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Incase Coated Canvas Backpack

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incase coated canvas backpack
Getting a 120 dollar backpack, should i get the BLACK or WHITE one?

their both same price and brand

i use my older one from zellers and its on its last leggs, so just want something decent to carry around this time around for the next 4 years lol!

what do you guys think?

heres black

heres white

its for university

i dont mind cleaning the pale grey one if i chose it

im a asian guy if that makes a difference

they both seem nice but i can only pick one!

its canvas coated too, so i would assume easy to clean either one

i was also looking at this cheaper one from boathouse, there backpacks are on sale, but they are smaller.

I personally like the black canvas coated back pack. It looks more professional and academic and I think it would get pretty tiresome constantly cleaning the pale grey one, even if it is easy to clean.
Good luck at university! 🙂

Incase Coated Canvas Backpack – First Impressions / Indepth Overview

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Jackets Dress

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jackets dress

Exceptionally Elegant Dresses for Special Occasions

Some occasions call for elegant clothing. Fortunately for today’s fashion seeker, there are many exceptional dresses available to answer that call.For those special occasions when the call is for formal dress, the Long Chiffon Strapless Dress with Beaded Bodice is a lovely choice. Dazzling in silver chiffon with glittering beads decorating the crisscross bodice, this full-length gown flows from a flattering empire waist. A graceful and slimming dress, it will turn every head in the room.

Nothing defines elegance better than black silky fabric, and the Maxi Dress in Pleated Silky Knit illustrates that definition beautifully. Slender straps support a bodice that features a daring neckline. Yards of soft fabric fall in pleats from the empire waist, giving the wearer a feminine and flattering silhouette.Chiffon was made for elegant occasions, and the Long Chiffon Beaded Waist Dress was made for this feminine fabric.

The double spaghetti straps on the beaded bodice are adjustable to give you just the fit you want, and the Grecian styling of this gown is flattering and dreamy. The A-line of the skirt gives you the statuesque grace of a goddess, and the white chiffon makes you shimmer. Add the accompanying chiffon scarf at the neck or simply drape it over your arms for a perfect look.For chillier nights, you might want a gown with a bit more coverage, but you still want to look elegant and beautiful.

The Taffeta Mock Two-Piece with 3/4 Sleeve dress achieves all of that and more. Three-quarter length sleeves and a full length skirt provide the coverage that you want, while the portrait collar and side-ruched top provide the beauty. Its elegance is intensified by the jeweled brooch detail at the waist. This dress is stunning in sapphire blue or magenta, and you’ll be stunning too, no matter what the occasion.

Charmeuse is a fairly new fabric, and it is used to elegant effect in the One-Shoulder Sueded Charmeuse Side Drape Dress. This slimming drape of gold fabric will give you that elegant look that you want, along with a touch of drama from its one-shoulder neckline and slight gathering down the side. Old Hollywood may be what comes to the minds of onlookers, who will be ready to roll out the red carpet when you arrive in this beautiful gown.

But elegance is not limited to full length formal gowns. Shorter dresses can be just as dressy for special occasions. The Pleated Black Spaghetti Strap Dress is one example. It’s the little black dress that you’ll reach for again and again. The bodice features spaghetti straps plus a pleated surplice neckline that adds a touch of uniqueness to this dress. The fabric is stretch satin, and it skims the body from the ruched waistline to a few inches above the knees. This flattering dress is a truly delicious design.

Tulle is another fabric that was made for special occasions. When caviar beading is added to black tulle over a simple champagne fabric, the effect is elegant indeed. The Strapless Tulle Dress with Caviar Beading will draw the eyes of everyone at the party. The beading shimmers lightly around the bottom of the sheer tulle skirt overlay and all over the fitted strapless bodice. The waist is ruched and fits in an empire style that ensures a youthful look.

Choose from mocha or silver for the Jacquard and Shantung Short Jacket Dress…either one will be a hit. This is a two-piece outfit that can up the elegance factor at any special occasion. The dress is a U-neck tank with a rhinestone belt. The bodice of the dress and the short jacket is embellished with a lovely pattern that adds to the shimmer of this lovely knee-length outfit.

Another two-piece ensemble is the Shantung Short Two-Piece Featuring Roll Collar. The three-quarter length sleeves of the bolero jacket are just one feature that will impress. The roll collar is unique and the crisscross fashion of the bolero’s front closing is embellished with intricate embroidery. The dress skims the body without restricting movement, making it perfect for dancing or socializing.

Silver is a favorite color for many special occasions, especially when it shimmers. The Hammered Shimmer Jacket with Tiered Short Dress is sure to be one of your favorites, too. The dress is short and tiered, with beaded embroidery at the empire waist. Spaghetti straps support the dress beneath a three-quarter sleeve bolero jacket.

The Metallic Brocade Sheath Dress in champagne fabric is flattering for any figure type. This is a sleeveless dress with a special sheen and a feminine bow appearing through embellished grommets at the front of the waist. The neckline is demure and elegant with a simple slit at the front. Feminine and flirty will be the words that come to the minds of your friends when you arrive at the party in this lovely dress.

Consider some of these stand out numbers when it’s time to get all dressed up for your next special occasion or event.

About the Author

Matt Snead is a freelance writer who writes about weddings and fashion including special occasion dresses.

Outdoor Clothing Fashion Designs : Wrap Around Jacket Fashion Design

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Powder Coat

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powder coat
Can you powder coat over bando?

Can you powder coat over a spot of bando? Thank you.

I dont think so. Powder coat has to be adhered to the surface using a magnetic charge before baking it on, so I dont see how it could unless it can from under the bondo. Good question.

Brooker’s Powder Coating

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Doctors Coat Toy

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doctors coat toy

Download Avatar (2009) for FREE – Download Movies for FREE

I loved this movie, I was pretty reluctant to see it but when I finally went I was glad I came. It starts out a little confusing and you still wont get the first part by the end but

everything else was great they had an amazing set and overall this movie was downright thrilling!

Just another great epic story by James Cameron, and not to mention the stunning cinematography that gives you a sense of realism and splendor.

This movie was pretty good. I am very excited if there was going to be Avatar 2 coming out. I’d definitely go and see it! It’s worth the money. Everything about the movie was new and very exciting to watch as the movie unravels it’s hidden mysteries to you. Although if the next movie could be a little bit more on how the Navi lives, it would be pretty cool to see that too. AND most of all, i think that the discovery channel should do like a commentary of the Avatar world. That would be AWESOME!!

well okay overall i did not like it seriously magical blue creatures???

James Cameron knows how to entertain intelligent human beings! This is an extremely well crafted movie that criticizes economical expediency at the expense of the destruction of another people’s culture. I had the feeling that one could read America’s hunger for oil and invasion of Iraq, into the plot of this allegory. But beyond this political message, this is a delightful excursion into a sci-fi world that is painstakingly created by teams of talented artists. It is worth every penny. I can highly recommend this movie to you. The design of the vehicles alone, is worth the price of admission!

This movie is easily the most over-hyped of the decade. As far as story line goes Avatar gets two stars for the overused and cliqued plot that left me wondering why this movie is consistently getting good reviews. Sure the CGI was realistic and beautiful, however good use of cinematography and computers does not make a movie special.

As well as it being an overall very average movie, what made it worse were the reviews claiming that it was the best movie of the decade.

This movie is perfect for simple-minded people who are easily entertained and enjoy staring at glowing objects for hours at a time.

Barley worth **

Do not let the creators of Avatar dupe us. What a load of horse sh**. They release a movie only to re-release a short time later with new scenes and now in quot;3Dquot;.

Seriously, if the scenes are good enough to show us now then why not show them to us in the first place? The 3D aspect, why not release it in 3D when it first came out.

It’s about sucking as many $$$ from your wallet as possible and anyone that walks into the theatres to see it in reaffirming that the general public will swallow anything given to them as long as it is packaged well.

The films is entertaining…because its is 3d and you get to see big blue titties kiggling around. Other than that the fim has nothing, sexy navi ass is 100% of this film. The helicopter ladys boobys are even better woling at your face in ‘beatuffil’ 3 dimensions.

The film itself is everything the critics say, a plot lifted from pochiontis or whatever wih splashings of fern gully. The whole film is so avergae without the snazzy effects and gimmick it would be nothing at all. Compare this to a film like terminator 1 that was made on no budget and yet stands as a great film in its on right, and imagine if this was made in the 80’s with no money. Would it be a sci-fi classic? No.

James cameron has pretty muh lost it, and while the film willentertain you – its becasue shizzle flys out at you, not because you give a poop about the hawt navi.

Well apperently the story line of the movie is near abouts the same as Disney’s film Pocahontas, and if you’ve seen pocahontas then the film will be similar just with blue people instead of indians.well good news for me i’ve never seen pocahontas and the story of the film avatar was new and completely different, so if you’re gonna go and see this movie make sure you blank pocahontas from your mind and this film will end up giving you a great story.

this was boring and stupid. sure the animation was good but i fell asleep! i had to watch it again! i dont know why everone loved it

When I left the theater I was in awe about this film. But as the day ended I realized that I was spoiled by the CG of the movie. This movie has the craziest CG I have seen to date. The money it took to make that was unbelievable. That is why I was spoiled. The movie was just too beautiful to look at. But here is the thing. A lot of people see this movie, just get googly eyed over the CG and decide it is the best movie ever made. I have heard many people say this movie is revolutionary. They actually used that word. I will admit, as for the CG, it is. There has not been a movie that has ever looked like this. But as a movie in general, there is a lot of pieces missing. The beginning of the story is completely missing. The film rushes into the CG section way too quick. It is pretty obvious they wanted to get the viewers attention and keep it with the beautiful visual effects. Something else I noticed was the dialog. Some parts were excellent. Others, they were really pushing it. I guarantee if this movie was just people in blue suits, it would not have the hype it does now. That is because the story was not strong. The whole back story of the Na’vi was 100% excellent. But the back story about what the film is going for is not really there. I am sorry about all this, but I have to be realistic here. I cannot give a movie a perfect rating if it is not perfect. But this is definitely a movie to see. If you have a chance to see it in 3D, check that out. Just regular is good too. I know you will enjoy it, because it is fun to watch. But I also know if you are a critic, you will agree with what I say. My last note I will say that all of the cast was great. Some of the Na’vi voice overs had bad dialog, but other than that, it was all pretty solid. Sam Worthington did a great job as the main and as a voice over. I really enjoyed Zoe Saldana’s voice as the main female Na’vi. Sigourney Weaver brings a little mature feeling to the film and Giovanni Ribisi with Joel Moore bring a little comedy. Fun movie too watch.

I have to say, Avatar in 3D was absolutely amazing. The special effects were so real. The movie must have took a long time to make.BRAVO! I give 1,000,000 stars!


If youre one of the five people who has managed to abstain from watching James Camerons 2009 megahit Avatar, than I have one thing to say to you: stay home, watch Pocahontas, The Last Samurai, or Keith Olbermann and save yourself 10 dollars.

The shopworn story in Avatar revolves around Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), a paralyzed marine who is sent to a military/mining outpost on the faraway planet Pandora. Pandora is inhabited by 10-foot tall primitive blue aliens affectionately named Navi, who basically look like the most likeable and cute creatures imaginable. Jake is enlisted by a team of scientists to take control of a human-Navi hybrid body through some futuristic mind-link technology and is soon a 10-foot tall blue version of himself. Without giving too much away, Jake finds himself captured by the native aliens and soon has to choose where his loyalties lie.

Donacirc;��t be fooled by the exotic premise, the movie digresses quickly into a clichAtilde;copy;-ridden mess with an ending that can be seen from a mile away. The two antagonists in Avatar are laughably one-dimensional white males (what else?). One is the head of the military complex, Colonel Miles Quaritch (Stephen Lang). The Colonel is everything that elitist Hollywood thinks of the military: aggressive, chauvinistic, callous, and eager for destruction and death. He has some of the most ridiculous dialogue: lines to the effect of Lets hurry up and destroy this peaceful native culture so I can get back in time for dinner and shock and awe(sounds familiar). On top of this he sports a ridiculous set of scars on his face that is only surpassed in dumbness by his over the top southern accent.

The second antagonist plays less of a role in the movie, but is equally comical, bland, and stereotypical as the Colonel. Parker Selfridge (Giovanni Ribisi) is the corporate executive of the mining operation on Pandora that is seeking the mineral unobtanium which, as Selfridge explains, acirc;��sells for twenty million a kilo.acirc;�� And wouldnacirc;��t you know it, the deposit of unobtanium is situated right under the village of the Navi. Selfridge thankfully makes only a few appearances in the movie, but Cameron makes sure to squeeze the max amount of populist anger from the audience out of each appearance by having him sit in his plush corporate office and whine about his profits. By his second appearance, I was fully expecting him to give lavish bonuses to AIG bankers or at least, start laying-off workers.

This film is as smug, simplistic, and manipulative as it gets in Hollywood. Especially in the movie business, you sometimes have to look past the absurd pseudo-philosophical politics and just enjoy the movie for what it is. And had this movie had the same politics, but instead looked like, say, The Godfather, I would have done just that. Unfortunately, Cameronacirc;��s Avatar mixes a ridiculous message with even more ridiculous dialogue. The story is predictable down to me being able to foresee exact lines and the forest setting is a little too neon and fantastical to be taken seriously. Dont get me wrong, this movie isnt unwatchable. On the contrary, the visuals (especially in IMAX 3D) are everything theyre cracked up to be. But visuals donacirc;��t make a movie, theyre meant to compliment it. As soon as Cameron sacrificed story and script for 3D effects, he ceased to be making a movie. The ultimate irony is that I would have sacrificed all the expensive stunning imagery and motion-capture technology in the world for a little bit of depth and originality.

see this movie, trust me

This movie was just…wow because there are no other words for it. I am noy going to go rambling about it. All im going to tell you is to watch it.

The movie Avatar is about an ex-marine who is selected for a mission to the place known as Pandora. Earth finds a precious mineral that when mined is worth millions of dollars. Earth also has created the technology that allows humans to be put in a chamber and become a creature that lives on Pandora. As Jake (the main character) spends more and more time on Pandora, the more he becomes amazed more connected to everything on the planet. Jake also finds love on Pandora with the one who is teaching him their ways. As time passes, the humans get tired of waiting of Jake trying to get their trust, they arrange for an attack on Pandora and their people. Jake retaliates with the other beings on the planet and end up being to overcome the obstacles and defeat the humans forcing them to leave Pandora and Jake is able to transform into one of them where he becomes one the best warriors of the planet.

This movie was pretty good because it got many good reviews including this one. At first, I did not want to go see this movie, but once I finally did, I turned out to be wrong. After doing research on the internet and asking other people how many stars that they would give it out of five the most common was four in a half. This was a very successful movie that James Cameron produced, along with an irreplaceable cast of Sam Worthington, Sigourney Weaver, Michelle Rodriguez, Joel Moore, Zoe Saldana, and many others. Above all, I give this movie a four and a half stars out of five.

CGI’s were beyond all the movie’s of today, inlcuding others in 3D. The story was beuatiful and conveyed an all-important message to the audience that is crucial to todays secular aociety. Proceeding the film I felt like painting myself blue and living in the forest and am inspired to make my life greener. A MUST SEE, or a well worth it must-buy DVD.

What can I say?

Think pokahontas plus Star Wars minus the freshness, dialog, and good writing. This is a tired old story told badly. True the visuals are great or at least until you hit blue overload but like a half-dozen of my friends I had to force my way to see the predictable and idiotic finish. How on earth or Pandora (sigh) can give this mess more than say 2 stars is beyond me.

From a technical side, Avatar is simply incredible. The motion capture, the superb 3-D, the fantastic visuals, it’s just amazing. But all of the technical flash can’t cover the huge flaws. First, the story is a complete rehash from many different movies. There is nothing original in it and it’s very predictable. Second, the acting is mediocre at best. Worthington is fine but he’s about it. Stephen Lang is laughable. Then there’s the constant political commentary. The environmentalist bombardment, the anti-military stance, the anti-sorporation stance. It goes on and on and on. He has every right to include it in his film. But I also have the right to call it what it is. Amazing that this movie’s lame storyline and performances have been given a pass just because it looks nice and shiney.

awesome movie…mst watch

this is a very good movie but a very long movie 3h so i would recomend the vip seats but it is a very well thought through it is amazin in 3d

I read recently that when activist saw the movie quot;Avatarquot; by James Cameron, they became depressed. The reason why is because they saw the world they lived in and became sad that our world doesnt look like that anymore because of global warming.

Well even with global warming our world wouldnt look like that. The plants are just literally out of this world.

Well besides that rant and many others of the controversies this movie has raked up, it is just a movie and very spectacular visiual and audio presentation the story itself is unbelievable. Very well worth not only your time but money as well.

This movie is worth the quot;goodquot; publicity it has raked up to have.

Avatar is awesome. I love the CG, the environment, everything. But there were times when you think the plot is like this, when actually the plot is something else. It was finally when i read a magazine regarding Avatar, then did i truly understood. Overall, Avatar is a good movie, and must be watched no matter what.

I am a cynical one that does not buy into hype, especially about modern Hollywood special effects blockbusters. I believe that the main reason people are buying into Avatar on such a grand level (which has contributed to the movie becoming the highest grossing film of all time) is because they are clinging to a shred of hope that this 2009 movie will resemble the epic success of Cameronrsquo;s 1997 Titanic. Irsquo;m sure not everyone liked Titanic and I must admit some of the plot/dialogue was clicheacute;d and romantically cheesy, but the movie was so big and well-liked that Irsquo;m sure nowadays, people just want to experience a grand, olrsquo; movie experience like that again. Sadly, though, or at least in Hollywood today, another Titanic epic will most likely not come around as easily, or maybe once in 30 years, I predict, IF wersquo;re in luck. So to me, the success of Avatar has thrived mainly on false hope.

Irsquo;m on a good roll now ndash; not buying into Hollywood hype and all ndash; because I havenrsquo;t bought into any hype since I watched Lord of the Rings. But at least that movie series was good. And there are two reasons why LTR was good that do not pertain to Cameronrsquo;s Avatar: 1) Good, interesting plot and 2) Good, relevant special effects.

Avatar just lacks what a lot of other movies do, which is the most important part of a good movie: a good plot, good characterization, and good dialogue. People have to care about the characters and care about what theyrsquo;re saying and whatrsquo;s going on, but unfortunately, the Avatar people and their whole Pandora mission just does not stick to many peoplersquo;s interest hellip; or memory.

Well, some would say that the special effects in Avatar are good. But the main point above about having a good plot will stand no matter what. If the plot is not good, and it is in fact boring, along with the people and the mission, then how could the setting and the special effects be good, too? (Some reviewer even described the characters as ldquo;goofy-looking blue aliensrdquo;). So wouldnrsquo;t everything just meld into this boring, dull, and pointless visual annoyance then? It would for me if Irsquo;d fall asleep after 20 minutes.

Anyway, writing is not Cameronrsquo;s strongpoint, but making huge epic pictures is, so he should consider improving on his weaknesses instead of disguising them as amazingly genius qualities that lots of people will buy into.

This is a ‘Must see’ movie, innovative, and extraordinary. I think it will be regarded by most cinema goers as another milestone in the history of the art. The level of realism achieved is remarkable, and although the film is relatively long in real time, it retains it’s excitement and holds the audience’s attention to the end.

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You must see

Okay, so I would just like to point out that it was better than I thought it would be. But with that being said it was pretty cliched and predictable. Of course he gets the girl, and of course he chooses the avatar race over his own. I probably would too. Aside from the negative it was visually amazing. Totally worth seeing just for the CGI. BEAUTIFUL

I would only give this movie a 1/2 star if I could only because it is pretty. However, there was no story or acting at all. I went to the bathroom 3 times on purpose, just to get away from the movie. If my husband wasn’t with me I would have left 10 minutes into it.

The first section of this review was written prior to watching the film this afternoon, and deals predominantly with my thoughts on the hype, marketing, interviews and alternate critical reviews that have appeared across the globe from those lucky enough to see the film already. I feel this is the fairest way to judge anticipation, which in my role as reviewer, happens far too rarely for my liking. I don’t look forward to many films being released, so to suggest that this has been a very long wait for me personally is something of an understatement. James Cameron wrote the outlines and formula for Avatar prior to filming Titanic, and only a few years afterwards, I got wind of it.

Ever since, I have been waiting for it to arrive. Today is the day it does, and like many people that know me, I am hoping against hope that it is all I wish it to be.

When the first trailer was released to a world that was, by now, practically salivating at the prospect of this new uber-film from James Cameron, I was much like any other movie fan. I was sitting at this PC on Apple’s website, waiting for the thing to pop up in front of me. When it did, I was a little surprised.

I was already familiar with the actors, storyline, plot etc, but one of the things that you couldn’t even begin to imagine was how the film looked. Cameron had kept his cards very close to his chest and like everyone else, this was truly a mystery unveiled. Like a birthday present when you think you know what you’re going to get, but are surprised when you unwrap it and it isn’t what you wished for, there were many naysayers throughout most communities I frequent. This is not to say that the present wasn’t still welcome.

But there were many raised voices and capital letters about how it looked, simply as it hadn’t matched the imagination of the expectant viewer. And to that extent it was certainly true. I didn’t expect Pandora to be so Halo-esque (an environment in game form I don’t really enjoy). I, unlike the vocal protesters however, remained silent. I knew that little could be gleaned from the short trailer we were treated to and that Cameron had failed in his first attempt to give the people that had been waiting the longest the thing they craved the most. Spectacle, story, emotion and adventure. Some of it was there, but most of it was sadly absent.

By the time the second trailer arrived, Cameron had put that right and like myself, most of those same detractors were left wide-eyed and grinning like a three-year-old the first time they see Tigger. Relief was palpably unabound.

The film has been so long in the creative process that it is easy to forget what your original expectations were. Reading several reviews that have been gushingly glowing but littered with common-sense also, I was reminded of what I had wanted from Avatar all those years ago. I wanted detail and scale. I wanted to help usher in a new era of cinema. I wanted to be able to say I was there when the future of movie-making changed forever. To be there when the bar was raised and everyone sat up in wonder. Initially for me, Avatar had never been about the story. I had sparse details about the point of it all, but what drew me in was the promise of the visual delights that the new technology was going to be able to provide


So now we have been back from the Avatar 3D screening on the IMAX for a couple of hours and I have had enough time to digest what I have seen in front of me. When you actually sit down and think about the event as a whole, it is a truly remarkable achievement of detail and scale and in many aspects, not least technologically, revolutionary. Very few reviews have taken a step back from the film, unemotionally, and seen this exactly for what it is however, and there are issues with the film that have largely been overlooked during the heaped praise, which it mostly deserves. Yes, this is indeed a behemoth of a film in visual delights. This is as ‘grand cinema’ as you are going to see without travelling forward a decade or two in time. Regardless of your opinion of the film, there isn’t a soul that can say they have seen all this before.

I expect the story will be familiar to most of you by now. Crippled Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) arrives, wheelchair-ridden on Pandora, a satellite moon light years away, on a golden ticket. His twin brother was supposed to be going but tragically killed, only Jake’s DNA will match the Avatar that has been created at vast expense by the corporation that needs him to navigate the vast jungles of Pandora in order to both study the fauna and flora, and more covertly, find a diplomatic solution to the problem of repatriating the local blue-skinned human like population, known as the Na’vi. They are living right on top of the one thing that the humans need, the appropriately named Unobtanium. This is two hundred years from now and there is ‘no green left on the planet (earth)’ and this natural resource on Pandora is essential to the future of mankind.

Cameron wastes no time in dropping you right into the action and within quarter of an hour, Jake has arrived, acclimatised and mentally inhabited his eight-foot, blue-skinned body and taken it out for a run. For a man that has spent more time in his wheelchair than he cares to remember, the feeling of freedom he is now afforded cannot be contained. And so begins the story of Jake’s three month intermittent tenure of his Na’vi host, spending his sleeping time as a human in the human base, and his conscious time as part of the Na’vi. He meets and is often saved by Neytiri (Zoe Saldana), the daughter of the local Na’vi clan leader, and it is at this point that Cameron comes into his own. Every Cameron film worth it’s salt has a love story attached somewhere and Avatar is no different. The relationship between Jake and Neytiri blossoms as he learns their language, how to become a hunter and how to catch his very own dragon to fly around Pandora on. He both engages and charms the local Na’vi clan and slowly but surely changes his philosophical stance, from alien invader on a mission to save his own planet to angry native at the invasion that is taking place around him, that he initially helped achieve.

So the story is simple enough and it had to be, really. All of Cameron’s work is not difficult to grasp, get into and become enveloped in. The self proclaimed (even ironically) ‘King of The World’ is absolutely the best, without question, at what he does. If you look at his back catalogue including the likes of Titanic, Terminator 2 and Aliens and you begin to understand how Avatar got made in the first place. It can’t have been an easy pitch, even for him, however. Blue human like aliens with golden eyes and tails, six-legged horses, weighing in at twenty minutes short of three hours? Really?

And so to the nuts and bolts of it. Was it really worth the time, trouble and vast sums of money to bring this epic to the screen? I’ll be brutal and say that I am honestly still wrestling with the question. Even after having now having seen the film, I still don’t know if it is good enough to match the expectation, which admittedly was abnormally high. It is outstanding, but I was expecting the best film I have ever seen, and this was nowhere near worthy of such an accolade.

The film is truly stunning to look at and the amount of detail Cameron has put into Pandora and it’s indiginous population is beautifully and astonishingly anal. From the foliage that is tossed apparently thoughtlessly from the battles we witness, to the bioluminesence all around you that interacts with the characters so beautifully that you can only imagine that it is a natural occurence, you do forget that Pandora is completely imagined and designed. The motion capture is, without doubt, the finest you will have ever seen, with our lead characters indistinguishable from their real life counterparts.

Technically, this is a triumph for Cameron, an incredible presentation of what can now be achieved on film, even if it comes at massive costs and years of protracted labour.

And yet there is still a nagging at the back of my mind. If Avatar is a love story, then Titanic did it better. As a love story, it fails. It is too beautful to look at. The romance is lost on the audience by the sights they are spoilt by. Is it the best storyline? Again, it doesn’t manage to engage the viewer on a philosophical level, even given it’s timely ‘climatic’ release. Sure, we understand the irony behind the socio-political comment Cameron seems to have happened on, but while we understand the rights and wrongs, it isn’t handled or emphasised eloqeuntly enough to drill home the message. Is the acting the best we have ever seen? Whilst Worthington and Saldana are both intriguing playing Jake and Neytiri, neither are engaging enough, despite the incredible motion capture, to drag the audience into a blossoming relationship. Nor are we moved by the supporting cast enough to appreciate them fully. Weaver and Rodriguez both play wonderful characters that are woefully short on roundedness.

Ultimately, this is something this reviewer recommends you see on as big a screen as you can find as the reason you need to see it is for what it looks like and not it’s content. Cameron has pulled off something technologically amazing here, but what sets it apart from everything else you have witnessed in breathtaking visuals, it pays for by falling (slightly) short on every other aspect.

Gob-smackingly, jaw-droppingly beautiful, but sadly short on content. (4 stars on the IMAX, but drop it by one for the Blu-Ray)

This film blew me away! It should definitely be movie of the year. One of the best I have ever seen and that is a ton. Beautiful immigary and finally, a Happy ending!

Avatar left me wondering why I bought into the review hipe that it was an quot;outstandingquot; movie experience. I was bored by the cardboard characters, the vacuous plot, you name it and this movie didn’t have it, and after a while even the special effects became a yawn.

Watching a film, television movie or mini-series based on a literary work without having ever read the book is as valid as having read the book first and watching the film or TV movie later. In fact, most people do the former rather than the latter. Of course, you run the risk of being turned off by the movie or mini-series and never wanting to touch the original source with a ten-foot pole.

Even though I have yet to read Alice Sebold’s “The Lovely Bones,” I cannot assert that Peter Jackson’s adaptation of the same has completely turned me away from the novel. In fact, I now want to see how Sebold handles the fantasy elements and if the novel has as many confounding tone shifts as the film.

As a movie, “The Lovely Bones” is not as bad as most critics claim it to be. Is it flawed? Absolutely. But I’ve seen it twice already and I can assure you that there is a lot to recommend even though the film doesn’t quite come together as a whole.

To get our full review and our rating system, follow the link:

Cliched, predictable, politically upfront, yet the sheer quality of it’s craft is admirable. Great performances boost characters past their writing, well directed visuals and action combined with stunning CGI create a beautiful world that will keep you watching.

Dances with Wolves on SyFi Steroids. Fun, entertaining and I did like it, but the message is very new age. James Camerons imagination is over rated for it. Seems he took bits and pieces of other story lines and pays on the current quot;Greenquot; idology the media. The story is parallel to that of John Dunbar’s experience with the Lakota Indian, but with a www.SyFi in mother earth twist. Life would be comfortable and worry free if weren’t for quot;evil, greedy, earth rappingquot; white man.

Avatar stunk to high-hell. If it weren’t for Cameron’s Abyss, Aliens and T2, this movie would be derided, lampooned and called out for the pile of festering caramelized feculent slime that it is.

This movie is rife with terrible acting, horrific dialogue, and its ‘message’ is delivered through constant abuse of moral hazards. We have moral relativism, betrayal and treason being perpetrated for the greater good. The greater good of course being subjective so a movie like this promulgates the idea that all crimes against any state or authoritative entity are justifiable.

This was a 3D wrapped celluloid that without the stunning (yet stupid looking, e.g., blue-cat-deer-women with human breasts) visuals would, especially in novel form, be a bloody laughing stock.

The aliens stunk horribly. What’s with the talking bi-peds with two eyes, a nose and a mouth. Has it ever occurred to these so called quot;creativequot; people that new life might be a colony of nano-bots, a slime mold with group intelligence, life that aspirates with copper based blood, non-DNA self replicating life forms? Why is everything a blue monkey with breasts? At least in 1969 when Star Trek was populated with quot;old-formquot; Klingons that looked like a bronzed human they were on a near-zero budget, but at least they were totally re-defining sci-fi and giving a window into the future. Also of note in this mediocrity contests, gravity on Pandora is for everything but the floating rocks? The physics, weaponry, strategy of the military and the plausibility of the whole thing is beyond fantasy, its moronic and so implausible that its distracting and ridiculous. No, this isn’t Blade Runner, Terminator, BSG, Star Trek. This is like getting crystal-skull-raped.

Crap like Avatar, especially after T2, Star Trek, Star Wars (Ep 4,5 only), is shocking. Its showing that Cameron is a master of marketing mass subscribed explosion fests laced with politically motivated parables and drivel and sub-themed with nothing intellectual because there is nothing beyond the visual veneer, it is fundamentally puerile trash that’s been hussied up to look like way more than it actually is. It is trash which is the opiates of the McDonald’s eating masses.

Anyone who defends this movie is simply a below average or nearly average mind that can’t see past visuals that are no more complex of a stimulus than a piece of string is as a cat toy. They are incapable of rational or critical thought and are very likely a wage slave heavily in debt working towards no particular end, lost in life, and movies like this are a form of escapism where they quot;want to believequot; and become immersed in something because their own lives are basically mundane, insignificant and unimportant.

Moral hazards. Identity politics. Thinly veiled political positions. Preaching to the customer/consumer/viewer. Moral relativism. Severe lack of plot, dialogue and finally acting capability.

This is a turning point for the world. It is showing how things that stimulate basal sensory centers in the simplistic human mind lead the herd into mindless oblivion.

The Navi are flawless, they have no strata in their society or any inter-tribal strife. This in and of itself is unrealistic. The bad guys here are 100% bad, and have no capacity for rational thinking or empathy, except scientists in white coats, they have all the wisdom, empathy and intelligence and are always right. The characters were utterly simplistic, like toys and images made for pre-verbal children. Its like having tele-tubbies broadcast in massively expensive exquisite 3D where every frame is lovingly crafted to present to you some of the flattest, most uninspiring characters ever created.

This movie is clearly well below average, if you liked it you are the reason Hollywood is cranking out garbage these days. This man spent 10 times what District 9 costs and made a movie far worse, (not that District9 was any benchmark or the cat’s meow), and this huge budget could have given 10 directors a shot at making something good. No wonder Linda Hamilton divorced this drunken train wreck of a truck driver idiot Cameron.

The movie itself is a total sham. The message people walk away from is: down with the evil empire, down with the mercenaries, down with planet destroying mining and down with hellip;. (list goes on)

So it takes a crippled jar head to save the Navi because they are too stupid or incompetent to do this for themselves? That seems rather insulting of the noble savage. Since when to bows and arrows bounce off of glass in one part and then start quot;workingquot; in the next part? So Cameron exposes corporatism by marketing his movie with McDonalds? So people who have access to a neural network biological super computer are meant to be clueless idiots? Did anyone ever note that Jake Sully lead the Navi into a total disaster. They totally lost the fight. And just when the battle needed winning the biological computer (which was supposedly only interested in maintaining balance and not interfering) somehow sends in the rhino creatures for the win. Even though the rhino creatures arent linked in. So Jake Sully, without the pathetic plot device of God stepping in and saving the day, was going to completely destroy this noble savage society. And most of the efficacy of the attack was due to his detailed plans he fed to the mercenaries. It would seem this is an added insult to the noble savages they are too dumb to see an enemy in Jake Sully. Why do all the noble savage natives gyrate around the tree of glowing idiocy? Other noble savages in history have performed vivisection, human sacrifice, cannibalism, self mutilation and self flagellation – so are we to assume these blue fools are doing just gyration and none of the other reprehensible behavior or are these savages?

A large number of the scenes involve idiot level interaction with the planet flora and fauna. A large portion of this movie was dedicated to quot;getting to know Pandora,quot; through clumsy interactions with the animals. Lots of grunting, snorting and idiot displays of animals that are identical to various living earth creatures and dinosaurs with an extra leg here, a hammer-head shark nose put on a rhino, and other totally idiotic modifications to existing earth creatures to make them aliens. An extra eye here or there, a nasal sail on the big red pterodactyl (sails were often used to help cool blood so a small nasal sail would not be effective, also, the sail was shown to be bone which would make the sail ineffective and add unnecessary weight to a flying creature). The ion-sail spaceship can’t reach the speed of light, and even if it got to relativistic speeds (0.94c and up), it would require that as much of the journey is spent decelerating as accelerating. This rules out a 5 year journey to Alpha Centurai. Did you notice the Navi are basically double-sized humans (I hope they have a greatly improved vascular system or two hearts), with biceps, triceps gluts quadriceps like humans evolved on earth. But they have cat eyes, deer ears and a stupid nose. And they have 100% carbon copy human feet. I guess this is the most efficient foot design for bi-peds? Probably not, especially if they spent any significant time in trees, they would have feet that were better at gripping than transferring force across an area. Again, Cameron’s juvenile imagination is pathetic. A magnetic field strong enough to levitate mountains would probably do a whole lot more than just mess with instruments. It would *certainly* prevent remote communication with an Avatar body. By the way, where is the bio-mechanical interface for receiving and transmitting input output from/to the Avatar from the control stations? Oh yeah, and latency isn’t an issue here? Also, a planet wide brain would not function well as the latency (especially in terms of biological electrical signal propagation) would really make such a large single brain model impossible. More likely it would have multiple brains interlinked (there are jellyfish that have multiple shared brains). I would doubt that the large brain would function, or the distributed brain model would be very intelligent at all. I also wonder how a planet with an air atmosphere thick enough to allow helicopters to operate would likely not have a gravity substantially different from 9.8ms2. The magnetosphere and gravity required for an atmosphere requires a magnetic dynamo mechanism to keep the atmosphere from being blown away and smaller planets, like mars, lose atmosphere very quickly. Especially in the radiation-wind of a gas giant. Also, the proximity to a gas giant is likely to cause tidal locking and prevent rotation relative to the gas giant (which, given the solar system’s gas giant and its distance from the star would cause massive changes in environment, and gas giants emit quite a bit of radiation, and using the sol model, this would likely make the bulk of the thermal inputs coming from the gas giant) and expose moons like Pandora to likely fatal cyclotron radiation. Also gas giants compress via the Kelvinndash;Helmholtz mechanism , and given the geological time scales required for live to evolve, they radiation output and thermal outputs of the gas giant would change too quickly. Also, the gas giant as depicted in the movie was rotating impossibly fast.

Cameron has one theme potentially right in his films. Until the humans are smart enough to stop paying for complete drivel like Avatar, the society will degrade into a dystopian idocracy. The only complaint I have with this vision is people dumb enough to keep putting up with this trash won’t be capable of interstellar travel.

This block-bustering famous director / famous actor garbage has to stop.

Despite the not so subtle quot;politically correctquot; themes that permeate the movie, this was very entertaining. Animations were fantastic and the story line of quot;good triumphs over evilquot; is always a big hit with me.

Very life-like animations.

I will see this movie again.

Truly entertaining and beautiful to watch. The plot is basic, but that doesn’t take away from the movie’s wallup in the least. In fact, I’d like to thank Cameron for not complicating the movie with fourteen different subplots. Because of it’s back-to-bones basics and amazing cinematography, the movie accomplished what so few do these days: pure entertainment once can watch again and again.

Watch the full movie online on

I saw this epic last night at the Empire Leicester Sq in London, which is a superb venue in which to view this film. Huge screen, excellent sound and an extraordinary Dolby, 3 dimensional image. The whole effect is mind blowing.

This is a ‘Must see’ movie, innovative, and extraordinary. I think it will be regarded by most cinema goers as another milestone in the history of the art. The level of realism achieved is remarkable, and although the film is relatively long in real time, it retains it’s excitement and holds the audience’s attention to the end.

Performances are good, but this is not the sort of film that dwells on big star value for the actors, although Sigorney Weaver does shine and delivers a very convincing performance, as do the rest of the cast. But as there is so much entertainment and action value on screen the human element does not dominate in the usual way.

As Writer/Director, James Cameron deserves high praise for this creation and in my opinion it will break box office records. I thoroughly enjoyed this film.

Like many people I saw the trailer for avatar and thought it looked like a crappy science fiction movie and wasn’t planning on watching it… that is until I saw James Cameron was attached to it. this movie was a masterpiece and I loved every second of it though the general plot has been used in many other movies I think avatar puts them all to shame with an amazing flow that keeps you immersed in the film for the entire two and a half hour movie it is a must see and I recommend this movie to everyone.

Irsquo;ve now seen avatar 3 times the first was in 2d because having seen other movies fail in 3d I wanted to see avatar without the distraction and I loved so my second time I went for the Imax 3d and was blown away, throw away everything you think you know about 3d because James has reinvented it

For all the people saying itrsquo;s the same plot as dances with wolves please show me one modern movie that has a completely original plot and I will give you $20 (not really) and the people saying its eco propaganda you need to realize this was not made to make us feel bad and start respecting our planet (tough yes it did have that effect) it was all relevant to the story line and a necessity

these are my personal opinions and I welcome anyone who wants to argue wth them just keep it civil

Great movie, but I felt like I was watching a modern version of quot;A man called Horsequot; or quot;Dances with Wolvesquot;. Not a very original concept, but an excellent format of retelling the same story again. As for visuals nothing compares. However, for 300 million it better be something spectacular. A must see, but lets not praise Cameron for his originality when it comes to writing a script. Let praise him for his vision of a new world.

Mind-blowing graphics, and an easy to follow, highly entertaining story.

A must see.

All the reviews of Avatar Irsquo;ve read seem to miss the real value of this visually stunning movie set on the fantastically alive planet of Pandora. While aspects of the plot are predictable, Avatar offers some powerful messages for our time once you scratch beneath the surface.

For those who are not firmly entrenched in our mainstream culturersquo;s cynicism and denial the movie, Avatar, is a powerful opportunity to sharply see and feel our current situation as a species that has lost its way. As we experience the lives of Pandorarsquo;s indigenous people our own predicament comes into contrast. We become visible as a species that has become trapped within its own culture and system of domination and control… cut off from what really enlivens us.

It is surprising that a movie with some of the messages of Avatar could even come out of the corporate dominated ldquo;homelandrdquo; that the USA has become. I wonder how many of the people walking out of the cinema really get it… that we, the consumers (no longer citizens) of industrial civilization are on the side of the baddies in this film. Not just occasionally, randomly bad… not just a few bad eggs such as the cold-hearted leader of the mercenaries on Pandora, Colonel Quaritch… but that our whole way of life is portrayed for what it is… inherently, pathologically insane.

When Quaritch declares ldquo;Wersquo;ll fight terror with terror.rdquo; he is speaking for us. We are the culture which for centuries has crushed all opposition to our vast insatiable resource demands. The Pandora native, Neytiri, speaks of their efforts to enlighten their would-be human ldquo;educatorsrdquo; and in one line says it all, ldquo;We couldnrsquo;t save them from their insanity.rdquo;

That the writer and director, James Cameron, was given the freedom to convey his messages is probably due to his prior huge financial successes with Titanic and Terminator II. And, of course, he still had to include the requisite action and romance components for Avatar to receive the US $400 million in funding he needed.

In the movie, the planet itself finally strikes back against the humans attempting to destroy nature for their short-sighted short-term gains. Some may disagree, but I see that there is symbolism intended here. Outside the movie, our own planet will also strike back. Perhaps not in as visually dramatic a way as on Pandora but in even more deadly terms over the time frame of the next 100 years according to the science on climate change. (For those still confused by all the hot air on the subject of climate change read the facts in Poles Apart: Beyond the shouting whorsquo;s right about climate change?)

James Cameron is no fool. He could have just made a blockbuster. Instead, he is using one of the few remaining effective means of communicating with the masses in an age of information overload to say ldquo;wake up, look at the path we are on and get off it while we still can!rdquo; For we are, in fact, facing a perfect storm of six global threats of which climate change is but one.

But unlike in Avatar, we donrsquo;t have another planet to flee back to.

Mitch Lawrie

Transition Strategist

Wise Up To The Great Transition

The spoilers I am writing about come from a book called Mid-Flinx (written in the 90’s by Alan Dean Foster) but so like Avatar I thought it may have been a movie inspired by the book. As I was sitting through Avatar, I found myself recognizing a lot of the concepts from something I had read before. Had to do some digging but found my old paperback and sure enough a lot of the stuff in Avatar could have been lifted directly from Mid-Flinx. Take away the human controlled Avatar and the rest of the story is insanely like Mid-Flinx a few different creatures but eerily the same. A human lands on a planet where everything in the forest is trying to kill him, found by a green colored alien female who starts to watch over him, teaches him how to survive in this planets jungle without being quot;disrespectfulquot; to the ecosystem, when animals/natives die returning them to the earth as part of an cycle, being brought before the natives and eventually being accepted by them, the natives having (in Mid-Flinx) an empathic link to a single creature they bond with for life, a large tree where the natives live described in the book exactly like the tree in Avatar, a planet wide mind that exists in everything and links everything, aliens that come to hunt and are destroyed by the planet mind controlling things in the forest and the natives. Even the scene where they jump from the tree and use the large leaves to break their falls has a similarity to a part of the book where they jump off a branch and use a huge leaf to break their fall. I was bothered by these similarities. 1 or 2 similarities I can deal with but this was a bit much for me. Read the book and tell me what you think.

AVATAR has been James Cameron’s newest flick and this time he takes us into the world of Pandora. AVATAR is like a shiny new car, it looks great and when you drive it [see it] it’s all that you imagined. AVATAR is one heck of a flick and I definatly recommend it. Its got a original, complex story-line and James Cameron definatly knows how to entertain. He may have topped his love-boat flick, TITANIC. Well, I thought it was better than TITANIC, anyway, and that was a great movie too!


Sam Worthington, from TERMINATOR SALVATION, and soon to be in next years remake of CLASH OF THE TITANS plays Jake Sully. Worthington does a remarkable performence and I think that from this he will shine. Signory Weaver also stars in this sci-flick and she does a very strong performence. As for all the other performences, they were well done.


James Cameron brings us amazing visual effects in this one. He creates a whole new world and brings it to life on the big screen. The visual effects are absoutly stunning and something to see. If your planning on seeing AVATAR, I recommend you see it in 3D. The color and texture of the film is pure-genious.


OVERALL, a great, interesting, remarkable sci-fi adventure. Go into the world of PANDORA and witness this amazing work of art. AVATAR is a sci-fi lovers dream and this is just one of the best movies of 2009. See AVATAR, it’ll be worth your while.








Oh my gosh, they totally ruined what was one of the most visually awesome movies I have ever seen. How many times did they say ‘Mother Earth’. Oh yeah, and of course the military was a bunch of evil, horrible, haters who just couldn’t wait to kill everything in it’s path. Almost a total waste of time…

Visually stunning – almost an equal to quot;A Bug’s Lifequot; at Disneyland.

But enough of the white liberal guilt already. All the natives are voiced by people of color; really?

Humans can fly light years just to go strip mining; there wasn’t anything between here and there; really?

It’s a cartoon talking to me – wait, didn’t I just see quot;Upquot;?

Can’t wait to see someone try a filmed reading of the script…they’ll need coffee…

At The Movies

Avatar (PG) * * * * *

Lost Generation!


You have to be good to pull off a 150 minute movie and enthrall people. Few have the proven track record of a James Cameron (True Lies) to command such respect. Besides having the biggest hit of all time, the acclaimed Titanic director seldom rests on his laurels. Now, after being absent from Hollywood for a number of years Cameron and Twentieth Century Fox unleash Avatar on the world. Small segments of this film were previewed to audiences at select film/comic events over the past year. Expect the world to fall head over heels for this fantasy that is now gripping locals at the Park Theatre, the Empire Studio 12, Colossus and Famous Players Silver City Theatre across B.C.

Worth the wait this spectacular blockbuster shows just how good a writer and director Cameron truly is. Story-wise, this 3-D shot movie concerns a plot involving a mysterious planet inhabited by strange creatures and the humans that literally want to ldquo;pillagerdquo; the land for their own purposes. Odd isnrsquo;t it how this sort of ldquo;fictionalrdquo; film can parallel world events. As world leaders converge on Copenhagen to discuss climate change and the effects of global warming one could say Cameron has beat them all to the punch in a tale that looks at how the human race can inflict untold damage on pristine territory ndash; only land that holds unbelievable promise for the future.

Sent down to weed out the elements and to farm this new territory is former G.I. Jake Skully. Served up in fine fashion by Sam Worthington (Terminator Salvation) Skully comes across as a sympathetic character. To descend into the new alien territory Skully and team enter into some medical chamber where they are ldquo;bondedrdquo; with partner aliens. So on the ground, amidst this indigenous species, Skully winds up in a rather precarious state. After bonding with the locals will he continue his employerrsquo;s plan to wrest control of the region or will he in fact turn the other cheek and rebel against his own species? This is the dilemma he faces and this provides the gist for the whole story.

Fantasy runs rampant in Avatar and the imagination here is tremendous to behold. Through special effects that dazzle Cameron truly takes us to a brave new world populated with a new alien form that will keep you riveted to the screen. Apart from Skully the other notable who winds up being ldquo;clonedrdquo; in this new territory is the team doctor/scientist, Grace. Back for another kick at the can is Sigourney Weaver (Aliens) who is as forceful and blunt as ever as the tough talking woman who at first is suspicious of her new team member but over time decides to ldquo;toleraterdquo; him.

You will believe in this new world as unbelievable attention to detail has gone into each and every frame of this trend-setting film. Said to have been ready for filming for years Cameron had to wait until the technology was able to bring forth the new effects and the masses will be starstruck by what hersquo;s achieved here. More importantly, itrsquo;s the story that really reels people in and never lets up. Tension abounds in this pressure-cooker of a tale thatrsquo;s full of love, romance, power trips, double crosses, evil corporate heavyweights and mad generals out to rule the world.

Watch out for the impressive work of Stephen Lang (The Men Who Stare at Goats) who burns fire as the macho Colonel Miles Quaritch. Letrsquo;s just say this guy has an itch to inflict pain and leave it at that. Aiding and abetting this loose cannon who believes in the shoot first talk later approach to foreign affairs and diplomacy is site director Peter Selfridge, a selfige man indeed ably presented by Giovanni Ribisi (Pubic Enemies) with considerable gusto and panache. Once the final showdown commences pitting man against nature with humans and aliens piling it on yoursquo;ll have little time to catch your breath. Full of brand new creations concerning wildlife and fauna Avatar comes across as being a monumental milestone in creative filmmaking and will spark lots of debates long after its impact has subsided.

Cutting edge special effects combine with an underdog theme thatrsquo;s new and refreshing to make Avatar the best film of the year and likely on its way to give Titanic a good run for its money when it comes to the popularity sweepstakes. Yes, it may be a touch long, maybe 10-15 minutes but there is so much going on in this movie it truly does take your breath away and will open your senses to a new dimension. Shot in 3-D remember to put on those glasses to catch more of the eye-popping effects. Special symbolism also surfaces in this movie that looks to have some religious/cultural overtones. Smart from start to finish Avatar is a stellar story full of warmth and humanity that collides with brute force in a tale of oppression and survival thatrsquo;s sure to be long remembered after experiencing this striking vision first hand.

Read more reviews by Robert at

Best movie since Lord Of The Rings…. finaly 2009 ends wth a bang..

This was my first I MAX and 3D movie I have ever seen. I felt like I was there.

The first images jumped out at me and I was laughing inside my self for many minutes,

as the images were right in front of me. At times I reached out to touch the

parts of the images in front of myself.

This movie has changed my image of movie going.

I well never see a 2d again.

James Cameron has made the most expensive movie ever with a reported cost of nearly $300 million. But could a bunch of Smurfs running around speaking a dorky language really pay off?

The film focuses on a man named Jake Sully. He is a paraplegic marine who is dispatched to the planet Pandora on a unique mission. Jake becomes torn between following his orders and protecting the world that he feels is his home.

Some say that there wasn’t enough time spent on the script of the film. I actually like the premise of it. The idea of people living in this alternate world and controlling these blue creatures with only their mind is really intriguing. But the expense of the film shines through and that’s what the production is all about. Everything seamlessly blends into the screen. The tone, lighting, and texture of the movie made me wonder if this is what heaven looks like.

There are slow patches during the second half that have to do with the romance of the lead character and a creature on Pandora. It tries to make the audience feel sentimental at times but ends up being overly tender. Also, some of the anti-war elements and the messages of staying green are a bit too heavy handed at times.

Overall, I think Cameron has made one of the best technical breakthroughs in a while, but this isn’t one his best screenplays. I think you should try to see this in 3-D because I bet it would be really cool with all of those creatures flying in your face. One other thing that’s great about the movie is the sound. I truly felt immersed in the film’s atmosphere for over 2 and a half hours. This is a good, solid movie that definitely should be seen in the theater due to its incredible technical achievements.

I just wanted to be the first to coin the phrase: “Dances with Wolves on Acid”.

Politics are definitely front and center however two hours and forty minutes are painless as there wasn’t a wasted frame of film presented.

A steaming pile of New Age excrement served with a sugary coating. Pretty to look at, but definitely not worth supporting the obvious agenda. In fact, about the only New age idea that wasn’t glamorized was same-sex marriage. I’m surprised that the director left that out. Do not let your kids see this. Vulgar language throughout. If you want to see this wait for it to come out on video.

It’s visually stunning but not at all original scriptwise. However, it didn’t matter. Titanic’s plot was totally stupid and yet the movie was wonderful to watch. Same here. Although, Kevin Costner might want some writing credits.

James Cameron proves again that he is uniquely capable at telling an amazing story thru film. With Avatar, he has accomplished something special – nothing less than a beautifully realized dreamscape that we all get to experience. Some may say that the story is predictable, but I feel truly sorry for those that are so jaded or cynical that they can’t let themselves get swept away by the true power of an excellent movie, or would deny some of the central truths at the film’s core.

The technical achievements of this film will earn it a special place in the history of movie making. The jaw-dropping audiovisuals, and the completely alternate-reality inducing use of 3D, are all the more impressive because they never get in the way of the story, or detract from the characters. Rather, they propel the viewer thru a world that’s so believable, and brought to life so completely, with such wondrous inhabitants, that you’ll be sorry you have to leave it. Simply a unique and breathtaking experience.

I was terribly impressed by this movie. The plot was amazing and unique, the landscapes and CGI stunningly beautiful, and there was great accompanying soundtrack. Anyone that’s a fan of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, or Action should definitely see this movie! Note: I watched the 3D version. The 3D effect is really pleasant. It’s not overbearing to distract from the movie, only subtlety enhance things.

With the job of earning trust with the avatar’s jake slurry

falls in love with an avatar he must choose to turn on his own human race or will he help his new quot;peoplequot; ~My Review~

I thought it took me on a amazing journey through the magical land of pandora It was the greatest movie of 2009! And it takes you through tears,laughs and suspense all in all You should go see AVATAR now!


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Coat Plus Size

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coat plus size
Where Can I Get Plus Size Coats?

Hi im looking for a nice plus size coat, NOTHING LONG, and i’ve already checked:
so please if you can refer to something else online & im a TEENAGER so please dont give me a website with old lady coats (no offence)
thanks in advance

Im looking for something hip trendy and teen-ish help me out here guys!

IGIGI Stylish Plus Size Clothing — C’est Magnifique! Plus Size Maxi Coat

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Nike Jacket

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nike jacket
How much for my jordan jacket and nike shoes?

I have a Jordan Jacket that i bought 5 months ago, used it 3 times, and a pair of semi new black air force 1 mid top,
How much do you think i should get on ebay if i sell these.

It really depends on the condition of both items. The jacket will probably go around… 20? If in good condition. The shoes will vary because not many people want black air force 1 midtop, but I say its around 40 max. You could always just customize the shoes to a color you want instead of selling them.

Nike Portugal Track Jacket

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Petite Coats

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petite coats
Where can a petite female get some good hunting clothing?

Especially boots and coats for when the snow flies. I’m 5′ – 100 pounds – size 5 boot – and can’t even find decent kids stuff. Most of that is the rubber stuff that is glorified snow boots. I am making some of my own stuff but for coats a lot of the makers don’t even make a small coat or smaller size womens footwear.

you better get some tent stakes as well

sounds like a light breeze could blow you away in the outdoors.

you hunting for a good steak huh? that should put some meat on your bones! eat up!

not to sure where you can find clothes but why dont you start a all nude hunting business!
saves on all that sewing and trying to find clothes in your size!

Jones New York Signature Petite Quilted Car Coat 7768276

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Powder Coating Kit

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powder coating kit
Collision Theory: Why do paint containers say not to use the paint below 10 degrees Celsius?

My question is pretty much what you see above. I would also like to know the answer to the following questions if anyone knows the answers to them as well:

– Why does a natural gas furnace need a pilot light of electronic lighter?
-People who have contact lenses sometimes use a sterilization kit containing hydrogen peroxide and a platinum coated disk. Hydrogen peroxide decomposes to release bubbles of oxygen gas only when the disk is placed in the solution. How can this be explained using the collision theory?
-Why does baking powder react rapidly in water but not when it is dry?

All of these questions are related to the collision theory. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Temperatures change the state that the subject is in. For example, when you heat water, it boils and becomes a vapour. When it is super cooled, it freezes. So, one substance goes from a liquid to a vapour and also can become a solid. (so happens water is the only substance that can do this though)

Sand, when heated can become a liquid that becomes solid (glass).

All substances are comprised of millions of tiny particles in constant motion. These particles are colliding with each other constantly in any substance, whether gas, liquid or solid in state. For a ‘reaction’ to occur the molecules must collide.

Paint only dries at 10 celcius or warmer because the temperatures lower than that remain in a constant state of movement.
Pilot lights require a spark to cause the gas molecules to collide

Hydrogen peroxide releases the oxegenated bubbles when the molecules of the platinum collide with it creating heat.

Water changes the substance of baking powder igniting a collision in the molecules

350z G35 Single Turbo Kit – Momentum Performance

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Trench Coat With Hood

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trench coat with hood
Please please help fellow eBay shoppers!!?

Its an odd request….
I don’t have a feedback score of five on eBay to post something on “want it now” If you would like to be a outstanding citizen then you can post it for me!!

I’m looking for a Juicy coutour trench coat in black…

-Trench coat, with hood.
-Juicy Coutour.
-Large 0r medium
-New: With Tags
-99% cotton, 1% polyester.
-Wide notched collar. Front welt pockets.

It’s the one in this eBay ad except this add is for a black jacket… i Checked

Thank you to anyone who even attempts to help me!!
From what i have seen no one has the jacket in BLACK… not Beige….

And no i am not a serial killer!!!

Is this what you’re looking for?

Larry Levine Patent Trench Coat with Hood and Belt

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Jacket Reflective

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jacket reflective
poundland reflective dog coat?

does anyone know if poundland are still selling the high visability jackets for dogs. apparently they were selling them this time last year

yes i was in my pound-land the other day and see them so i guess soo they also have some good dental chews in there they are green my dog loves them and they really do remove plax ect ect good luck


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Baseball Coat Rack

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baseball coat rack

Diy Closet Techniques

There are millions of ways to organize a closet.  Everyone is different, owns different things, and has different needs.  We can look at the different closet plans that are out there for days without seeing the same thing twice.  So, if you want to organize your closet, doing it yourself is the way to go.  Only you know your tastes and how you would prefer things to be stored.  Use these organizational ideas to help you decide which closet storage techniques will best fit your style and your closet.

1)  Baskets are very useful for most people.  They hold little things, keep them organized, and eliminate the need to install drawers.  Baskets, buckets, and bins are great places to keep socks, underwear, mittens, books, camera equipment, mementos, and more.  They give the closet more texture and break up the monotonous look of ordinary closets.  They help you to stay organized while making things look nice and neat.

2)  Special compartments can be put in your closet to hold things that need somewhere to go.  You may want to store a laptop, some tall boots, your manicure/pedicure supplies, your child’s schoolwork, or a multitude of other things.  Creating little spaces in the closet that are designated for these things will help you to keep your whole house in order.

3)  Shelves are really useful.  They allow you to fold some of your clothes instead of hanging everything.  You can fold sweaters and t-shirts to leave room on the hanging bar for bulkier clothes, such as coats and suits.  Shelves can sometimes help you to make better use of the space in the closet and give you storage areas as well.

4)  Storage is important in any closet.  A high shelf that goes all the way around the closet can be really useful.  You can keep luggage, out of season clothing, purses, sports equipment and more on a high shelf so that it is safely stored away.

5)  Specialty racks for shoes or baseball caps can keep the clutter to a minimum.  Use the back of the closet door to keep the bulk of the closet area clear.  You may decide to move your hanging bar up so that you have more room underneath for shoes or laundry baskets.  A tie rack, belt rack, scarf hanger, and some heavy duty hooks can help you keep your closet organized.

6)  Hangers make all the difference in a closet.  There’s nothing worse than having your clothes ruined by a shotty hanger.  Use high quality hangers, such as a wood hanger or coat hanger.  Another option is to go with some sturdy clothes hangers that maximize space.  These can double or triple the space that you have on the bar!

Getting your closet organized and keeping it that way is a snap when you use the techniques that work for you and your closet.

About the Author

About the Author: Joe Granville is on the staff of Only Hangers, a leading online resource for wood hangers, coat hangers and all types of clothes hangers which is recognized for the excellent quality and value of its wood hanger and coat hanger offerings. For more information, please visit

someone like you // 8 {MM}

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Green Coating

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green coating
TRYING TO IDENTIFY AN ELECTRONIC COMPONENT marked SCK 054 About 10mm dia Green hard coating two wires.?

Comes from LCD tv PSU and looks like a ceramic resistor. Marked on the board as THR301. Board is made by Proview Technology Co Ltd

I think it is a thermistor which functions to limit the inrush current when the power supply is started up.

Does it look like this:

If so, it looks like a ceramic capacitor, not a ceramic resistor!

Green Millennium Self Cleaning Coating – photocatalyst TiO2

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Coat Of Arms Plaque

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coat of arms plaque
ughh help what should i do?

my friend from school has REALLLY REALLY bad hygiene.she showers only once in like 2 months,she hardly ever brushes her teeth and her teeth are all yellow and coated with plaque.her hair is always greasy and i mean REALLY GREASY,if you touch it u can actually feel oilyness or fingers,its absolutely nasty.she always stinks because of her never showering problem and shes losing friends fast over this =/.she has bad b.o and i dont think she shaves either which is really embarrassing in P.E when she lifts her arms =/.i dont know HOW to tell coz she will get really upset.what should i do???

Heres what you do-

1 Tell her that she should maybe start to shave and shower 4 times a week
2 If that doesnt work out ask someone to ask her again
3 Maybe try this one first- Say “Hey whats that smell?”

I would be terrified if I said “Do you shower cos you stink!” it does hurt their feelings but its bad its minging and just uggh! Your a concerned friend. Its normal. There was a girl that used to go to school called Ailie she was like that.

Family Crest Plaques, Coat of Arms Paintings – Heraldry Art

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Rain Jacket Men

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rain jacket men
What are your hard fashion rules? Here are mine. Do you agree?

DRESS FOR THE WEATHER. That means NO flip flops in the f*ing rain and no puffy jackets in the summer. And oh, I don’t care how hot it is guys, if you have a big bear belly and man boobs, or a sunken in scrawny chest keep your shirt on! Seriously!
DRESS FOR YOUR BODY TYPE. If we see rolls of fat or any other feature that is just plain gross, like your whale tail or your enormous flabby bat wing arms, re-think your fashion choices.
DON’T DRESS LIKE A STREET WALKER. I don’t think I need to say more than that.
FIND YOUR OWN FASHION GROOVE. Don’t be a slave to trends, to your age-group, or dress a certain way because you feel society says you should. Fashion is supposed to be fun and an expression of who you are as an individual. As long as you rock your sh*t in good taste (see above rules) you’re cool by me.

I agree. I’d add a few.

You CAN judge a person by the holes in their shoes.

POOR SKINCARE CAN RUIN A GOOD OUTFIT: Your million dollar look can’t compete with your need for $2.99 Stridex Pads.

DRESS TO IMPRESS: You want a promotion? Wear the clothing of the people who have that job.

COMPLETE A LOOK, HEAD TO TOE: Gypsy earrings + oversized jacket + micro mini + boots = fashion schizophrenia.

NO MATCHY-MATCHY! Floral headband, floral dress, floral shoes, floral cosmetic palette = wallflower.


FASHION WORK OUT: Shapeless bodies require structured clothing: lots of seams in the right places and no flowy or clingy fabric to emphasize misplaced curves.

Patagonia Men’s Torrentshell Jacket

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