather jacket – maybe Dainese (?) – and gloves (not sure what I should be looking for really hough!) but would people recomend boots and some sort of trousers as well for the city streets? If so what sort? I can only see racing boots when I look online- is this what I should be looking for? Help..!

Always buy the best gear you can afford.

You have to wear a fastened helmet by law. Again buy the best you can. As I say to my pupils – “You only get one head”
Helmets made from Kevlar are the best material to go for but is also the most expensive. Carbon and Glass Fibre are also good materials to look for when buying any helmet. Good brands are: Shoei, Arai, AGV.
Remember that although all helmets are usually sized the same (Extra Small – XXL) it doesn’t mean that you will be the same size in every make of helmet. Always try the helmet on. You don’t want pressure along your forehead and skull but it should press against your cheeks so you look a little like a hamster.

As for gear. Get the best you can.Leather is a brilliant material to use as it offers a good deal of protection and can keep you cool in hot weather. A disadvantage of leather is that it is not waterproof and if it gets wet it can take a while to dry out and it smells. Don’t get Frank Thomas gear – its s**t! Alpine stars, Dainese, Buffalo are good makes for clothing. Make sure that the clothing you choose, has sufficient protection from the weather and padding in case you was to come off and also make sure it is ‘CE’ marked. Its the same for gloves

As for boots, Leather boots would be the best. You can also buy rubber and plastic boots as well which are ok but not the best. I have a cheap pair of Nitro ankle boots and they are brilliant for my job as they don’t get too hot and keep my feet warm in the cold weather and keep them dry. Ive had them now for about 2 years and not had a problem with them – only paid about £15 for them as well.

It doesn’t matter what make or style you buy, as long as you feel comfortable wearing them and it gives you all the protection you need – thats all that matters, no one can criticize you for buying a particular boot, helmet or clothing! Its your personal preference. Alot of my pupils will ask me whats the best they can buy and I will tell them “there is no such thing as the best, everyone has their own taste in style, colour, make, price. Its all down to how you feel wearing it”

Good Luck

EDIT: Go to ebay for clothing as some shops will sell their old stock on there quite cheap – NEVER buy you helmet online or second hand!

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