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Jacket Cuero

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jacket cuero
spanish homework, native/fluent speakers please help?

so i have to prepare and memorize a speech for spanish and i was wondering if it was grammatically correct and everything. please no online translators, they suck lol.

Yo lleva un par de jeans azules de mezclilla.
Me quedalos apretados y son de poliester.
Tambien, lleva una chaqueta de poliester y algodon.
Porque tengalo una estampados de cuadros, no son de un solo color.
La chaqueta me queda flojo.
Debajo de mi chaqueta, hay un camisa blanco de algodon.
Me quedalo apretada pero es comodo.
Lleva un billetera marron de cuero.
Me cae bien mis ropas.

I am wearing a pair of blue, denim jeans.
They fit me tight and are of polyester.
Also, I’m wearing my jacket of polyester and cotton.
Because it has a plaid print, it’s not of a solid color.
The jacket fits me loose.
Underneath the jacket, there is a white, cotton shirt.
It fits me tight but comfortably.
I’m carrying a brown wallet de cuero.
I like my clothes.

Translating from your english paragraph,
Tengo puesto un par de jeans azules.
Me quedan apretados y son de poliester.
Tambien, tengo puesta mi casaca de poliester y algodon.
Porque tiene un estampado de cuadritos, no es de color entero.
La casaca me queda suelta.
Debajo de la casaca tengo una blusa blanca de algodon.
Me queda justa pero comoda.
Llevo una billetera de cuero marron.
Me gusta mi ropa.

Jean Jacket de Cuero Azul

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Folder Jackets

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folder jackets
how should i organize my locker?

my locker isn’t very big, and i have a lot of stuff. I have:
2 locker shelves
1 textbook
4 folders
2 notebooks
1 calculator
1 1/2 inch binder
1 mini gumball machine
gym bag
book bag
volley ball shoes
a mirror/ dry erase board
and a jacket. Thank you pleeeeease help me.

Get rid of the Gumball machine. You don’t need the distraction of gum in class anyways.
Coat on a hanger or hooked on the hook.
Text books, binder and calculator on bottom shelf. In case the calc falls.
notebooks and folders on top shelf.
Gym bag,book bag and volleyball shoes on very bottom of locker.
mirror and dry erase board on inside of locker door. Use tape or velcro.

The Paper Tiger Tutorial – Incorporate files with The Paper Tiger Software

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Jean Jackets Women

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jean jackets women
How do women afford to shop so much?

I’m not talking about women married to rich men either. I’m talking about your average everyday women able to buy shoes that cost $100.00. Like UGGS. I went looking for a pair the other day and EVERY SINGLE PAIR, even on sale was upwards of near $100.00+ dollars. I REFUSE to pay that much for one pair of shoes. I don’t understand how women pay so much for shoes, jeans, jackets, purses and have so many of them and are able to afford to live.
How is this possible? Maybe I just don’t get it and I’m cheap, but I honestly don’t have the funding to be buying name brand shoes and purses and crap. Not that I really care, I don’t. I’m happy with the amount of things I buy. I just don’t get how it’s possible.
Ohh credit cards. I guess that makes sense. And also makes sense why a lot of those women are in credit card debt. Again, something I just don’t get for possesion of material “name brand” objects.

Girl, you’re shopping in the wrong store. Get your butt over to Target or some outlets. I have never paid $100 for shoes. They go on my feet. Feet are gross. As you know.
I think the girls who have so much money for name brand stuff are also the girls who don’t eat so they can be “pretty.” These girls save lots of money from not eating full meals (a bunch of grapes is like $2 and they can live off of that all week) and it goes towards their “I Need Coach to Feel Pretty” fund.

ETA: Poster below me ….”well paided jobs”??? SERIOUSLY??? PAIDED??? I think you should stop buying those Uggly boots and get yourself an education with some of that money.


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Jacket Echo

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jacket echo
How much should i sell this airsoft gun for?

Echo 1 mp5 full stock. Upgraded spring to shoot 430. Including a full hat pants jacket woodland uniform. Black gloves. Proto face mask. one vertical grip and one bi-pod grip. one mp5 clip. it has a full metal railing. the barrel cleaner. a tactical flashlight that can be put onto the railing. the charger and large type battery. gemtech silencer and walther red/green dot 45 mm scope. with 300 bbs. if you do want to buy it my email is

-The MP5 should be $60-75 depending on the condition (maybe less because the spring might cause internal stress that could reduce the lifespan of the gun).
-Woodland BDUs around $20

I’m not going to give you quotes for everything but generally don’t expect to sell anything for more than 50% of what it cost new. The actual gun should be a little higher than 50% but not much higher (again, depending on the condition). And don’t expect to get a return on any upgrades you have on the gun. If anything, upgrades make people skeptical.

All About Yuri : DVD Jacket & Echo MV Making Of

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Versace Coat

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versace coat
Can You Answer Please Little Survey/Poll ?????

wrist watch or pocket watch
bangle or bracelet
pierced ears or pierced tongue
high heels or pumps
trainers or boots
shirt or T- shirt
skirt or trousers
pants or thong
cardigan or jumper
gloves or mitts
scarf or cravat
jacket or coat
swimsuit or bikini
trunks or swim shorts
belt or braces
long hair or short hair
beard or moustache
blonde or brunette
shoulder bag or handbag
versace or armani
levis or wrangler
glasses or contacts
make up or natural

wrist watch
pierced ears
swim shorts
short hair
shoulder bag

fun 🙂

VERSACE Women’s Collection Spring/Summer 2011 Full Show HD

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Jackets Guess For Women

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jackets guess for women

Pretty women deserve pretty Spyder

Now with more and more women are going to go skiing, the famous brand Spyder now is keeping coming out with jackets which are available in all colors and styles for fashion conscious women.

On of the reasons for this being famous is that great designers make fancy clothes. Thanks to the various colors on women’s Spyder jackets such as red, gold or silver, the designers do their best to make the cold season feel warm, ladies become much more beautiful than before, the time when they only can buy jackets with boring colors like black or white. Of course, this innovation let the company got great attention, and a lot of fans.

We can not deny that besides the pretty appearance, keeping warm is another important factor that has great effect on selling so I guess this must be the greatest news for ladies, especially young girls. With its advanced techniques on preserving heat, and great success in professional field, you can get warm and beautiful at the same time.

And here is another feature of Spyder jackets that is very appealing is the durability. As for me, a Spyder lover, my friend is going on her third year with her Spyder jacket and it still looks great. Yes, we did buy it larger than she needed at the time because she’s still growing, but it still looks great. Spyder jackets are on the pricier side so we waned to make sure it would last more than one year, we never expected to get three years out of this jacket, and so we are thrilled. Who knows, maybe we can get four years of wear out of it!

I really don’t think you can go wrong with a Spyder Jackets, we have loved our jackets because the quality and features are just what we were looking for and they are fun to wear. Don’t have to hesitate, just click your mouse, and get one of them at once. If you want to find more information before you buy this brand, you can check the website which will offer what you want, and the most importantly is that you can see the new arrivals in 2010 winter, there are so many for you to choose, why do not act now?

About the Author

Now with more and more women are going to go skiing, the famous brand Spyder now is keeping coming out with jackets which are available in all colors and styles for fashion conscious women.

D&G Zip Jacket For Men with DG Dress for Men Women buy on

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Coats 850

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coats 850
Can the pipe going into a catalytic converter be welded?


1996 Volvo 850

The entire exhaust system looks surprisingly good for the age.

There is a coat of rust everywhere, but it looks like there is a lot of life left.

The pipe going into the catalytic converter apparently is cracked where they meet. I really don’t even see the crack, but I hear the exhaust escaping.

Is it weldable?

At least a year’s worth or so?

Thanks ahead of time. I’ve always received great answers for the Volvo.

Yes you can weld it and save yourself some money.
Make sure you disconnect the battery so that you lessen the chance of damaging any sensitive electronics.

Coats Model 850 Computer Wheel Balancer

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Men’s Jackets Casual

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men's jackets casual
What is it with mens fashion? ?

Obviously I’m a bloke so my clothes don’t change much. I tend to wear jeans and t-shirt all the time (apart from work) and love it.

I don’t get this jeans and dress jacket fashion. Just looks like you spent a lot of money to look casual, but aren’t Casual. Its kind of dumb because being casual means not being dressed up. Huh?

Why is Men’s fashion so women orientated?

If you think about it, do women want to tiptoe about in high heels with skimpy clothing on mid-winter to impress their girlfriends? I think it’s to attract males; opposite of what you’re saying.

I guess it’s just part of a mating ritual that was bred into us over the years.

And I love to see a man in jeans, nice crisp white shirt and a blazer; gives him a certain something.

Jiaxing Mengdi I&E – Casual dresses Men’s jackets pullovers sweaters topcoats vests woolen garments

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Coat Shelf

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coat shelf
Why did my acrylic clear coat act so funny?

Well i was spray painting my small plastic shelf and did a primer coat. followed with a black gloss. Then i decided to add a clear coat. I got an acrylic clear coat and sprayed an even layer on the shelf. On a fist sized spot on each shelf it looked like the clear coat raised up in tree branch-like shapes. idk how to explain it. its like wrinkles rose up out of the paint(no cracks, it just rose) in treebranch-like manner. whats up with that? looks ugly now..

Check your cans of spray paint. It sounds like possibly your black was oil-based, and the acrylic did not adhere to it. Or maybe it wasn’t dry enough to be clear coated. Or perhaps maybe a place you touched it to move it and the oils from your hands caused the failure.

How to Make a Coat Rack : Formulate a Coat Rack Design

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Mirror Coat Hanger

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mirror coat hanger
How can I unlock my car’s door?

Yeah, just got a call from my boyfriend at work telling me that he’s locked himself out of the car.
I googled it pretty quick and apparently it can be jimmied with a coat hanger or some thin piece of metal? I wanted to know if anyone has any tips for opening one of the doors, and also if anyone knows where the unlocking mechanism is on a ford escort? I know you slip the object between the window, into the door but should he try closer to the mirror, or above the handle itself? Any advice helps lol.

stiff piece of thin metal (thicker than a coat hanger) in between the door frame and body and use it to pull the handle is the easiest way on a ford. The escorts door frames are flimsy and use a screw driver wrapped in a rag (to keep from scratching paint) to pry the top out to get access to the door.
Probably not the professional way to do it but its better than busting the glass

Coat Rack – Antique White Finish With Rub by Bassett Mirror-a1904

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Guess Coat Women

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guess coat women

The Big difference in Men’s Lab Coats and Women’s Lab Coats

You’ll find lots of things inside the clothes universe you just will not believe about. Like for instance: is there a big difference between men’s and women’s lab coats? I guess it really does not issue unless of course you put on 1 all day, but when you do put on a single then you definately most likely know the solution: yes, there exists. It may well be delicate, but for health professionals delicate is vital.

Lately a huge marketplace has sprung up for equally male and female certain lab coats. Perhaps it really is all these health care provider show’s starring attractive men and women that are fueling this market, but ladies have unique needs in relation to suit and comfort just like guys do. It is not only the health care business both, quite a few firms have ditched unisex uniforms for male and female uniforms that are tailored to each and every sexes person needs.

Within the healthcare area, uniforms are incredibly widespread. From receptionists to nurses to medical doctors to surgeons, everyone you see seems to become sporting a precise uniform tailored for his or her jobs. For nurses, scrubs are frequently the norm. Whilst there will not be an enormous distinction while in the tailored pattern for every intercourse, you will discover certainly style and design variations. One example is, there is certainly an enormous marketplace for themed scrubs. For females you are able to get something from a pattern of cats to Huge Bird from Sesame Street. For males, very well, they usually go plain however the sky is a restrict for them to. Scrubs may also run the gambit in expense from low cost pairs which you may transform day-to-day to one thing designer and highly-priced which can very last the very long haul.

For medical doctors, uniforms really are a bit big difference. For his time in his workplace a physician will usually put on both slacks and also a gown shirt, or perhaps a gown and pant match, based on the intercourse. When it is time to go to the sufferers, even though, it really is usually time to don a single through your outfit. Most hospitals or clinics will usually let health professionals to choose their very own and however most glimpse the identical (some variation on the colour white along with a handful of pockets), not all lab coats are developed equal. In addition to getting distinctive types for each males and girls, can aspect unique styles, strain protectors, materials as well as pockets. Price sensible, they will go from a standard lab coat which will should be tossed just after a handful of months for about $30 to a designer lab coat that could repel stains and keep white to get a few hundred bucks. Considering they invest a lot time in them a health care provider will usually spend money on an a lot more highly-priced coat so that they do not require to maintain changing them.
About the Author

To find out more about this topic, visit
Lab Coats For Women

Rush – Republicans Are Trying To Send Women In To The Closet With A Coat Hanger

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Coat Women Winter

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coat women winter
What is a good site to buy winter clothing such as jackets?

I need to find a winter coat (for a woman) and would appreciate any help finding some good websites. thanks!

I suggest that you can go shopping at have many brand winter clothing such as jackets, I usually buy from it, I feel the quality is good and the price is cheap, The most important thing is that it is safe.

Women’s Winter Coats – Buy Now Moonbeam Clothing

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Coats Burberry

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coats burberry
Who thinks a £895.00 burberry trench coat looks cavy?

i have alot of money to spend on a coat and i have seen a fine burberry coat and i am not sure what the impression of this coat will be its rather expensive with a price tag of £895.00 [gbp] and its quite nice, if you would take a look at the link and then comment on what you find about this coat that would be very much appartied. thankyou

the link is to the coat:
thanks in advance.
i am a male [boy]

This one doesn’t look the absolute greatest. If you look at the collar, it is like an overgrown polo shirt. If you like it, buy it, but don’t button it all the way like in the picture. There’s also something in that coat that makes it look a bit drab and outdated. I can’t put my finger on it though.

I too am in the market (US) for a trench coat, but I like these from the UK website:

You should also consider Theory which has a very modern look and elegance.

Burberry’s Christopher Bailey on Trench Coats – Style Manual – MR PORTER

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Vinyl Coated Wire Basket

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14. The Quiet Revolution in Plastics

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Converse Jacket Men

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converse jacket men
What do you think of this adidas men’s summer jacket?’s-Firebird-Track-Top/detail.jsf?selectedProductViewIndex=0&selectedQuantity=1
Would wear with blue or gray faded jeans and converses, they are quite popular, would it work as a summer look? Thanks

I think it will look better with black jeans and definitely will attract with that.

Lifestyle TV 17 – Suit leather Jacket – Tiger of Sweden Jeans – Hugo Boss – Revolution – Nueu

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