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Leather Jackets For Women Black

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leather jackets for women black
should I wear thigh high boots with short shorts and a black leather classic motorcycle jacket. I am a CD?

My name is Karl and I am a 44 year old gay crossdresser who has a high heeled boot fetish. I am wondering if it is a good idea to wear my black leather thigh high boots 5 inch stiletto heels, short shorts, women’s black leather classic motorcycle jacket, long blonde haired wig(down the middle of my back, and a white satin cami underneath with my 44C bra. I would like to hear from women and men. Thank you for your consideration.

I don’t think it sounds that bad but if your male crossdresser people are going to be looking at you strangely anyway.
I think that if you want to wear it then wear it!!!


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Coats Zipper

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coats zipper
How can i fix my coat zipper?

Today I was trying to zip up my coat. But somehow it got stuck and the hook thing that you zip up your coat with is hanging out and its stuck. So i’m not sure how I am supposed to fix it.

i just fixed a zipper today. lol

Black Leather zipper coat wit quality cow grain leather best fit

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Jacket Women

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jacket women
what is the best way to pack a light weight jacket women’s so it won’t get all wrinkled?

I am going out of town and need to pack a light weight jacket, skirt, and tee they will be in my weekend bag w/all other clothing, shoes, bath stuff, etc.I need to look presentable not all wrinkled as though I slept in my clothing. Thanks for your suggestions

Carefully fold it and then roll it up like a newspaper with tissue paper inside. That will be the best way to pack.

The North Face: Women’s Triple C Jacket

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Jacket Justin Bieber

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jacket justin bieber
Where’d Justin Bieber Get His White Denim Jacket?

I am looking for where Justin Bieber got his White Denim Jacket with the Purple Hood that he wears all the time at concerts.. I can’t find the website or a link to somewhere where I can buy it.

Someone please help me out!

The gayblade

Justin Bieber strips on stage!

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Billabong Jacket

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billabong jacket
I need a Billabong jacket from last season! HELP HELP HELP!?

The jacket is black with removable faux fur on the hood, beige cursive embroidery that says “Billabong” across the front, and it has purple flower accents. It zips up in the front, with a mini logo on the back right bottom of the jacket. I bought it last year, and it was my favorite jacket of all time, but unfortunately, my sister tore it, and i want to buy another. I just can’t seem to find one. Any help would be appreciated!

Contact Billabong directly. They may find a supplier who still has one.

Pleaser Bondgirl Bandido Heels Body Stocking Leather Billabong Jacket

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Heat Jacket

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heat jacket
Why do the heat ranges of spark plugs have so much ability to damage an aluminum piston when plug is so small?

. . . when the cylindrical exterior surface areas of the spark plug that project into, and screw into, the cylinder head are together so small compared to the huge interior cylindrical surface area of the cylinder wall for absorbing the heat and also having the water jacket/air cooling fins just outside it? Isn’t surface area the key factor in the rate of heat absorption/ability to dissipate heat, when both materials (cylinder wall, and spark plug body) are metals and therefore good heat conductors?

this is overcompensated by the SHAPE of the combustion chamber which helps to quench the explosion. less quench, more heat is produced in the combustion chamber which requires a lower heat range to prevent plug blowout and detonation.

more quench requires a higher heat range to keep the plug hotter and in its effective operating range for proper combustion of the air/fuel mixture.

you are looking at the picture on a whole, you have to remember that an engine operates at least at 500rpm. thats 500 times that cylinder is firing per minute…and thats only under no load idle.

you put a load on it and as the engine accelerates, the timing changes accordingly and you have to have a spark plug that can accurately function in the engine parameters.

this is about the broadest way I can explain this without getting into thermal dynamics…much less forced induction engines, where plug heat range is MUCH MUCH more important to prevent detonation or high exhaust temps which is when you start burning holes in pistons but this is also affected by air/fuel ratios.

not to mention…spark plugs do NOT protrude that far into the combustion chamber. pretty much all threading is in the thread wall of the cylinder head. you want the plug thread flush with the combustion chamber and only the electrodes protruding into the combustion chamber to prevent the plug thread wall itself from becoming a hot spot which will lead to detonation.

not only this but obviously if the plug protrudes too far and either contacts the piston @ whatever rpm it is metal on metal SLAMMING into each other. something will break. usually the plug itself which then bounces around in the piston as the pieces cant escape the valve opening and thus it just tears stuff up.

think about coins in a blender or garbage disposal. that is havok on a massive scale.

Power Tool Innovators – M12™ Cordless Heated Jacket – Milwaukee Power Tools ToolTV

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Coat Hangers Wall Mount

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coat hangers wall mount
Bedroom Re-decorations?

I am looking to re decorate my bedroom. i am 17 yrs old, i am currently in a long term relationship, goin to post secondary to become an elem. school teacher, love spending time with my friends. and LOVE pictures to remember all the good times. My favorite Colour is purple. ( im thinking of a light light purple with a darker trim let me know what u think) my bedroom is almost always a mess and with my redecor i am hoping to solve that problem.
my room is roughly 14ft by 11 ft and does NOT have any windows!!!
My room consists of :
a double bed,
2 storage dressers( bookcase type)
a desk,
a large dresser
and a large tv stand (with tv)
i also have a coat hanger/shelf that mounts to my wall.
I need help with this!! Please give me some advise!!! need more info email me,

i would say that light purple is a great color with a darker trim, you can go for mauve or lavander shades as they are very good to look at and make the room seem fresh too.. in place of 2 beds, why not go for a bunk bed as it takes less space and for a boy, its a thrill t o live in bunk

use your storage dressers to keep your clothes or books or anything else you want to keep the room neat and tidy
get a good tv stand with space so that you can keep your books and other items
you mentioned that you love pictures so the best way to decorate your room is to get some nice pictures of you and family and hang them in good frames
get a hamper in which you can keep all the dirty clothes away from room either outside or the bathroom

check out for more on room decor tips

Home Flower 4 Hook Wall Mounted Coat Rack from

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Infant Jacket

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infant jacket
do you dress an infant in a winter jacket or a snow suit?

I’m looking for a winter coat for my 3 month old son & I can only find a few but I see all these snowsuits!! lol

I would suggest a snow suit if you live in a cold place like chicago or minosota and you are standing on the bus stop to get where you need to go.

Naya Infant Life Jacket

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Jacket Rusty

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jacket rusty
i need to get rusty Spark plugs out of a 5.9 without destroying the heads?

i have a 96 dodge ram powerwagon that has seen its days in the snow, ice, salt, RUST. i need to get as much input on taking the headers off so i can pull spark plugs out without having to healycoil every one of the jackets this truck is a real mess other thanthe fact that it needs a tune up it runs good i want to keep this truck for a spare and i realy dont want to replace the heads pleade help…
ok when i meen rust its so bad it is bubbling up from the head over the plug you cant see the bottem of the plug its been through 13 yrs of road salt and it looks like the org plugs

bury them with overnight penetrating liquid, or for a few days

start and warm up truck, best for removal …….find easiest plug to get to and put use a spark plug socket with a long handle , care full put max pressure—do not slam or bang with quick movement, if you feel it breaking off–stop! do not take them out
good luck

Cute Puppy Wearing My Jacket – Rusty

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Small Jacket

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small jacket
Where can I find a small jacket?

I bought a thin-strapped dress for a school dance, but later they told us we couldn’t wear spagetti straps. I need a cut-off cover-up for my shoulders. I’m looking for a cut-off kind of small blazer thing. Just to cover up my shoulders. Thanks.

Small Jackets – “Listen To The Rock” (Official Video 2009 – Cheap Tequila Album) – Go Down Records

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Vinyl Coated Cable

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vinyl coated cable
lifespan of vinyl-coated steel cables?

type the keyword into yahoo, vinyl cables

Cinch-Lock Cable-Hasp

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Marmot Coat

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marmot coat
where can i find a marmot coat?

i Live in New york , bronx i want a store in manhattan thoe

also the marmot coat i want comes in alot of colors and its a little bit tight at the waiste , does anyone noe the name of it ? and i dont think it brings a hoodie [ the hat )

Paragon Sports, 867 Broadway at 18th Street New York, NY 10003 Open Mon-Sat 10am-8pm; Sun 11am-7pm

Marmot Women’s Chelsea Coat

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Coat Storage

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coat storage
How can i arrange my room the best way?

My room is the first room by the front door, and the people who lived here before us reversed the coat closet so that it opened into my room. So now i have a super small actual closet, and a larger indention I’ve turned into my closet. The “coat closet” takes up a lot of space and is used for storage but its almost impossible to design around, help?

what about if you can turn the coat closet into a office area or use it as a closet for you.

Hard to find room for food storage? Convert a coat closet to food storage pantry

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Jacket Icon

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jacket icon
What is the quote on the CD jacket for The Used’s In Love and Death? It says something about not being icons?

This is one of my favorite quotes. I used to know it by heart, but I forgot it and I lost my CD Jacket and I can’t find it anywhere =[

Ohh, the Branden quote, yeah, it’s very inspirational.

“Don’t buy into bullsh*t. Don’t admire false icons. We are just humans, not heroes. Think for yourself and stand up for what you believe is right. Don’t be afraid to break stereotypes. Be true to yourself. Thank you.”

ICON Accelerant Jacket Review from

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Coats Hanger

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coats hanger
How do you make that coat hanger thing from the cabin fever episode of mythbusters?

It was on the alaska special and Adam was really bored so he made a coat hanger thing. i want to make one
A picture or link to a video clip is fine

Coat Hanger HDTV Antenna! (VHF SOLUTION!!) PART 2

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