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Waterproof Jacket

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waterproof jacket
How do you apply wax on a waterproof jacket?

I just had a waterproof jacket cleaned at a dry cleaners and I”ve been told I have to apply wax on it, but I don’t know how. The wax (it comes in a tin that looks like a shoe polish tin) was given to me when I purchased the garment.

Just apply it as if you were applying shoe polish. A little on a rag, spread all over the jacket, buff off the excess.

Webtogs guide to Waterproof Jackets

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Kids Rain Coat Yellow

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kids rain coat yellow
Years ago there was a commercial with a line of little kids in the rain with yellow rain coats and rain boots?

the kidds were following a little duck, singing wa wa waddle waddle.

“quack, quack, waddle, waddle” Yup, I remember that one. I think it was a McDonalds commercial, but I’m not 100% sure.

Tim Hanauer – Yellow Raincoat

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Black Trench Coat For Women

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black trench coat for women
Where can I purchase a woman Black patent leather trench coat size large or 16 without a liner?

Looking for a long Black patent leather coat -length below the knee.
^not below the knee, but still cute.

hope that helped =)

Patagonia Women’s Rain Shadow Trench Coat 7378338

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Coat Box

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coat box

Recycled Gift Box Packaging : Using an Unused Milk Box

Its very annoying to see piles of milk boxes in our house. One time I thought what can I do with all these boxes? This is the result, hopefully useful. Please visit my site if you want to see the step by step with the pictures.

First, prepare two unused boxes (A & B), in this case two milk box  will be good

Then, cut and form the A box like this picture.

Give a glue on a certain parts to form a box without a lid

On the B box, cut at the top to the same length as the box A

The plan is like this

After that, make a holes in the top of the box B

Then, take the coating paper, make a pattern with your pen and glue, then form it like this to coat the inside of A box to make it look neater

Prepare the wrapping paper to cover the sides of the A box

And also the lower lid

On the B box, prepare a wrapping paper with a different hue. Grease a B box with glue and tape the wrapping paper

Then prepare the wrapping paper to cover the top of the B box, follow the guidelines on these pictures

Do not forget, prepare the clear plastic to cover the hole in the box

Brush the top of the box B with glue and tape wrapping paper that has been cutted

After that, paste a double tape on each end of the plastic. Then, loose the cover of the double tape and glue it on top of the box B

Cut like a half circle at the top of the B box

Be it a recycled gift box! Give a little decoration at the top of gift box



About the Author

Kun Umirtu, a gift wrapper specialist

Coat Rack Wall Safe Install 1/2

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Porsche Jacket

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porsche jacket
Will this woman be richer in Heaven than here on Earth?

There is a 30 something woman from Germany who lives in a mansion and she owns a newer model Porsche, a newer model BMW and a newer model Mercedes Benz and she also gets to own hundreds of leather jackets, leather dresses, leather coats, leather gloves, leather pants, leather skirts and leather boots and she also has a lot of nice furniture, nice stereo equipment and jewelry.

I’m not sure what her religious status is but I would love for her to be much richer in Heaven than here on Earth, I do believe that Jesus Christ is God the Son, has died on the cross for our sins and is our Lord and Saviour and the only way to Heaven

If she makes it to Heaven, she’ll definitely be richer than she ever could be here on Earth.

FAIL! Porsche Cayenne really stuck, and cool old military machine pulls it out!!

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Epoxy Coated Pegboard Hooks

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Crop Jean Jacket For Women

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crop jean jacket for women

Ladies Jackets: Top Trends 2011

It is not easy to find the time to research the latest fashions, and with spring just around the corner, us ladies will soon be turning our minds to fashionable ladies jackets. Well, we have done the hard work for you and researched the latest trends in women’s jackets for spring 2011, and here they are:

Leather Jackets

In recent years, leather jackets have gone from grungy to sexy, making them the ideal item for women who want to look great. Leather jackets are incredibly versatile, suiting a wide range of outfits, whether you love the grunge look, or love the more sophisticated feminine fashions, you will find a leather jacket that suits your tastes. In fact, a decent leather jacket is transferable between looks, which makes them the ultimate jacket: the Queen of ladies jackets.

Of particular interest in fashion circles, are the hooded leather jackets, and you should expect to see a great many on sale this season. Cropped versions will also feature heavily, and will make the ideal jacket for eveningwear.

Denim Jackets

Denim jackets have been out of favour recently, but this season, they are back with a vengeance. Not quite as elegant as a leather jacket, denim jackets are rugged and suit the urban look.

There are a few things to bear in mind when choosing a denim jacket. Firstly, make sure that you select a tailored jacket; denim tends to be a heavyset material, and can add bulk to your frame.

Denim jackets can be hard to wear with jeans, and many fashion mistakes come when people do not match their jeans and jackets correctly. In general, the greater the contrast between your jeans and your denim jacket the better. The best way to achieve this is by selecting a jacket that is different in colour to your jeans, if you do opt for the same colour then make sure that they are at the opposite end of the spectrum, e.g. light blue jeans, and dark blue jacket.

Baseball Jackets

As far as ladies jackets go, nobody has expected this trend. Many of the fashionista accredit this recent trend to programmes like Glee, which have popularised American high school fashions.

This year, even Louis Vuitton has released a version of the baseball jacket, but this is probably out of most people’s price range for a jacket, at £1,500! Topshop released a more reasonably priced jacket, at £40, which are selling fast. Expect to see many baseball jackets this spring, even in the UK where we do not even play baseball.

Bomber jacket

Bomber jackets are popular this year; they make for a great jacket because they are fashionable and comfortable too. There are many different styles of bomber jacket available, meaning that you will find one to suit practically any fashion taste. From aviator bomber jackets, to military bomber jackets, bomber jackets are hot!


About the Author

You can browse an incredible collection of ladies jackets at

Pairings: Denim Jacket

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Alpinestar Jacket Large

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This Motorcycle Season, Look Good and Stay Safe with Proper Motorcycle Gear

When it comes to choosing motorcycle apparel, what’s more important, looking good or staying safe? The answer, it seems, depends on who you’re asking. Some riders always choose safety over style while others think carefree good looks take priority. If you’re struggling with the question, you can stop right now because this season’s motorcycle gear is designed with both safety and good looks in mind.

With signs of spring bursting out all over, motorcycle enthusiasts are getting ready to get on the road again. They’re changing oil, polishing chrome and taking inventory of their motorcycle gear. One thing they won’t be doing this season though, is sacrificing safety, good looks or comfort thanks to motorcycle apparel designers like ICON, Joe Rocket gear and Alpinestars apparel.

When it comes to motorcycle helmets, motorcycle jackets, motorcycle boots and motorcycle protective gear, these suppliers definitely have a grasp of what riders want. Let’s take a closer look at motorcycle gear to see how it can help you stay safe.

Motorcycle helmets

If you think motorcycle helmets are hot and uncomfortable, you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you see what’s available this season. The newest ICON helmets look great, feel great and offer lots of built-in safety features. The ICON Alliance SSR Speedfreak is a perfect example. The injection molded Polycarbonate/ABS shell protects your head while the twin channel supervent keeps you cool. The fog-free, anti-scratch shield enhances visibility and the Hydra Dry liner is removable and washable. And best of all, this motorcycle helmet comes in 7 different colors so it’s easy to match your motorcycle helmet to your motorcycle gear!

Or how about the new ICON Airframe Death or Glory Helmet? It’s been described as “air conditioning for your head” and it’s no wonder. Stylish and comfortable just as you’d expect from ICON, this helmet takes ventilation to levels never before experienced. Whether traveling at fast speeds or slow, the large front 20 mm intake ports initiate the flow of cool air and direct it into 9 separate air channels. Warm air exits through 35 mm exhaust ports and secondary chinbar breath exhaust ports. Plus this ingenious ventilation system is fully customizable via an easily manipulated switch on top of the helmet.

Motorcycle jackets

When considering motorcycle jackets, choosing something that’s black and leather takes care of the looking good factor. But staying safe requires more. Built-in flexible or rigid armor protects fragile body parts including elbows, shoulders and depending on the jacket, even the spine. Reflective patches, piping and stitching on motorcycle jackets increase nighttime visibility without sacrificing style. And a cinched waist, snug (but not restrictive) collar, and a tight fit on wrists keep wind from sneaking inside.

The new MotoGP 110 Leather Jacket by ALPINESTARS is all this and more. Removable Bio Armor shoulder and elbow protection is CE certified. Pre-curved sleeves, leather flex zones in the waist, and stretch Kelvar® fabric panels enhance riding comfort. YKK zippers and printed, patched and embroidered logos round out this stylish motorcycle jacket that’s available with blue and white or red and white accents.

For a lighter look and feel, plus all the features you rely on to stay safe on impact, check out the new Joe Rocket Suzuki Replica Mesh Jacket. It boasts superior C.E. rated shoulder and forearm protection, breathable High Tensity mesh fabric and a Hitena Nylon shell with removable windproof liner, reflective stripes, and an adjustable waistband to ensure a perfect fit. You’ll look cool and feel cool in this official licensed Yamaha jacket that’s available in your choice of silver, blue or red.

Motorcycle boots

Bulky black motorcycle boots do a lot more than complete the image of a serious motorcycle rider. They protect feet, ankles, shins, and calves against burns, abrasions and impacts. In fact, you can find motorcycle boots in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. At one end of the spectrum is the new Joe Rocket Pro Street Boot. Black and ankle-high, this leather motorcycle boot offers a padded ankle area, adjustable ankle strap with aluminum buckle, Free-Air perforated ventilation for comfort, and injection molded plastic reinforcements.

At the other end of the motorcycle boots spectrum is the calf-high ALPINESTARS high performance SMX Plus Racing Boot. Breathable lining keeps feet cool while contoured high modulus PU injection plates protect shins, shock absorbent padding protects ankles, and u-shaped calf protector keeps both internal and external calf and ankle areas safe. The motorcycle boot’s external design is not only stylish, it protects against abrasion and impact. But that’s not all. This new motorcycle boot also comes in red, white, and black with blue accents.

And when looking good is your only goal, that’s easily accomplished with the Sonic Boot by Joe Rocket. Sleek, black and leather, this boot will keep you looking stylish without compromising safety or comfort. Padded ankles and molded plastic protect against impact while waterproof and breathable construction and reinforced gear shift area guarantee years of wear – and overall satisfaction!

As you can see, today’s motorcycle gear is definitely new and improved. No doubt you can wear anything you want when riding and plenty of people do just that. Take a look around and you’ll see riders wearing sportswear, designer t-shirts, and even trendy shoes. But serious riders know it’s not wise to sacrifice safety for style. And they know that choosing one over the other is no longer necessary.

Isn’t it time you find out what experienced riders know about today’s motorcycle protective gear?

About Terra PowerSports

If you have any questions about motorcycle protection and safety, please contact our experts at Terra PowerSports. Terra Powersports offers the best prices on motorcycle apparel, helmets, jackets, boots and accessories for all types of riders. Please visit us at

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Chris Martinez is a motorcycle enthusiast and Operations Manager with Terra PowerSports

Alpinestars Frontier Gore-Tex® Jacket

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Mounted Coat Rack

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mounted coat rack
What is the proper height to install a wall mounted coat rack?

Looking to install a coat rack on the wall, it is 6 hooks on a 5″ x 24″ piece of wood backing.

Will be used by adults and pre-teens (all about 5 feet tall).

What is the proper height to put the coat rack at?

I measured by placing a few pairs of boots on the floor, then holding our longest item we wanted to hang so that it just cleared the boots, I marked the wall and that is where I hung my hook board.

Ours happen to be bibbed snow pants and coveralls. And we needed a lower level for the kids, so repeated the process with the longest jacket, and hung that rail.

One tip, if you are doing double rows, off set the hooks so the items above aren’t constantly in the way of the lower hooks. The kids wont hang the coats if they can’t see the hooks. If they do try to find hooks under items the upper items may be knocked to the floor. I can almost gaurantee those will stay on the floor with the wet boots until an observant adult notices.

Hope that helped.


Decorative Wall Hooks,Wrought Iron Coat Hooks, Wrought Iron Coat Rack,Wall Coat Hooks, Wrought Iron Coat Rack,Coat Rack Hooks,Wall Mounted Coat Rack,FinestWroughtIron com

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Puma Jackets Men

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puma jackets men
How do u differentiate between Nike/Adidas men’s or women’s jacket?

how to differentiate between men and women jacket, for those jackets from Adidas, Nike, Puma, Reebok etc.. ?

like for example, this piece from nike in the pic below…is it a men’s or women’s jacket?

for men’s n women’s sports jacket, are there any difference? eg. diff cutting or what?

Can see what you mean :S
This looks more like womens because it has a slimmer more fitted cut to it but it doesn’t really matter. I especially like adidas Originals and have found that mens xs fit me fine.

West Marine Men’s Third Reef Foul Weather Jacket

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Coat Oil

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coat oil

Things Required to Make Oil Painting Easier

The process of painting with varnishes is popularly known as oil painting. Varnishes are a combination of oil like the linseed oil with the resin such as pine resin. Other than linseed oil, oils like poppy seed oil, walnut oil and safflower oil. Oil paintings provide extremely versatile color combinations. For a thick coat oil paints can be used in impasto, which is a textured application where the marks of the paint brush remain visible. They can even be used for a thin layered image like glazes.

Here are some oil painting tips which will make your painting experience more enjoyable and disciplined.

• First the selection of a non porous palette is of vital importance; it would be extremely useful if he would place it in the same order as you paint so that it could be dipped instinctively thus constituting a good flow of painting . Always pour a good amount of whites. Arranging the colors at the end of the palette is considered as good practice thus providing space in the center for mixing.

• It is always suggested to invest in a good set of brushes because cheap set of brushes often tend to lay their bristles. Sometimes it extremely becomes difficult to clean the brush, then it would be suggested that you mix some thinner along with some liquid soap, the brushed can be dipped and then it could be wiped with a newspaper.

• At times it becomes a major chaos to find the right combination of colors to get a lighter combination or a darker shade. The commonly used colors come from the spectrum viz; red, blue, violet, orange, yellow, green. The chaos would be easily solved once we become aware of the properties of colors value ,intensity ,temperature and hue .Intensity or purity of a color indicates how bright or dull the color is For example when orange is directly used from the tube it has higher intensity. On the other hand value of the color refers to the darkness and the lightness of the color. Colors vary in temperature from warm yellows to cool violets. Hue is the synonym of color like apple and cherry are shades or hues of red . Ivory black can be avoided to be used for underpainting or outlining as it dries much slower than the rest of the oil paints.

• To avoid cracks in the painting always follow the fat over lean i.e.; the proportion of oil should be increased for each additional layer because the lower layers penetrate the oil of the layers above, thus causing cracks.

• It is much preferable that the oil paintings should never be dried in the dark this will constitute to the formation of a thin film of oil raised above thus yellowing the paints.

About the Author

Ben Jonson is a Copywriter of
He had written many articles in various topics. For more information visit: Gouaches on PaperContact him at

Coast Guard New oil leak from area where rig exploded, sank in Gulf; spill heads to coast – .flv

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Jacket Cargo

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jacket cargo
what should i wear with my abercrombie cargo pants?

the cargos are brown and they have a tie and you can roll them up if u wanted
i haev no idea what kind of shirt or jacket i should wear with it tho
some color suggestions?

anything from ambercrombie….its all boring and unoriginal, so they will go together well……

im not trying to be mean, its the truth.

Outfit of the Day/Night: Cargo Jacket Trend/Rocker Chic

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Coat Junior

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coat junior

Nike force1 black coat of being sold air 315115 – in new product

NJT and national network of the air max 90 plan is mainly organized by the United Association of teenage tennis tournament to select outstanding young tennis players to participate in funded by the Nike International Junior Tennis Competition organized and participated in the World held in conjunction with the Nike Tennis Camp (International Nike Junior Tour Camp). To train young tennis players and tennis reserve forces, expanding national tennis market, and increase the popularity of tennis in the country and development. Chinese football has been determined to leave La Liga Barcelona and the Netherlands, technical style! The Argentina legend Mario Kempes, the former Saudi national team coach and former Real Madrid boss Calderon so many coaches of fashion, said Yuan Wang China office.

Guidance on how to improve the psychological quality of competition and improve technical and tactical execution of the race for daily training also made in-depth exchanges. Nike will be the final race through the small selection of outstanding athletes, the United States to participate in the annual global NJT competition and exchange. Nike tennis ten years development in China provides a great support. NIKE, the world’s leading sports brand, has long sponsored by the Chinese tennis team, for Li and other Chinese “Golden” Grand Slam arena in the Olympic Games and come to the fore again and again to achieve a breakthrough, make a positive contribution. NJT event description: NJT (NIKE JUNIOR TOUR) is an international tennis game plan. NIKE company by the number of countries worldwide promotion.

Although confirmed vide “Guo Zihao are brewing to hire foreign consultants,” but what is hard to tell who is in command in China. Floro, 58, is a veteran coach. He has coached the last century, Real Madrid 90 years, and led his unit to win the Spanish King’s Cup, Raul, who is a teacher. After leaving Real Madrid, he worked in Villarreal, Sporting Gijon La Liga teams such as teaching, last year’s position as coach of Ecuador Barcelona. April 15, he publicly said: “I do not want other countries to consider, but to go to China is another matter, I am very happy, and more hope to the echelon coach. As for the money, I do not value, and is not a obstacles. “Floro there are nike air max more unique and little is taught in Japan for two years, the East Asian football is very familiar. The former Argentina striker Mario Kempes famous attitude more clearly: “If the Chinese Football Association intend, I can Fenwenbuqu!” Kempes Argentina 1978 World Cup winning hero, who played for Valencia in the Primera Liga after retirement was appointed national coach of Albania .

Since the event held for tens of thousands of young people across the country and selection of athletes to compete, not only small regions of outstanding athletes demonstrate their skills in the game the opportunity, while using its own resources to invite well-known tennis coaches in the open during Discount nike air max the event “celebrity training hall” for the participating young athletes and coaches to do on-site guidance, training, teaching advanced tennis concepts.

About the Author

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Buddy Guy And Junior Wells – Give Me My Coat & Shoes

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Powder Coating Paint

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powder coating paint
What is the difference between a normal paint job and a powder coat and which one is better????

I was looking for a Bow (for archery), it is a Hoyt Trykon Sport and some of the paint options it come with are called for example “white powder coat” and i dont know what that means… is it better then a normal sort of paint or worse and will it look wierd comp[ared to it????

First of all, remember that you cannot powder coat over plastic or wood. Powder coat is actually like applying a plastic dust via electrical charge to metal. You then bake the part in question at a temperature until it “flows” and becomes shiny. After it cools, powder coat is exceptionally chip resistant, and advantage over many paints.

If I were you, I would apply a good paint such as “Duracoat” to your bow, or any epoxy paint. This will be 2 part paint, you have to mix it before using it. It then ‘sets” and becomes pretty tough. You do have to have a small paint gun for this, like an air brush, and you will need a small compressor. You might be able to obtain these at Harbor Freight (online or local) for a decent price.

You can check out people using duracoat on youtube to see how this works. People are saying this is about as good as you can get, very tough and nice looking.

Why is Powder Coating better than painting?

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Leather Jackets With Hoods For Men

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leather jackets with hoods for men
Help! Translate to French…?

I’m doing a project for French, and I can’t find my notes for clothing articles. I don’t completely trust Google Translate.

Jacket (zip up jacket with a hood)
gym shorts (like basketball shorts)
men’s dress shoes
coat (with a hood)
plaid shirt (button up)
pants (not exactly jeans, but with multiple pockets)
shoes (like Converse)
floral dress
flats (shoes)
sweater dress
boots (uggs)
formal dress
leather jacket
fingerless gloves (or just gloves)
white woman’s shirt
pandora hat
hemp bracelet
trucker hat (like the kind with mesh for the back)

It doesn’t have to be a totally perfect translation, but at least close.
Please! And thank you!

I suggest you this dictionary:

Men leather jackets – A Review of the best

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