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Cat Coat Supplement

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cat coat supplement
My cat and 2% milk, whats a good food source for weight & hair?

Im trying to get my cat to gain some weight cause she is really skinny, and her coat is very thin, and patchy from flea allergies scars. She’s fixed an has all her shots, but I cant afford vet bills,or formula milk. I gave her 2% cause thats what I drink, but someone told me that 2% would give her worms. Is that true. Whats a good food or supplement that would add weight and good for coat. I also can get force the vitamin through her mouth she’s just to wild to handle and she just eats around it when I put it in her food. I heard evaporated milk is good, and is less likely for diarhea. Any suggestions?

Don’t give her milk of any kind. Milk is hard on their tummies so you could actually make the situation worse. She needs a good quality food to help her coat and weight. No grocery store brands. Natural Balance from Petco is a good brand. Or blue buffalo from Petsmart. Feed her both dry and wet.
Also invest in some front line topspot to get rid of the fleas. You can find a 3 month supply on the internet. Usually if she’s an inside cat, you won’t have to apply it every month. It just takes one flea to cause major allergy problems.
If the weight change and hair loss is recent, she may have some health problems that need to be checked out. I can’t stand when people have pets and say they can’t afford vet bills…it’s so irresponsible. They deserve to be taken well care of.

Caring for New Cats & Kittens : Healthy Cat Coat Supplements

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Alpinestars Jacket

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alpinestars jacket
is this enough sportsbike gear?

is a alipinestars bionic jacket , jacket to go over that a helmet and boots good enough for ridding an r6 sports bike??

this is the bionic jacket;

I always wear gloves when I ride as well. Even falling over in a parking lot will scrap your hands up, much less what will happen if you add any speed to the equation. If you have to use your hands at all, get a good set of gloves. I went down doing 75 mph many years ago, my gloves took a beating among other things, but my hands were still pretty much fine, I can’t imagine what it would had been like if I wasn’t wearing gloves, even just trying to attend my other injuries would had been impossible if I hadn’t protected my hands.

Alpinestars Vector Jacket

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Armani Coat Women

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armani coat women
Can clothing really make a man more attractive?

Im a short guy who for some reason has never really had trouble with women. however i want to dress to impress tonight. im trying to get over a girl that i love but wont date me. we have slept together alot though. anyways i know i need to move on as much as it hurts and i want attention from other girls. tonite im going to wear jeans, a black button down shirt and a black pea coat and armani code cologne. is this outfit attractive? also can clothing and scent really make a man more attractive?

a well tailored suit can make even a ‘dumpy’ man look good.
& a uniform. especially a marine corp uniform? can make even an ugly man more attractive.
& a masculine smell grabs a ladys nose, & the eyes follow.

what ur wearing sounds great. especially the pea coat. & the armani? nice touch.

so yes. clothing & a scent can definitely make a man more attractive.

Giorgio Armani 2010-2011 – Part 1 Women’s Collection Fall/Winter

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Vinyl Coated Paper Clips

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vinyl coated paper clips

Re: iPhone Paper Clip Stand

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Portugal Jacket

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portugal jacket

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Nike Portugal N98 Track Jacket

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Levis Jacket Women

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levis jacket women
white denim jacket???

could this look like it could also be wore by guys? (even tho it says women, who’ll notice)

sure, denim jackets can be worn by both guys and girls.
go for it!

Levi’s Women’s Faux Leather Motorcycle Jacket

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Icon Jacket Pink

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icon jacket pink
Ladies Motorcycle Gear…?

My guy is planning on purchasing another bike in a month or so and we weren’t together when he had his last one so he’s getting me my helmet and jacket but I’m not too familiar with brands so I need some help…
I’m interested in getting a jacket with a good women’s get I found an Icon Hexa but that’s the only one, id like to stay with black as the main color, i don’t mind if its got some pink purple or red or some other color really just not too much. his icon is black and red so id like to match not clash. also my helmet i want mainly black im thinking maybe some crosses or silhouettes of women like you see on truckers tire flaps n the side of the helmet. im just not a total girly girl lol sometimes but definitely not while im on the back of a bike… so if you can help me out let me know

go to browse around. thank me later

Icon Kitty Ladies Leather Jacket

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Coats With Fur Collars

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coats with fur collars
I want to get my boyfriend a coat that has a faux fur removable collar.?

I want to get my boyfriend a coat or parka with a faux fur removable collar, but one that does not look too silly or feminine,a nd without paying an arm and a leg. Does anyone have any store suggestions? I have also seen some with sherpa in them?? I have no idea what sherpa is, sounds a little scary. Any suggestions would be appriciated.

Eeeks, poor boyfriend, don’t get him a coat with a fur collar, com’on now you should know better. Theren are tons of pea coats out there, or whool coats whatever you want to call them that are super nice and would make your BF look handsome and masculine. Try Express for me, they have a really nice one for about $100. Good Luck, but please don’t make your BF wear a fur collar, he would hate it.

Flower Girl Dress with Coat. Ivory Girls Pea Coat with Fur Collar Style C089G

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Ferrari Jacket Puma

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ferrari jacket puma
where can i buy a cool puma ferrari jacket?

i want to buy a cool puma ferrari jacket (or Ducati) it doesn’t matter, i try searching on the puma website but they don’t have any good ones, i saw one online but i don’t remember the website… could u please help me? thankz!!!!

You can find at this site

Puma Ferrari Track Jacket SKU #7296904

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Jacket Gap For Women

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jacket gap for women
Where can I find some cute, inexpensive women’s jackets?

I’m looking for jackets like this:

Preferably in blue, black, or white.

Thanks! 🙂

Well that blazer isn’t expensive at all, but you can probably find similar products at,, or maybe If you can’t find anything on those websites, you should look on the clearance sections on the websites, or go to tjmaxx or any other store, then look in the clearance sections and you might find some really great stuff! p.s look in the gap clearances, too.


Michael Jackson Military Jacket and Giveaway – Whitney Sews

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Jacket Trucker

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jacket trucker
music recommendations?

i am trying to find new stuff-or old struff i dont know about to listen to—i am 17 and i would say i have a very refined taste in music:

pearl jam
grateful dead
led zeppelin
blink 182
sex pistols
tom petty
the strokes
the foo fighters
the stones
queens of the stone age
dropkick murphys
bob marley
john mayer
jack johnson
the eagles
the stones
the white stripes
third eye blind

the lesser-known stuff i just recently got into–
drive-by truckers
my morning jacket
cold war kids
cat power

i know alot about music so dont include mainstream stuff that i left out which i know i did…my list is to give u an idea of what i like-
if u could include some great songs w/ the groups(peferrable who are not very well known) that would be great–it would also be good if u like my kinda music

I’m glad to see you’re into the old stuff, but are wanting more. Here’s my two-cents:

The Hold Steady just released a new album, “Stay Positive.” Everyone likens them to Bruce Springsteen, and they definitely have a down-home rock and roll feel.

I see you like The White Stripes. My personal opinion? Jack White does better in his side project, The Raconteurs.

If you’re into the more noisy side of indie-rock, I’d also look into The Mother Hips, No Age, Hot Snakes, and my personal favorite Tapes ‘n Tapes. Post Grunge rockers, Toadies, are definitely a safe-bet, although those cats aren’t around anymore.

Carbon/Silicon is the newest incarnation of legendary punk rockers Tony James (Gen X) and Mick Jones (The Clash). Amazing.

Also, I’m a big fan of Art Brut (I’d only worry about their album “Bang Bang Rock and Roll,” though)

You’re kind of all over the place, which is awesome, so I hope my all over the place suggestions help out. Good luck!

Levi’s Denim Trucker Jacket

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Cabinet Coat By Insl-x

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Drill Jacket

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drill jacket
Are Drill Instructors as bad as in the Movies?

I mean yes discipline is needed but like in the movie’s like full metal jacket and Jarhead where they hit and insult the soldiers? Why? Doesn’t this cause any psychological damadge in the soldier?
Who would be worst than Drill Instructors in the Army?

It really depends.

Buddies of mine who’ve gone through Army basic training told me that their DIs are more “motivators” with loud voices. On the other hand, buddies of mine who’ve gone through Marine recruit training have told me that their DIs or Sergeant Instructors were more “de-motivators” with even louder voices and short tempers.

I don’t think that the DIs are allowed to hit you for a slew of legal reasons, though.

Just because these guys in wide-brimmed campaign hats are running around yelling at you to drop down and give them various numbers doesn’t mean that what they are doing is psychologically damaging. It actually strengthens the recruit’s mind so that he can stand up to mental pressure in the thick of the moment.

In my humble opinion,the “worst” (more like the hardest) DIs would be the Sergeant Instructors at USMC OCS or the DIs at USMC recruit training.

Full Metal Jacket (1987) – Drill Instructor Best of 2/2 (Widescreen)

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Mens Jackets Outerwear

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mens jackets outerwear
Is this bubble jacket good for snowboarding?

I was going snowboarding for the first time and I was just wondering is this jacket good for snowboarding or not?

Ace is an idiot.

For snowboarding you need jackets that have waterproofing and some Breathability. Look up jackets at Burton, sessions or any retailers website and you will see numbers like 10K MM and 10K G which represent the waterproofing and Breathability respectively.

The jacket that you want is neither. In fact it is the exact opposite of what a snowboarding jacket should be. snowboarding jackets should repel the water and be able to pass air through it. the jacket that you showed will not ABSORB water and hold it in and by the end of a snowy day would weigh a few pounds more from all the water it has stored inside. Get a real snowboarding jacket that has atleast 10,000 MM and 10,000 G.

This will make sure that when you sit on your ass in the snow, the jacket will not get wet.

Mens White Blazer

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Spyder Jacket Girls

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what color spyder jacket is the best for a girl that is 11?

in your answer include
the color
if u like spyder jackets or not
and is it a good birthday gift

i have a red one with black and white in it too. it’s tomboyish so if i was you and she isnt a tomboy then maybe go for a pastel blue or powder pink color, something cute you know?

xoxo micky

Spyder Girls Mynx Jacket Winter 2009

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