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Coats Men

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[affmage source=”cj” results=”20″]Coats Men[/affmage]
coats men
Where can i find sexy looking trench coats for men?

yeah question says everything… i need brands, models…

i need your recommendations.


I can only really suggest these since I don’t know your exact style:

Hope you find a coat you like 🙂

men in coats

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Jacket Calvin Klein

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[affmage source=”cj” results=”20″]Jacket Calvin Klein[/affmage]
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jacket calvin klein
I bought a suit, but lost the jacket, can I find it?

I bought a calvin klein suit, but lost jacket. Is there any way I can find the jacket for sale online? Or anyway to make it easier to find?
Macy’s about a year ago

Where is the last place you saw it?

Winter Jackets/Coats for Petite / Short Girls!

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Coat Hanger

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coat hanger
How do I bend a coat hanger into a shape?

I’m trying to turn a coat hanger into a fake key with a heart as a handle but I’m having trouble getting it to bend the way I want to, is there a simple way I can do it with limited tools, or should I switch to a different medium?

To get the curves try wrapping it around a chair/table leg or bed post.
Put a towel around the item your wrapping around first so not to cause any damage.

Coat Hanger HDTV Antenna! (VHF SOLUTION!!) PART 1

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Royal Coat Decoupage Finish

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Fleece Jacket Toddlers

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[affmage source=”cj” results=”20″]Fleece Jacket Toddlers[/affmage]
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fleece jacket toddlers
Looking for Toddler sized sweats?

I am looking for solid colored 2T size fleece pants/sweats [boy]. I want a matching zip up fleece jacket. I’m trying to make this a costume for my nephew, but am having a hard time finding any jackets that are solid colored! I tried googling and didn’t come up with much. Maybe someone here will have better luck? Or know some place that sells it? TIA!

Try Target…I dont know about online but I was physically at a store the other day and saw just what you are looking for.

Wholesale Jackets for Men & Women

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N3b Jacket

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n3b jacket

Green N3B Nylon Jacket Rip Part 1

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Women’s Ski Jackets On Sale

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[affmage source=”cj” results=”20″]Women’s Ski Jackets On Sale[/affmage]
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Women’s neoprene life jackets?

Ive been looking for very cute women’s neoprene life jackets for boating/skiing/tubing. I haven’t been able to find many colorful life jackets. I am 15 years old and love orange and pink, and any other bright color. The one jacket I have found that I like the best is the ROXY chalkboard (white w/ grey and pink) life jacket. I want to spend around 50 dollars (on sale possibly). Does anyone have any ideas on brands or other information?

Get the Roxy Lifejacket they last for a lifetime. I have had one since i was 2 years old. As for other possibilities try any sports store….and they are probally having sales. Sports Authority is a very good store.

2010 Arc’Teryx Scarabee Womens Ski Jacket

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Black Jacket Dress

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black jacket dress
What type of jacket can I wear with a black halter dress and still look good?

The back of the dress only comes halfway up my back

I think a really cute Shrug type Jacket would look awesome with that. I envision a jean one…… but the possibilities are endless since your dress is black. A shrug type jacket will still show off your neck and your collar bone….. so it still has a sexy affect. lol Hope I’ve helped!

Leather Jacket for $20??? (F21 Yellow tag, back to school items, birthday dresses, suspenders!)

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Studded Leather Jacket For Men

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studded leather jacket for men

Get playful with coloured leather bombers

Times are gone when the leather bombers used to be an inch thick to protect you from cold and punches, in many cases it served as good as a bullet-proof jacket. The bombers have got lighter in weight making it comfortable for one to wear them in summers, too. However, the best part about investing in a bomber now is that they are available in wide array of colours right from baby pink to red to orange to blue to sea green. You need to name it and there is a very high possibility that you might find it either in top fashion outlets or online fashion stores. Yes, it is possible to choose colour for your leather jacket that can go well with that short mini hot pants that you bought. In case of guys, you can now match it with you ties or shirts. Modern bombers also offer structured silhouettes in a racer jacket with a buttoned collar and articulated detailing on the shoulders make them have a different appeal.

There is another reason to have fun with leather bombers- their shapes and front zippers. In women bombers a simply front tied leather bomber looks darn appealing, as it has that peek-a-boo feel that leaves much to desire and less for imagination. Kinky! A particular super stylish, soft and supple leather bomber in vintage lustrous bronze leather with studs and appliqués at shoulders will make you look drenched in glamour. Another hot colour in bomber is red. It truly turns on the heat, if it adorns a short leather bomber which is thin and just one size bigger than your body. It snugly hugs your figure and makes a subtle statement of raw desire. When teamed this red women leather bomber with a ruffles short skirt, it surely makes a fancy statement by breaking many notions like leather can’t go girly. Well leather goes well with girly apparels if matched well. Try mix-matching a bold flowing dress or a casual shiny tee, or simple denim jeans with one of the colour co-ordinated bombers and you are sure not to go wrong, making yourself enviable.

For men olive green, royal purple and maroon suit well as they maintain the rhythm and appeal of tough, raw and adventurous that comes with leather and basic nature of men. Experiment it with plain white shirt or worn and torn jeans, teamed with clean and neat pointed leather boots.

Leathers are available in colours and now it is up to how creative can you get and take your fashion quotient to a next level.

For more details visit

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Swati Suman is a fashion expert at Shop Leather and also author of various fashion related articles and blogs includes leather blazers and jackets, leather bomber, leather in fashion, designer leather jackets for men and women, latest leather accessories.

Adam Lambert Whole Lotta Love (Oakland 7/11)

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Coat Plus

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coat plus
Where can I find a cute cheap plus size coat?

Trench coat or coat
I’m not fat I just have huge boobs n some stuff won’t close on me!!!
Btw, I live in California in the sfv
I also accept websites 😀

I would choose Laura+ , its a great plus size store, not for just “fat ” people, but for the large chest aswell

SWAK Designs Winter Coat Blowout Sale – Plus Size Fashion TV – Episode 3

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Tom Coates

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tom coates
Old school fans: Out of this list do you recognize and remember any of these perennial WWF jobbers?

Ron Cumberledge
George Anderson
Gary Jackson
Terry Davis
Tony Roy
Barry Hardy
Tony DeVito
Tom Stone
Tony Williams
Al Jackson
Marty Garner
Chaz Ware
Ross Greenberg
Tim McNeany
Jason Arnch
Eddie Jackie
Todd Overbow
A.C. Connor
Dale Wolfe
Charlie Hunter
Al Phillips
Louie Spicolli
Dan Farren
Scott Bazo
Chuck Coates
Paul Van Dale
Chris Duffy

None of these guys were contracted to the WWF like Barry Horowitz, which is why Horowitz wasn’t listed. These were your typical TV jobbers of the early 90s WWF, who made more than one appearances, and are all legit. Recognize any of those names? If you want, throw in a name I may of missed

BQ: If you were to re-name the ECW brand, what would you name it?

Ron Cumberledge
George Anderson
Gary Jackson
Terry Davis
Tony Roy
Barry Hardy (Teamed with Duane Gill, aka Gillberg in the WWE)
Tony DeVito (best known as one of Da Baldies during the later days of ECW)
Tom Stone (old school jobber)
Tony Williams
Al Jackson
Marty Garner (known most for receiving the infamous botched pedigree from Triple H, it was more Garner’s fault though as he sold the move wrong, thinking it was an underhook piledriver instead of an underhook face driver)
Chaz Ware (Chaz Ware was actually Chaz Warrington as was Mosh from The Headbangers)
Ross Greenberg
Tim McNeany
Jason Arnch
Eddie Jackie
Todd Overbow
A.C. Connor (A.C Connor was actually D’Lo Brown)
Dale Wolfe (also wrestled as Dusty Wolfe)
Charlie Hunter
Al Phillips
Louie Spicolli – was also Rad Radford, died of a drug overdose, RIP
Dan Farren
Scott Bazo
Chuck Coates (Coates wrestled primarily as a jobber un WCW, but did have a few matches in WWF as well, was also a high school wrestling champion)
Paul Van Dale
Chris Duffy (died a few years ago)

Simplifying Watercolour: Tom Coates

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Hoodies Jacket

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hoodies jacket
Is there light jacket that can keep me warm in Quebec?

I’m going to Quebec for a few days and I’m going to be outside ALOT. I’m looking for a really warm coat that can handle the temperatures in Quebec in March. The thing is, I hate big bulky jackets. I normally wear hoodies and wind breakers because they’re light. Does anyone know a jacket that can handle Quebec’s weather but at the same time is light and not bulky.

Look for something with a Thinsulate lining.

Exodus Custom Hoodies and Jackets for Year 12 Students and Community Groups

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Jacket Pouch

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jacket pouch

Tourmaster Jett 3 Jacket Silver : Zippered Shoulder, Sleeve and Rear Exit Vents Provide Flow-through Ventilation

Anyone who has driven a motorcycle acknowledges that unique clothing must be worn at all times to savour a stable ride. The consensus is that an all-leather clothing (except for helmets where fiberglass is the main construction) will afford the sourest achievable protective cover to the rider from injuries. The familiar implements for secure motorcycle riding includes jackets, gloves, boots, and pants. Moreover, hard plastic panels or Kevlar panels are also worn on areas that ordinarily get in link first with the ground during accidents such as the elbows, knees, sheen, knuckles, and chin area.

From Security to Fashion

Among the clothing articles used by motorcycle riders, it is the jacket that is frequently put-upon and maltreated that were not really specified for them. A casing in point is when rock artists utilize leather jackets, forcing the moniker rocker jacket on them. Their leather structure forms them exquisite articles of clothing along with the metals and tassels trapped on them. Nonetheless, one decided deviation between leather jackets in use for security in motorcycle riding and one expended in fashion is that the former may admit armors that help ingest impact and spread it evenly, belittling assertable wounds.

The Material for Jackets

While leather has proved to be an efficacious material for motorcycle jackets, their weight and cost are considerations that normally set back the average purchaser. Moreover, animal activists have gotten into the act as well, opposing the slaughtering of animals whose skin forms for good leather jackets in the same manner that they opposed the use of furs in high-priced clothing articles. It is for this rationality that new materials were originated that produced motorcycle jackets lighter and without displeasing animal activists. One of the products at the forefront of this development is Tourmaster Jett 2 Jacket.

Innovation in Security

Tourmaster Jett 2 jacket is built from the novel Carbolex construction with a Rainguard waterproof feature. Aside from these matters, the Tourmaster Jett 2 jacket also brags of the following:

▪ The collar of the Tourmaster Jett 2 jacket is created of microfiber relief panel. The result is a material that lets air to pass through, admitting some measure of airing while precluding water from passing through. The cuffs on the wrist of the sleeve are also lined with micro fiber.

▪ The chest, sleeve, and rear outlet vents of the Tourmaster Jett 2 jacket is rendered with a zipper, so air can freely pass through. This characteristic will forbid one from growing a human balloon that catches air as one drives by, making them look spongy.

▪ The Tourmaster Jett 2 jacket arrives with waist belts, which can be easily pulled to adjust its fit to the body. There is also an innermost pouch pocket to hold valuables such as wallets and mobile phones.

▪ The elbow and shoulder pads are offered with armors to facilitate buffer affect during a smash.

For the strongest protective cover from Tourmaster Jett 2 jacket, check out Bob’s Cycle Supply for the unsurpassable bargain on the protection only Tourmaster Jett 2 jacket can contribute.

About the Author

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Zipper Pouch Jacket

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Boys Jacket Vest

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boys jacket vest
Here is a weekend funny… see if you like it :)?

A well dressed business man was walking down the street when a little kid covered in soot said to him respectfully, “Sir, can you tell me the time?” The portly man stopped, carefully unbuttoned his coat and jacket, removed a large watch from a vest pocket, looked at it and said, “It is a quarter to three, young man.” “Thanks,” said the boy. “At exactly three o’clock you can kiss my ass.” With that, the kid took off running, and with an angry cry, the outraged businessman started chasing him. He had not been running long when an old friend stopped him. “Why are you running like this at your age?” asked the friend. Gasping and almost incoherent with fury, the business man said, “That little brat asked me the time and when I told him it was quarter to three he told me that at exactly three, I should kiss his ass!” “So what’s your hurry,” said the friend. “You still have ten minutes.”

Good one!

The Leathers : More Cows Must Die

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Manchester United Jacket 2011

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