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Spray Coating

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spray coating

Importance of accurate air jet set up in plasma spray

Plasma spray coatings are being specified nowadays in more and more industrial components from aircraft engine parts to pump components and other commercial industrial parts. The primary reason for the specification of plasma spray coatings is the enhancement of surface engineering properties such as wear resistance, anti-galling properties and such. Plasma spray coatings such as tungsten carbide, chromium carbide and such are extremely popular where high surface wear resistance is required. However, in order for plasma spray coatings to perform at their peak levels, attention must be paid to the metallurgical quality of these coatings since a coating with a poor metallurgical quality will perform worse than a coating with a superior metallurgical quality.

While several variables affect the metallurgical micro structural quality of plasma spray coatings, in this article we will limit ourselves to the variable of proper set up of the plasma spray job to be coated. More specifically, we will address the importance of accurate air jet set up mounted on the gun holder. Air jets in plasma spray coating systems perform two basic functions. The first function is to cool the part during the spray operation and the second function is to blow away the unmelted particles from the coating plasma plume before they impinge on to the surface being coated. It is this second aspect that is sometimes overlooked by operators, especially those that are not well trained. The general rule of thumb is that the air jets must be set up so that the intersection point of the air coming out is located at one half of an inch beyond the stand off distance. For example if the stand off distance specified in the plasma spray parameter for the particular coating system at hand is four inches, then the air jet intersection must be kept at four and a half inches. By keeping it longer than four inches, the unmelted particles will not be removed from the coating. By keeping it shorter than four inches, there will be too much of turbulence introduced in the plasma plume leading to very bad coating quality.

In order to accurately set up the air jet intersection, it is recommended that the air jet intersect be set up first accurately before placing the part at the proper stand off distance from the gun. Many operators have a tendency to set the part at the correct stand off distance and then set up the air jets. This latter method can lead to erroneous air jet intersection and almost always leads to poor coating quality. Hence, as described in this article proper air jet set up is an imperative to producing high quality plasma sprayed coatings.

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Learn more about thermal spray coatings variables so you do not ever have to deal with saying my plasma coating is falling off

SMG StrukturMatic S122/80 Structural Spray Coatings

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Women Jacket Nike

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women jacket nike
Women’s Brewers Track Jacket???

So I know like three people who have the coolest Milwaukee Brewer track jacket its Royal Blue with the bright yellow on the sleeves and sides in like a wide stipe.I went to the store where they said they got them, but were out. The store manager said they sold out really fast and Nike won’t release anymore till next year. Has anyone seen this jacket online anywhere where they still had a few? I really want this jacket and can’t wait till next year!

try ebay or amazon?

sc24.com_Nike 2n1 Down Jacket & Vest Women_23228

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Jacket Blu Ray

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jacket blu ray

Recent And Upcoming Special Collector’s Edition Video Games

Most forms of media these days simply aren’t content with releasing products on just a standard basis. Music CDs come in deluxe editions that offer additional tracks or are packaged with DVDs that contain bonus materials. Movie and television show DVDs that come in special or collector’s editions provide viewers with extra features not contained on single-disc standard sets. And now video games are taking incredible advantage of a collector’s market that thrives on extra challenge maps, bonus characters or incredible amounts of exclusive swag contained solely within special edition releases.

Generally, these collector’s editions will drive the price up significantly. While most PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 games will run $59.99, those consumers that want more can expect to pay anywhere from $20 to almost $100 more for special collector’s edition sets of their favorite titles.

Here are a few recent and upcoming special edition sets for some of the hottest video games hitting the market:

Batman: Arkham Asylum Collector’s Edition (Released on August 25, 2009 for PS3 and Xbox 360, MSRP $99.99): After a full cast of Batman games over the recent years have failed to live up to expectations, a great amount of hype surrounded the release of the very first next generation title for the caped crusader. Batman: Arkham Asylum was released on Aug. 25 to rave reviews and was instantly labeled one of the best superhero video games ever. Adding flair was the release of a collector’s edition for the game, which contains many notable extras to the standard game itself. Accompanying the game is a plastic 14″ replica batarang with attached stand, a 50-page character Arkham Doctor’s Journal in an embossed leather dust jacket, a downloadable challenge map and a bonus DVD or Blu-Ray – all housed in a batarang shaped hard case.

Tekken 6 Limited Edition (Release Date of October 27, 2009 for PS3 and Xbox 360, MSRP $149.99): When it comes to fighting games, the Tekken franchise is one of the elite within the industry. Highlighted by the largest cast of characters in the game’s history and the King of the Iron Fist Tournament, Tekken 6 is sure to be a hot seller for the upcoming holiday season. For those hardcore Tekken fans, an extra $90 can score you a limited edition fight stick controller designed by Hori and a collectible art book with the Tekken 6 Limited Edition bundle.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition (Release Date of November 10, 2009 for PS3 and Xbox 360, MSRP $149.99): Perhaps the single greatest first person war shooters of all time, Call of Duty has been an incredible successful franchise especially on the next generation Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles. The next installment of the series will be Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, which will come in three distinct editions. The standard game will sell for $59.99. The “Hardened Edition” will retail for $79.99 and come with a steel book, art book and download for the original Call of Duty. And then there’s the “Prestige Edition,” which will cost a whopping $149.99 and come packaged with everything included in the other versions, as well as a set of night vision goggles with a 50-foot range and an individually numbered collector’s stand to hold the goggles.

About the Author

These are the most efficient classes in my opinion. It all depends on your game-play so this can differ from person to person.Modern Warfare and you can always search the site for more useful information about this game.

Full Metal Jacket Trailer

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Burberry Jacket Women

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burberry jacket women
For Women!!!!!!!!!! Would you wear these?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEED HELP WITH WARDROBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

I am considering to stuff my closet with Burberry for the winter. Should I get these jackets to add to my Burberry Collection? Three jackets in total. Heres a link for each one. So yeah, tell me what you think. Thanks.
P.S. Would I be allowed to wear these for my job as an F.B.I. Agent?


I lovvee Burberry tooo <3 =)))) and I loveee all three of thos jackets, especially the first one!! they're so classy and elegant =) ans yes, I'm sure you can wear them for your job 🙂 really, get them all =D good luck!

Burberry Jacket For Women

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Coats Aloe

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coats aloe
im told Im to wait to put my new axolotl in his home, 7dys till condition works in water. why is this?

im told I am to wait to put my new little buddy axolotl in his home, 7 days to be exact until the water conditioning works. why would this be? I hav a filter running threw my tank about 8hrs a day. I also brought the Aloe Vera Stress Coat+ for condition… is this a good idea? I really want this to be a cosy and comfortable home for him, but can’t work out why on earth a week. This pet shop assistant seemed a little to vague for my liking, just want to get it right.

You do not have to wait 7 days. That is for fish not Water Dragons (axolotls)

Water Dragons have lungs like we do and are air breathers, unlike fish that has gills and would breathe the chlorine in the water. The chlorine will turn into a gas and be out of the tank within 24 hrs. By leaving the chlorine in your water it will kill any harmful bacteria and fungus that may be on the Water Dragons or in the tank.

What about the water?
Water Dragons (Axolotls) like Cold Clean Water. You can use tap water for your water changes but let the water run so that it gets as cold as possible. You need to change water once per week and up to 100%. It is better to change too much water than too little. If your tap water is safe for you to drink then it will be safe for a Water Dragon that are 3 months or older, so you can leave the chlorine in your water. However, if your tap water is not safe to drink then it would not be safe for your Water Dragon.

Water Dragons have lungs like we do and are air breathers, unlike fish that has gills and would breathe the chlorine in the water. The chlorine will turn into a gas and be out of the tank within 24 hrs. By leaving the chlorine in your water it will kill any harmful bacteria and fungus that may be on the Water Dragons or in the tank.

One last point regarding chlorine, as you know swimming pools have chlorine levels that are 1,000s of times higher than drinking water. Can you please tell me how many people have died from swimming in chlorined pools? Please include Babies and competitive Swimmer who swim up to 4 hrs per day in a chlorined pool; in your total. … And the ANSWER is 0 … No person has ever die from swimming in a chlorined pool, which has chlorine levels 1,000s of times higher than drinking water; because Water Dragons and Humans are air breather and use their lungs to breath the Air not the Water. By taking time to do water changes each week this will greatly extend the life of your Water Dragons.

How do I do a water change?
The first thing you need to do is remove the Water Dragon from the tank. You can do this by using a big net so that your Water Dragon cannot jump out. Put the water dragon in a container that has never been contaminated by soap and any other chemicals that may harm your Water Dragon. Make sure that this container has enough water to cover the Water Dragon completely.

Now that your Water Dragon is out of the tank; if you have a floor drain nearby, you can use a long siphon hose that will reach the floor drain and siphon the water into the floor drain, and will need to buy a Water Quality Drinking Hose to fill your tank.

If you do not have a floor drain, you can use a new 5 gallon bucket. Buy a new 5 gallon bucket to make sure that this bucket has never been contaminated by soap and any other chemicals that may kill your water dragon. If you do not have a floor drain near by then you can use a 3-4 foot hose to siphon water out of the tank and into a 5 gallon bucket. If you have a 10 gallon tank then they should take you to three trips before all the water is removed from the tank.

In the summer; use only cold water; let it run for a minute or two, so that it gets as cold as possible.

In the winter; if your tap water is too cold, then try to match the temperature of the water in your tank.

Then fill your tank up using the New 5 gallon bucket. If you have no filter on your tank I recommend that you do a 100% water change once per week.

If you have a filter on your tank you need do at least a 30% water change once per week. Whether or not you have a filter you will need to do water changes every week. By doing water changes every week this will help stop the build up of ammonia in your tank. The ammonia is coming from your Water Dragon’s urine and if left at high levels will kill your axolotl.

You can download, post on the Internet (Facebook), and Publish any of content and images. No permission is needed as long as it states that is the source of the content and images.


Philip Vena

We Protect Axolotls
4531 Cornell Avenue
Downers Grove, IL 60515-2609 USA
(Near West Side of Chicago)
Phone: 1-630-242-0151

email Addresses

Axolotl Forum:

Coats Aloe Commercial by TQ Multimedia

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Print Jacket

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print jacket
where can i buy an animal print fleece jacket preferably in the uk?

My mother in law is 60 in 2 weeks and she would like a fleece jacket with an animal picture like a mural of wolves/dogs/horses etc on it. I can’t find one anywhere – looking online the sites all seem to be in the US. Any recommendations? preferably in the UK but any suggestions would be appreciated.

Try Primark,
cheap and has everything…..
admittedly sweatshop
but that’s probably your best bet
that or tk maxx

Tania in PVC leopard print jacket and black latex skirt in Hi Def

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Military Jacket

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military jacket
What would go with a bright red military jacket?

its a bright red military jacket I’mm going to buy soon but i can’t think what colours and styles would go with it?
what colours? any patterns? what style?

I think maybe a white camisole underneath (or maybe whatever you wear underneath a bright red military jacket) and dark skinny jeans. And if you want you can add a big black handbag for a little spice!

How To Wear a Military Style Jacket – Fashion & Style Tips

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Stm Jacket Medium

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stm jacket medium

The Jacket iPad Case from STM (Review)

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Life Jacket Youth Large

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life jacket youth large


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Jacket Men Adidas

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jacket men adidas

Innovative Adidas Clothing Provides You Great Comfort

In addition to trainers and other types of shoes, Adidas is also known for providing quality and comfortable clothing accessories. Today, it is considered as the second largest clothing company in the world. For more than eighty years, the company supplies sportsmen as well as general people of all ages with the best clothing and sporting accessories. No doubt, the most recent innovations and developments have made it one of the prominent names globally.

Whether it is for men, women or teenagers, clothing accessories including tees, jeans, pants, jackets, track shoots and a variety of others are real masterpieces. This is because during the manufacturing, experts of the company keep up to date with the latest technologies and apply them right away into the production. If talking about only women’s clothing, then now you can see numerous women purchasing shorts and tops from Adidas showrooms globally. In other words, cool designs, attractive colours and innovative technology of Adidas clothing will make you look attractive and stylish.

Authentically designed clothing accessories from Adidas are manufactured from top quality materials by keeping in mind the most stylish trends. The clothing can bear all the weather conditions. Therefore, you can wear them all weathers and go out of the house in any weather. Adidas clothing accessories is known for comfort, durability and reasonable price. That is why; clothing of Adidas is on the crest of fame and recognition. Interestingly, its autonomous designs and cutting allow you to feel excellent and look good under any weather conditions.

Clothing from Adidas is so much popular that it has been used in Olympics as well as in major games like cricket, football, golf, etc for a long time. In addition to sports clothing, you will find numerous people wearing an assortment of ranges of Adidas clothing in varied occasions. It offers clothing in a variety of colours like blue, black, white, brown, etc that also enhance people’s interest and add fabulous beauty in its clothing series. Adidas clothing offers you all the reliability you have ever thought about and the comfort you always desired for.

When it comes to get your desired clothing from Adidas, there are a number of online stores offering you the clothing and shoes at reasonable prices. All you have to do is select your design and clothing and place your order online. These online stores also offer you flexible payment mode and timely delivery.

About the Author is an online re-seller of name brand latest fashion with Adidas Clothing, Adidas Gazelle, Abercrombie Clothing and other clothes. You will find all types of Abercrombie Tees, hoodies and sports footwear for all ages of people.

Adidas Men’s Terrex Windstopper Softshell Jacket – Wind, Rain and Snow protection with Gore …

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Shearling Jacket Men

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shearling jacket men
What do u think of this ‘WINTER JACKET’…..?

I am looking into buying a stylish winter jacket which will be warm also. I am from canada and it may get as cold upto -15. I found a “COLUMBIA Men’s Faux Shearling Bomber Jacket” on sale for $160 reduced from $230. I tried the jacket in the store it fits. The jacket is lined with heavy wool on the inside. I like the jacket but the price seems a little high. I’m still thinking on whether this is a good buy and whether this columbia jacket can keep me warm this winter. Do u think that this COLUMBIA jacket would be really worth the price of $160?

its a great jacket! the color and the style is really nice!
it it fits well and gets the job done then why not?

winter men – down jacket men, men’s 3 in 1 jacket, men’s waterproof jacket leather

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Coat Suits

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coat suits

All About Colors of Powder Coating

What generally comes into the mind of people while thinking about coating is that they think of it to be plain and boring. The only thing you require is colors to match and fit up in your ideas and desire. Look for specialists with multi coating applications with finishes like candy, metal flake and texture.

Sometimes even high quality black finishes from flat and satin and high gloss textures give awesome glares. In areas of chopper, sport bike, or any four wheeler all you need is best powder coating with fine quality. Outstanding customer service is also important to get the deals. What you can make out is that if you are in a business like refinishing and repairing of outdoor furniture. Powder coating will get you covered with furniture that needs refining.

When it comes to powder coating any metal can be painted or powder coated with only few caveats. What needs to be kept in mind is that to use powder, the parts must be able to withstand the curing temperatures of powder. Generally the temperature ranges from 350- 400°F for 15-30 minutes. It rules out plastic substrates and things may wrap like cylinder heads. Low cure powders are for the use of plastic substrates. What is important and to be kept in mind is that part should be able to withstand the additional coating thickness of powder. Powder is typically heavier than paint.

One of the strong recommendations would be not to coat cylinders and cylinder heads. Powder coating is a great thermal and electrical insulator. If you want to dissipate heat then do not retain heat by putting an insulator over it.

Any powder paint begins life with liquid which is very much same to spray paint. The resin, pigments and various components and pigments are mixed into homogenous mass and are partially cured. Finally it is converted into a solid, extruded and ground to a certain level.

Generally color matches are quite difficult with powder as once made into powder coating the thing is complete not like paint where you can use addictives to get desired effects.

Many hold a misconception that powder is some space age material akin to high tech ceramics and carbon fiber. While powder is only a method of laying down an organic film called paint. The benefits are almost the same where both of them gives UV resistance and some equates to gloss retention outdoors. It just needs to suit the best with your requirement.

About the Author

Modern Powder Coating Vancouver give decorative and protective finish from wide range of materials and products that can be used by industry and consumers.

How to Measure for A Custom Suit Coat

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Dkny Jacket Men

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dkny jacket men

Leather Bags Exporters Await Their Moment of Glory

Leather and Fashion


When was the last time you went out for shopping, along with your girlfriend and that too for her hand bag? If you haven’t, don’t try it and if you have, I am sure you will have your own set of experience to write about.There is something about the hand bags that ladies can’t resist. They need to have one ( even if they have a dozen already) it has to have the latest design, should look expensive and no matter which brand they buy, they will never ever be satisfied. Men too, are not far off from this trend. Their craze for Leather wallet, leather belts, leather pouches, and leather jackets reflects well in the ever increasing sales of such accessories.


How much do they cost?


It depends on the brand, the material used and sometimes even on the hype around a certain product.


Ladies handbag can start around from $20- $25. As you move up the ladder, then Ralph Lauren or DKNY could cost you anything between $60 -$120. The premium range of Prada, Christian Dior, Cole Haan, Gucci and Chanel could hit your pocket for $2500 or more.


ET recently reported, Hermes’ only exclusive boutique in India, claims that there’s a long ‘on-request’ wait list for the hand-crafted bag which currently starts at Rs 5 lakh($10,000) and could go up to Rs 22 lakh ($44,000), depending on the leather and style.


Types of Leather Accessories in demand


I think it will take numerous PETA shoots and ad campaigns to slow down the demand of leather Products. The leather goods that are usually in demand and exported are Leather Footwear, Footwear Components (Shoe Uppers, Soles etc.), Leather Garments, Leather Goods (Including Harness & Saddlery, Leather Gloves etc.) and other Finished Leather accessories like Wallets, Purses, Handbags, Belts, Key Chains, Passport Folders, Spectacle Cases and Hand Gloves, Travelware, Portfolios, Suitcases, Harness etc.


Stats at a glance about the Indian leather industry


  • In India cities like Calcutta, Chennai, Delhi, Jallandhar, Kanpur and Mumbai are among the few important Production Centres.

  • The major countries which import the leather products are U.S.A., Germany, U K., Italy, Netherlands, France, Spain, Russia, Canada and Sweden.

  • Leather Industry Employs more than 3 million persons.

  • Annual export value poised to touch about 4 billion US dollars.



Leather Industry and Euro Crisis


Indian leather exporters saw an increase of 25% growth in the first four months however the latter half of the year is estimated to be tough, According to the news report, Indian Leather industry is demanding Government’s assistance to overcome the European crisis. The European crisis could affect industry’s growth in the second half of the current financial year as 65 percent export transactions are in Euro, while 10 percent are in pounds.


The world is looking at India to replace china as the growth engine of the leather industry worldwide and it will be interesting to see how much can the Indian leather industry live up its promise and expectations.


About the Author

PS: If you are a leather bags exporters , it is highly recommended for you to get your online catalogue up and running ASAP and benefit from the numerous business queries being generated across the web worldwide.

DKNY Coat Jacket Chocolate Brown Large Mens New NWT

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Coats For Women Winter

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[affmage source=”cj” results=”20″]Coats For Women Winter[/affmage]
[affmage source=”cj” results=”20″]Coats For Women Winter[/affmage]
coats for women winter
why do women dress short during winter, in a way that can be disturbing to men? do not they feel cold? why?

why do women dress short up during winter, in a way that can be disturbing to men? do not they feel cold? why do not wait for Summer as men do when the put light clothes thn? what the is the purpose of it anyway, since it is cold outside, and everybody (especially men) bundle up to get warm? could you give me the bottom line of it?
let me explain it in this way:
during one of a very cold day (it was actually snowing), I boarded the train, and across from me, was a lady who was putting on a heavy coat, but the skirt was so short and revealing, in way that you could see her underwear when the train jolt and she sway. could you help me get the bottom line of it?

Some women always dress to attract men, even if they get frostbite on their personal parts.

A hint: you don’t HAVE to look.

Fashion Tips for Your 30s : Winter Coats for Women’s Fashion

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Valet Coat Rack

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Part 4A – Chapters 01-06 – Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift

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