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Steel Coat Hanger

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steel coat hanger
Jewelry making – Pickling?

I started getting into jewelry making recently. It’s basically backyard jewelry making. I just carve the wax, add some plaster, and do the burnout in a forge that I built from a diesel brake drum. To heat the metal I use a graphite crucible and place it in the forge or I use oxy/acet and heat in a silica dish. The metal is then poured in the mold which rests in a steel can with a coat hanger attached. Albeit dangerous, it produces enough centrifugal force.


I’m creating a heart pendant and I wanted to try out some pickling solution that I was given yesterday. Generally I just polish rings and such with a dremel/polishing wheel and some red rouge. Once I am done I just wash it with soap and water. I am able to get a nice finish but will the pickle give it a better shine? How long should I leave the pendant in the pickle pot? I know heat makes the process faster, with that said, what temperatrure should I be aiming for?

I kept my pickle in a crock pot on high. It seemed to work quite well. I still had a lot of polishing to do though. If you can get a vacuum de-bubbleizer. It will reduce the amount of rough polishing you have to do. I prefer a foredom flexible shaft motor tool, it is really powerful and easy on the hands and wrists.I used to use a wooden ring vise to hold the piece as it could get really hot.
You might try fabrication with an acetylene torch, it can be fun!

Trail Master Vs Steel coat hanger

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Mars Coat King 8 Blade

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mars coat king 8 blade

Book 07 (Chs. 1-8) – The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo

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Original Jackets Complete Beethoven Symphonies

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Brahms / Leonard Bernstein, 1957: An Analysis of Brahms’ Symphony No. 4 in E minor, Op. 98

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Essie Coat

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essie coat
Costuming ca.1930?

Hey guys! I’m in the play “You Can’t Take it with You” and I’m playing Essie. I need 5 outfits for the play. ! being a ballet costume. I need a coat, a hat, an evening dress, and 2 everyday outfits. Anyone that has knowledge of the clothing around the 1930’s or is familiar with the play, could you help me out. Tell me what my clothes should look like. Pictures would be great.

America’s economy was smashed to smithereens by the crash of ’29, leaving families with no income. The nation was depressed both financially and morally. There was a great drought in the Midwest which caused the exodus of thousands of people heading west in the hopes of finding a better life on the glamourous California coast. Strikes were big news as Unions were created to help protect laborers, jobs and pay. Americans turned to radio and film to boost their flagging spirits. Theater and opera were luxuries few could afford, but one could listen to the radio and go to the movies for very little money. In sharp contrast to reality, the movies of this period depicted a sense of glamour unknown to their audiences. A favorite storyline of this period was the small town kid leaving home to find fame and fortune in Hollywood. Fashion in the thirties was greatly influenced by the Hollywood ideal of style. Hemlines dropped again in the thirties and the waistline returned to a more natural position. Skirts and frocks often clung to the waist and hips but flared out in the gores or pleats to a few inches above the ankle (or mid calf). The silhouette had changed from the twenties boyish, youthful straight lines back into a softer, more feminine one.

Examples of fashion:

Now that you have an idea of what you can wear, it’s time to think about the next most important thing . . . YOUR HAIR!!!

Check out this website for how to do your hair:

They have step by step instructions and photos on how to style your hair.

The first thing you have to do is determine if you can do the style that you want . Hair was cut to the same length everywhere on the head (so i you have too short of hair, or bangs, you won’t be able to do these hair styles). Long hair is ok, and actually a good thing because it let’s you do more with your hair.

To prep your hair, you’ll need to curl it (don’t use a curling iron). You’ll want to use “Setting Lotion” when you curl your hair with sponge curlers or pin curls to get your curls to be uniform (let set until dry, or sleep in your curlers). When you curl your hair, you’ll also want to do it in layers as indicated on the website (think rows of where you want to put rolls). You’ll want a row of curls (curling the hair back) that follows your face around the top and sides.

When styling your hair, don’t get frustrated if it takes a while. You will need a lot of hair spray and bobby pins. Even using this, your hair may not do what you want it to do, because it takes a while to train your hair to style the way you want it to.

You’ll probably want some waves or curls on the front top and sides, then put the rest of your hair in a hair net or snood (you’ll want to brush it out big after you curle it so that it fills the hair net uniformly).

Practice, practice, practice! As you style your hair like this more often, it becomes easier, and your hair easier to manage. I have a friend who does WWII reinacting and she can put her hair in pin curls while driving to work!

I hope that helps!

Essie Matte About You Top Coat Review

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Monster Coats

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monster coats
What are some good movies about homeless people, prostitutes, drugs addicts, abuse, etc.?

Movies similar to Monster or Precious, anything with a dark side that doesn’t sugar coat things.

About homeless people:
The Saint of Fort Washington

About drug addicts:
Requiem For a Dream

Castle X 2010 Switch Monster Jacket

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Jacket Valentino Rossi

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jacket valentino rossi
Where in Joburgmidrand can i buy a valentino rossi jacket or products?

I am desparetly looking to buy my boyfriend a valentiono rossi either jacket or shirt, cap etc for his birthday. Where in Joburg-Midrand can i find a shop that sells this? PLEASE HELP

Just buy it online.

Valentino Rossi 08 dainese pelle jacket

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Guess Leather Jackets For Men

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guess leather jackets for men
How to wear a leather vest with suspenders?

I admit I have no fashion sense (what single man does) for the first time in my whole life I own leather pants and leather jackets that match kinda? sorta? I’m thinking about buying a nice leather vest to go with my outfit. But that’s not my question. A belt to hold up my leather pants doesn’t seem to work. They only thing I found to keep up my leather pants is a pair of suspenders. I’ve never seen suspenders worn with a vest at least not that I can remember? I guess that is my question in a nutshell. I would like to wear a vest with my leather pants and a dress shirt. But I’m unsure about the way I should wear suspenders? Ouside over my vest or inside under my vest. All fashion advise is welcome.

I think the jacket, vest and pants might be too much, unless they’re bike leathers. But since you mentioned a dress shirt, I’m assuming you’re not wearing leather to ride. I don’t see men wear leather much where I live, so I applaud your style.

I think with the leather pants, you might be happy and stylish with a nice contrasting sweater or turtleneck shirt (white or gray maybe) and some nice boots. If a belt isn’t working now, you might want to see about having the pants altered. They should fit tight (and maybe uncomfortable at first) but they will stretch and conform to your body in time. I had a similar problem with a pair of very thick leather 5 – pocket jean style pants that seemed to slip down (badly) whenever I sat, and belts didn’t work either. The pants seemed to me somewhat tight overall, but after I had them tailored in the waist and seat area, (which consisted of taking them in more) they work great now.

As for your other leather items, the jacket may or may not work with the pants- it’s hard to tell since I can’t see it. If you do purchase a leather vest, wear it with your denim jeans. Hope it helps. I think men wearing leather is so sexy, it’s just so rare that I see confident men where it.

GUESS Jeans Fall | Winter 2009 – Behind the Scenes

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Long Coat Hood

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long coat hood

Where can i buy a nice parka coat with HOOD. THATS VERY WARM for winter . under 300 ?
I was looking at ARITZIA’s …has anyone bought it? is it warm? worth 275?
Any other brand names that are worth buying?
🙂 thanks♥

any parka made by Linda Lundstrom will be VERY warm.

Any parka made in the traditional style – water and wind proof outer coat and wool melton inner coat will be super toasty.

Long Haired Dog Grooming Instructions : Undercoat Dog Grooming Tips

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Coat Old Navy

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coat old navy
What store can I find a really good looking coat at?

I’ve tried Old Navy, Banana Republic, Macy’s, and the Gap.
And Victoria’s Secret under their outerwear section.
they have the BEST prices and the classiest looks.
definitely look at the houndstooth and plaid coats, they are really popular this year!
big buttons are also great!
looking for something a bit dressier?
-check out the trench coats, they look great with a dress or with jeans!!

Old Navy Presents: Soccer Mamaquins

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Baby Jacket

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baby jacket
What kind of jacket was 50 cent wearing in the begining of the baby by me music video?

i think it was leather but i wanna kno like what brand it was. can anyone tell me?

here the video

The leather jacket he was wearing is not an 8 ball. It is a Pelle Pelle leather.
He wore the same leather to a performance at yankee stadium. Here is the
link – MzChiFab

crochet baby jacket

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Jacket Casual

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jacket casual
Can I wear a floral dress and black jacket to a ‘business casual’ lunch?

A black-based, ochre and brown floral dress and Morrissey suit jacket to an accounting firm job offer congratulatory lunch?

As long as the jacket fits you well and does not go past the middle of your bottom or have shoulder pads like the eighties it sounds good. I personally would try a cropped cardigan instead but it should do. Just make sure your hair is good too.

Outfit of The Day: Casual Leather Jacket.

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Ski Jacket

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ski jacket
Where is the best place to buy a good ski jacket in Portland, Maine?

I need a good, cheap jacket for my daughter.

wal-mart?best Buy? j-see pennys?

Ski Jacket Basics

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Mesh Motorcycle Jackets For Men

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Speed & Strength Twist of Fate Mesh Motorcycle Jacket for Men

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Marine Jackets

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marine jackets

Online Marine Supplier: Offers Discount Marine Trade Supplies!

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About the Author

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Alpha Industries, Kids Marine Corps Jacket / Coat

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Mlb Jacket Majestic

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do mlb majestic therma base jackets shrink?

i have a majestic therma base jacket from 2010..and it fits real big!!!got it for christmas and of course its impossible to find now….i actually want it to shrink but i dont want to damage the lettering , etc

they only shrink if you dry them. just hang dry them and you’ll be fine I wash mine all the time with my regular load

MLB Authentic Collection Therma Base Triple Peak Premier Jacket –

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