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Thermal Jacket Women

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thermal jacket women
How do women’s Carhartt jackets fit? ?

I want one but I am not sure to order up or order down. I am not going to wear like sweaters or anything under it, probably just thermals. Just to be specific I am wondering about the Carhartt Sandstone Sierra Hooded Jacket – Sherpa Lining

The sizes are for men. I wear a size small or medium top (depending on how it’s made) and my Carhartt jacket is a men’s small. I could wear a sweater under it, but it might be tight. So you can maybe try on your hubby’s, dad’s or some other men’s jacket to find your size.

The North Face: Women’s Lily Thermal Jacket

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4xl Jackets

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where can i find a 4xl pony skin jacket for men?

i am puzzled as to where i can find a mens pony skin jacket/ coat size 4 xL someone please help

pony skin?

jesus why dont you just go skin it yourself, thats cruel.

Olympia Moto Sports Recon Jacket

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Jackets Camo

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jackets camo
Browning jacket? camo and hot pink. I’ll pick the best answer.?

My boyfriend is a major redneck haha. I love wearing his camo jacket but I really want my own. I saw one that was a Browning jacket and it was camo with a hot pink browning symbol and the inside was hot pink as well. Does anyone know where to buy them? A website link maybe? How much do they cost?

10 pts

I’ve asked this in another category besides hunting but figured I may find more luck under this.
Oh come on, I know there have to be some girl hunters on here?

And fyi the one I saw was in a picture on the internet when I was looking up camo. Google images, not a store link or nothin so yeah cant do that.
…what? Profile? WHAT? confusion.. ugh.

Try here:

M65 field jacket woodland camo

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Life Jacket

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life jacket
How long will a life jacket keep me afloat?

I am wondering about the football players. I read that at the time the boat flipped they didn’t have life jackets on, but they were all able to get under the boat and get life jackets on shortly ofter they went in the water.

Even if a person would die, wouldn’t the life jacket still keep them floating?
I figured they are dead from the exposure and dehydration.

I am wondering why their dead bodies or the remaining life jackets have not been found.

The coast guard searched 20,000 miles.

Do you thing big sharks might have dragged them down and ate them? Maybe ripping the jackets to shreds and devouring the flesh?

its inflated with air, not forever.

Life Jacket- Simon Says

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Steel Coat Rack

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steel coat rack
Do you used coat stand/coat racks stand in your room?

We are going to buy a production line for Wood and steel coat stand.
I want to know if it is popular to use coat stand in our life?

My products are similar with this website shows:
Sorry, the website would be:

hi Kenneth

Coat stands donot get used very often now as they donot hold many coats and it isnot easy to access your coat. Coat closets or hooks are a lot more sensible.

Sarah Cox

Wood & Metal Coat Racks

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Coats Of Arms

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coats of arms
My family coat of arms has 4 other coats of arms in the shield,?

with an extended arms and hands holdin a crown over a heart on top of the face shield. what does that mean?

Coats of Arms
Except for a few cases, there is really no such thing as a catch-all “coat of arms” for a surname. BUT, you will find literally hundreds of web sites on the Internet that will tell you otherwise. In actuality, “coats of arms” are usually granted only to a single person … and NOT to an entire family or to a particular surname. Coats of arms are inheritable property, and they generally descend to male lineal descendents of the original arms grantee. So, you will know if you inherited a “coat of arms” … because if you did, you’ll already have it! The caveat to this paragraph is that “rules” and traditions regarding Coats of Arms vary from country to country. So, be certain to research the heraldry traditions of your ancestor’s home country.

There are many links to articles about Coats of Arms and heraldry, at Kimberly Powell’s genealogy site.
A newsgroup devoted to heraldry has posted some very good explanations regarding a coat of arms and family crests. It explains what they can mean, and it even discusses software available for heraldic studies.

Legitimate Arms
If you’d like to read more about true coats of arms then these websites are good places to start:
•The Baronage Press
•American College Of Heraldry
•Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies

Arms for Entertainment or Decoration
If, for the sole purpose of fun and entertainment, you still want to see some coats of arms associated (loosely) with your surname, then you can read through the below linked websites. Some of them have free “coats of arms” images. Bear in mind, though, that for most all of us, viewing these coats of arms, or buying mugs, t-shirts or plaques bearing these images is really just for fun or decoration.
•Free Coat of Arms
•Free Coat of Arms Search (Extensive Site!)
•Coats of Arms Designs of Wonder
•Coats of Arms on the Internet
•Fleur-de-Lis Designs

Family Crests
The family crest is typically a figure and generally a beast of some kind. It can be found “atop the helmet placed above the shield.” Traditionally the crest has been used primarily by men. However, some queens of England or Britain have been treated with crests. In the early history of the family crest, its issuance was usually confined to people of rank, but later the crest was included in nearly every grant of arms.

Sabaton – Coat of Arms [English and Greek lyrics][Full song]

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Jacket Billabong Men

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Men’s Winter clothing HELP?

would you men prefer a long sleeve thermal or a hoodie? Or women, which one would you prefer on a guy?
-Apparently shirts are too cold lol, and i dont have many winter clothing so i need suggestions on what type of winter clothing i should get. Other suggestions are cool as well.

If you dont know or need an example to help:


HOODIE: A jacket with a hood no zip/zip.

I think a hoodie looks better on a guy.

mens wetsuit

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Doctors Jacket

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doctors jacket

The Fleece Warm Up and Urbane

Fleece warm up jacket is one of the best choices when it comes to providing warmth and comfort to nurses during their shifts. For one, they are designed in such a way that they work like genuine fleece. The fleece or wool from animal fur, like that of sheep and other similar animals, basically gives a soft warm fabric that is perfect when one needs warmth. By the use of advance fabric technology, 100% acrylic is turned into “fleece”. Through that process, a lightweight, soft, warm and wool-like fabric comes ready to be styled into fleece nursing jacket and the UR-9706 or Urbane women fleece nursing jacket is a proof to this, allowing nurses, physicians, and even students to benefit from the exquisite warmth that fleece warm up jackets provide and yet pay only a scanty amount.


Since Urbane has a good name in bringing high quality medical scrubs, the synthetic fleece Urbane scrub jackets are assured to feature quality that’s essentially the same as all other Urbane scrubs though it is made of acrylic fiber. But what is acrylic fiber? Acrylic fiber is a less expensive material usually used as alternative to cashmere and other luxurious source of fleece like alpaca, guanaco, llama and vicuña. It may not insulate the wearer the way natural fleece does, but it basically provides the same feeling as the costlier materials.


Besides warmth and comfort, Urbane fleece jacket is also in style. The front snap closure is accentuated with satin trim, disrupting the texture and appearance but keeping the overall monochromatic look. The knit cuffs and patch pockets, on the other hand, have the same color as the rest of the fleece jacket. Further, the knit cuff design is just perfect for a fleece warm-up, keeping warmth from escaping. And by incorporating raglan sleeve, the simplicity of the Urbane jacket scoop neck is given some twist.


In general, the UR-9706 – Urbane women fleece nursing jacket can provide the needed warmth of a nurse or doctor who is working in a hospital or clinic. The fashion is fair enough for healthcare workers, suitable to their profession. It will look nice to any body type, whether extra small or plus sized. In addition, Urbane fleece scrub jacket’s material is less expensive so shoppers can find them discounted and very affordable.

About the Author

Penelope Rock is a product consultant for medical scrubs like lab coats, Cherokee scrubs and other branded medical uniforms at Pulse Uniform which ships throughout the US, Canada and internationally.

Doctor Who Figure Review – The Eleventh Doctor’s Crash Set (Part 1 of 2)

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Gucci Jacket Men

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gucci jacket men
What do you think about this gucci jacket?

Just want to know what others think about the jacket

One word: ostentatious

Gucci Leather Track Jacket for Men-Black.avi

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Coat Sport

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coat sport

Radical coatings! phantom jet boats

For every outdoor sport, there are “super fans” so devoted to a certain brand that for them, brand and sport seem intertwined. Often the brand seems to define the genre. For bikers, it is nothing less than a Harley. For hunters, Winchester has set the standard for generations. Think baseball? Think Louisville Slugger.

Hemingway wrote of it as “aficion” and said that for “one who had aficion he could forgive anything.” In the world of shallow water boating, that aficion is being defined by Phantom Jet Boats. And as for forgiveness? Well that comes, too, courtesy of the high-tech coatings that are applied to the Jet Boat hulls.

For those of you yet to become Phantom Jet Boat aficionados, here’s a brief description of the boats and their myriad uses. The shallow water aluminum boats are used by military, law enforcement, State Departments of Parks and Fish and Game, sport fishermen, and pleasure crafters. These boats are designed to go where no other boat can – including over sandbars, submerged trees, weeds, and shoals – and at high speeds. As Don Murphy, vice president and owner of Aztec Fabrication, the manufacturer/coatings contractor crafting these vessels, says, “Our Alaska customers refer to us as ‘the Harley-Davidson of jet boats’—a comparison we are profoundly proud of.”

But what is it that gives these “watery Harleys” their edge? It is the unique coating protecting their hulls. And the story of the coating is a story of aficion as well.


Murphy is a serious, plain-spoken man. Not one that you’d easily imagine speeding over Alaska’s most unforgiving inlets or over the rocky shoals of Washington’s coastline, and yet he does. Behind his quiet demeanor lies the authority of a man at the peak of his craft. “We’ve been building this style of boat since 1998,” he says. “They are just starting to catch on now.”

As we speak, he has two vessels in his Washington-based shop: a 21′ (6.40m) boat for the Arizona Fish and Game Department and a 21′ (6.40m) boat for the Alaska Park Service. Both feature aluminum hulls. Both will be coated with K5 polyurea from Specialty Products, Inc. (SPI).

And from the sound of it, this is a familiar scenario for him. It seems K5 is changing the Phantom Jet Boat industry – decreasing costs and turn-around time, while increasing coverage and protection. “Initially, we used to coat the hulls of our jet boats with ultra-high molecular weight (UHMW) polyethylene plastic or high-density polyethylene (HDPE) because it would withstand the abuse from the gravel bars in Alaska,” Murphy explains.

UHMW and HDPE allowed the boats to “slick over the sandbars and rocks, but they had to be welded if any repairs needed to be made.” This would ultimately represent lengthy down-time for the vessel – an inconvenience to a private owner, and a real problem for law enforcement and the military. Searching for alternatives, Murphy discovered SPI and K5.

The chemists at SPI share Murphy’s inquisitive nature and a 20-year-long involvement in the marine industry. According to Cliff Haskins, vice president of marketing for SPI: “In the mid to late 2000s, SPI undertook a three-year-long research and development process to bring the K5 polyurea to the market. It was discovered through a client field experiment that the coating also offered protection for vessel or boat hulls against abrasion or impact damage.”

As luck would have it, SPI was already working with Murphy on other coating applications. “Murphy approached SPI and asked about a coating solution to replace the UHMW and HDPE liners that Aztec was using on hulls,” Haskins says. And thus, sport met science in the perfect blend of aficion.

“An ultra-high-strength, high elongation polyurea, K5 was originally developed as a blast-resistant polymer,” explains Haskins. “Soon after, it was discovered that K5 is exceptionally resistant to abrasion compared to other spray-applied coatings. And it can be spray-applied to virtually any surface configuration, to any thickness. So, it can be selectively applied to high-wear areas.”

With a tensile strength greater than 5500 psi, the 100 percent solids, pure polyurea seemed like a perfect fit, but Murphy wanted to be sure. “I sprayed the hull of a demo jet boat with K5 and ran it ragged for a year and a half,” he says. “From that test, we decided it was a good alternative to the UHMW and HDPE. So I bought a machine, and we haven’t looked back.”

Murphy says he enjoys the ease of the K5. “Customers can get more coverage for less money. The UHMW and HDPE may be a little slicker on the rocks, but the K5 can actually be repaired by the customer using the EPl9 patch kit whereas the UHMW or HDPE must be professionally welded. The K5 is actually stronger than the UHMW or the HDPE. It bonds like a glove to the aluminum. And it is more forgiving. Dents can literally be hammered out using a rubber mallet.”


So just how is this high-tech coating applied? Is the process as finicky as the cured coating is tolerant? Not at all.

First, Murphy fabricates the aluminum boat hull, which is then brought into the well-ventilated spray room. Although the K5 has no VOCs or solvents, Murphy and his partner wear PPE, including respirators, Tyvek suits, goggles, and rubber gloves.

The hull’s aluminum surfaceis then abrasive blasted to achieve a minimum 4-mil (0.10mm) anchor profile.

Next, the area to be coated is masked off using masking tape. And the pigment of choice is added to the B-side of the Graco HXP 2 drum proportioner.  SPI’s AE-4 adhesion enhancer is also added to the B-side of the drum and allowed to mix for approximately 30 minutes.

The AE-4 admixture helps form a chemical adhesive bond to a properly prepared substrate and eliminates the time consuming process of applying a primer.  Haskins notes that the minimum processing parameters for the proportioner are 2500 psi and 160°F to 170°F (71°C to 76°C). “They use a Graco Mechanical Fusion gun with a 27-27 mixing chamber and a flat tip as well as 50′ (15.24m) of heated hose.”

Murphy says that the K5 is typically applied at 100+ mils (2.54mm) in low and shallow areas on hulls. High abrasion areas receive 120+ mils (3.05mm). “The number of passes applied depends on the customer. We can spray it on as thick as they want. The thickest I’ve ever applied is approximately ½” (1.27cm) and the thinnest is about 1/8″ (0.32cm).”

When the Aztec crew spray-applies the K5, they “use a cross-hatch pattern, spraying the hull lengthwise first, then across, then lengthwise again,” Murphy describes his technique. “We create a woven pattern, which makes the hull snap back into shape on impact, like a rubber band.”

Haskins agrees. “Spraying north-south-east-west gives optimal product thickness control and coating uniformity.”

Then Murphy waits approximately 45 minutes to one hour before de-masking the hull and returning the boat to the production process.


Both Murphy and Haskins are quick to agree that K5 extends the service life of the boats. But the coating does have other benefits as well when compared to the UHMW or HDPE liners.

First is weight savings. Overall weight is an essential factor for boat performance and speed.K5 polyurea weighs 8.8 pounds per gallon. The average application requires 15 gallons (56.78L), which means that K5 adds approximately 132 pounds (59,874.19g) of material weight.Conversely, UHMW or HDPE polyethylene liners require two sheets weighing roughly 85 pounds (38,555.35g) each for a total of 170 pounds (77,110.70g) – a significant weight gain in a sport where speed is paramount.

Second is actual monetary savings. The polyethylene sheet liners cost anywhere from $2500, $5100, or $8100 to install, depending on the size of the boat.  It takes two people roughly 30 hours each (60 hours total) to install the liner. Haskins states, “One unpopular aspect to this installation process is the fact that the polyethylene liner requires putting multiple holes in the boat hull to properly secure the liner. The big downfall or risk to doing this is if the polyethylene liner ever becomes compromised, water will inevitably work its way through the holes and allow the corrosion process to begin and provide a potential source for leaks.”

Third is labor savings. SPI’s K5 polyurea requires considerably less labor to install than the sheet liners. This is because the coating is spray-applied, forming a truly seamless membrane that conforms to the shape of the boat hull.  It takes two people only 10 hours each (20 hours total) to install the K5 polyurea at a cost of $660 to $760.

Fourth is time savings. The K5 can be installed 40 to 60 percent faster than the sheet liners, not only saving valuable labor time, but also providing the customer with a quicker turnaround time. This means that the installed cost of the K5 is at least 40 percent less costly.

Sound too good to be true? What about that original test boat? Almost a decade later, that boat is still running. Haskins notes, “The original test boat was field-tested for two years. The coating performed well and maintained great adhesion to the aluminum substrate. There is no coating delamination. There are scratches and scuff marks from abrasion from rocks and logs, etc., but the product is doing its job. There were small impact indentations that were pounded out with a rubber mallet. There has not been any structural damage to the coating or most importantly to the boat hull.”

As Murphy says, “You can still dent the boats. Nothing is indestructible. But the damage can now be significantly minimized.” Spoken like a true boating – and coating — aficionado.

To see Phantom Jet Boats in action visit,, and CP

About the Author

Mark Robert always write about thermal barrier.This article is a guide to abrasion resistant coatings.

Sport Coats and Blazers (Alpha M Image Consulting)

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Leather Jacket With Hood For Women

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leather jacket with hood for women

Restoring the color of your biker leather jackets


Biker leather jackets have always been an ultimate choice for the bikers around the globe. Most of the bikers use biker leather jackets as an essential part of their every day clothing. This excessive use results in the fading of color of the biker leather jackets. This makes the biker leather jackets look old and aged. They loss their shine and the essence which makes them look new. Although many bikers prefer this look but many don’t like it this way. Most think that it is the time when they need to buy new biker leather jackets if they don’t know that they can restore the biker leather jackets back to the form they were when they were newly purchased. Yes it is very convenient and does not take much time. It just requires a bit of an effort which isn’t anything like lifting tons of load on your shoulders the effort required is simply putting some of your muscles to work in order to restore your biker leather jackets back to their original form.


So this is how it works. The material required is easily available at various leather shops and at many shoe care providers or even cobblers. When you have the required materials, wipe the dirt off your biker leather jackets by just a plain wet cloth make sure that the cloth is clean and you don’t need any sort of detergent application here. You are also required to deglaze your biker leather jackets in order to remove various finishes, oils etc that are applied to the surface of the biker leather jackets. It is a pre requisite to applying color to the biker leather jackets as if oil, finishes or waxes are still left on the surface then the surface will not catch the color properly. You just should select a place where there is no chance that the debris will fall on your biker leather jackets when you are applying color to it. You should also ensure the maximum exposure of each and every portion of you biker leather jackets while you paint them. This can be achieved by hanging the jacket over an already filled hangar on which there are heavy clothes hung already this will help to plump up your biker leather jackets and thus will guarantee maximum exposure of even the places that were hidden under the wrinkles. You should cover the clothes hung on the hanger below the jacket with a trash bag or other plastic bag that is enough to cover the clothes properly so that they don’t get the color that is being sprayed. Now you are all prepared to apply paint on your biker leather jackets.

Color selection is also to be done carefully and the color which you have selected should match the color of the jacket too. Apply first coat of paint by spraying lightly, going from top to the bottom of the biker leather jackets. Repeat the procedure a single time more but give a gap of at least 15 minutes after you apply the first coat so that it can dry then continue with spraying the second coat.


This will we restore your biker leather jackets like they were never worn before. You can use further finishes as well to get the desired effects.

About the Author

Affordable designer custom leather jackets at eCustomLeatherJackets.Com. Quality Men’s & Women’s leather jackets, Biker & Bomber leather jackets.

Ever Since We Met… (A Supernatural Story) Chapter 1

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Jacket Leather Men Harley Davidson

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jacket leather men harley davidson
One of my favorite jokes…?

There was a man being chased by a murderer, and while being chased the man runs into a cave so it could try and lose the murderer. While the two are running in the cave, the man knocks over an old bottle and the bottle breaks. After it breaks, a genie pops out and says “You two have released from my bottled prison; for this kind deed I will grant each of you three wishes.” The murderer says “I wish every woman from my hometown had an uncontrollable love for me.” His wish is granted. The man says “I wish I had a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.” His wish is granted. The murderer then says “I wish every woman in this country had an uncontrollable love for me.” His wish is granted. The man says “I wish I had a matching leather jacket to go with my motorcycle.” His wish is granted. The murderer uses his last wish and says “I wish every woman in the entire world had an uncontrollable love for me.” His wish is granted. The man uses his last wish and says “I wish this guy was gay.”

That did not end how I thought it would. 10/10


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Jacket Lee

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jacket lee
Can someone identify the Jacket in this photo?

Click this link and please tell me if you can identify where i can find this jacket or what is the name brand of the jacket.

It’s the black jacket, the one that actor Giovanni Ribisi is wearing on the left.


its prob. some sorta army jacket from another country

Full Metal Jacket’s R. Lee Ermey Rips Into Obama Administration

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Patagonia Jacket Girls

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patagonia jacket girls

Rash guards for women are a good sun protection choice

Have you any idea how harmful it is to be in the sun for a long time? Are you aware the reason why it truly is damaging? The Ultra violet (UV) solar rays from the sunlight could potentially cause extensive risks to people exposed to them for a long time. There are actually three distinct kinds of solar-generated rays. These are referred to as UVA, UVB and UVC. UVA and UVB will be the pair which will produce effects like sunburns, Melanoma and other skin conditions.

You can find sun protective swimwear that individuals can use to shield themselves from the sun’s rays. In this post we intend to inform you of what type of Uv ray protective swimwear is most beneficial to put on. Right now there are an array of Ultraviolet clothing running from Uva and uvb sun hats like wide brim sunhats to sun protective shirts and rashguards. Sun hats for women are a fun way for keeping yourself protected in the sunlight. They are likely the ideal sun protection clothing there exists. The reason is , the UV hats are made to shield your head, neck & shoulders and do a fantastic job of blocking sunlight uva and uvb rays from ones facial area.

You can find sun protective clothing for all family. You’ll find sun shirts and rashguards that are fitted with Ultra violet protection. This clothing is generally 98% Uva protected. There is likewise Uv ray protective swimsuits. These swimsuits are also around 98% Ultraviolet protected plus have got a UPF standing of 50 or higher . One can find sizes for children to adults. They are available in swim shorts, swim shirts, bathing suits and infant swim wear rompers. Let me share with you some other pieces of sun protecting clothing, for instance kid’s sun apparel.

There are several junior outfits which are ideal for summer weather which include a drawstring at the waist. Most of these swim trunks are UPF rated excellent, making them great sun protective clothing for ones children. An additional item of Ultra-violet clothing readily available on the internet is the child camping top likewise having a high UPF rating . Both of these are light-weight and comfortable for your youngsters. Plus, for us gals, there are shirts, pants and outdoor jackets which are UV designed. One specific shirt I enjoy wearing is the Patagonia women’s sun shelter top which features really high UPF safety and can easily be worn at the seaside or at my son’s ball game. There’s sun protecting clothing for everybody.

When you purchase outside clothing for your infants and little ones, just how can you see if it is UVA & UVB protected?. It is easy to look at the labels for the clothes (it usually requires a special certification). .Additionally go to a respected UVA & UVB protection internet site to learn exactly what the differences in scores suggest. It is very important that you and your family use sun protection clothing anytime that you’ll be subjected to sunlight for periods of daylight. This type of clothing features wonderful patterns, is comfortable yet first and foremost can shield you from Ultra violet rays.

About the Author




“The girls on tour” Irishblontravel’s photos around El calafate, Argentina

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What is that force that feels it is controlling me against my will? Metaphorical Straight Jacket?

I feel like a sardine in a can, so restricted, oppressed, my wings severally clipped, and a ball and chain wrapped around my brain. Sometimes I cannot tolerate it because it is so gripping mean and strong…I feel my thoughts in general are up against a wall, waiting in vain for a broader horizon, more access to that which lies beyond this impossibly thick glass ceiling

All one can do is keep them somewhere safe- stay close to them, and yet hand some out when others are interested. The mind may be oppressed, but it’s much more free than anything in the physical world. To become strong mentally will help one break the glass ceiling.

Marmot’s Curly’s Clips: Super Mica Jacket wins Outside Magazine’s Gear of the Year Award

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