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Red Coat Uniform

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red coat uniform
What painting is this?

Unfortunately I do not have a picure, but I have seen it at a bar somewhere. It was a dog (terrier?) dressed up in a British military uniform (red coat). If anyone could help I would appreciate it.

Hi! Look at the work of Thierry Poncelet:)

What the Sell?!- Red Coat for Sale

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Wolverine Jacket Leather

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wolverine jacket leather
Looking for a jacket that looks like this?

I want a jacket like this but i was hoping i could find a cheaper version or some store that sells it instead of ebay so i can try it on.
PLease give me some links!

Thats a hard one because you are talking about Leather!

BUT its not impossible =0)

I gave it a little research…..

i found some links maybe you can be intrested and go and check them out…. and alot of this stores usually if you find it online and order it you can always go and return it to the store in case you didnt like it….

i tried to look for more but sorry i couldnt…

Wolverine jacket

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Jacket Mlb

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jacket mlb
Name of Red Sox jacket Drew Barrymore wears in Fever Pitch movie?

Does anyone know the name of the Red Sox jacket Drew Barrymore wears in Fever Pitch? I can’t find it on or the Red Sox site so am wondering if anyone knows the name of the style so I can be more specific when searching for it. Thank you!

Try To

New MLB® Authentic Collection Cool Base® Gamer Jacket

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Jacket Men

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jacket men

Barbour Jacket is the jack of jacket trade

Originally a UK brand, J Barbour or Barbour International now dominates the garment market of European countries like Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Australia and New Zealand. In winter-dominated countries, Barbour International is the pioneer brands.

In its initial phases, Barbour International was famed as a jacket brand for motorcycle enthusiast. It was Duncan Barbour, who in the 30s’ introduced a range of designer jackets for the motorcycle riders. Being a motorcyclist by hobby, Duncan wanted to create a special look for the motorcycle enthusiasts and it turned into an icon. Today however, Barbour Jackets are not only meant for people who fascinate riding Harley Davidsons but also for those who like to have stylish looks. Apart from a wide range of sports jackets, Barbour jackets are now available in different other designs that go well with formal and casual parties too. If winter fashion is what you like, Barbour is just the perfect brand for you. There are endless varieties of jackets that are parts of the company’s four most famed collections- the Heritage Collection, Classic Collection, Contemporary Collection and Sport Collection. Though by Barbour jackets, majority of people mean leather jackets, items made of other materials are also manufactured by the company. One can stay safe in the monsoon by wearing a waterproof breathable jacket, one of the most popular non-leather product of Barbour.

In leather there are endless varieties to choose from. You will get jackets with astonishing stylish designs. Available in a variety of sizes, a Barbour jacket can be worn by people of all ages. The best part is that Barbour is no more a ‘men’s only’ brand. Ladies too can enjoy winter fashion with stylish Barbour jackets. Two most hot favorite Barbour jackets for women are Barbour Cowan Commando and Barbour Polar Quilt. Besides, some of the men’s jackets also look good on women, thanks to their smart designs.

Some of the most popular designs of Barbour Jackets that you can choose from are:

Men’s Vintage International Jacket, Men’s Chelsea Leather Jacket, Men’s Bridge Coat, Men’s Quilted Down Wax Barbour Jacket, Men’s Engineered Bedale Leather Barbour Jacket, Men’s Tweed Sapper Barbour Jacket, Men’s International Leather Jacket, Men’s Union Jack International Jacket, Men’s Carbon Finish International Jacket, Men’s Carbon Earle Jacket and Men’s Barbour Antique International Jacket

When the first drop of snow falls on the leaf or the roof, we all start preparations for Christmas. X-Mas is not only about cakes and parties but also about gifts. If you want to present your loved ones some useful X-Mas gifts, you can consider Barbour jackets. You can’t find anything with more utility than a Barbour jacket. Made from superior quality leather and fabrics the Barbour Jackets provide the necessary warmth, give smart looks to people and the zipped pockets come to multiple uses.

Today Barbour International is not only a jacket specialist but a complete apparel brand that can cater to all needs of people. You can opt for a pair of leather gloves and a hat to make your gift set complete. Besides, there are items like knitwear, midlayers, trousers, overtrousers, shorts, breeks, hoods, liners, socks, belts, shirts, tweeds, woolen outerwears and unisex accessories.

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If you are not satisfied with just a jacket and thinking of gifting a complete winter dress set then check out other items of the brand. In order to explore the range of Barbour Jacket, visit, you will be left mesmerized for sure.

2011 Arc’Teryx “Saber SV” Men’s Jacket from and The Ski Prophet

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Winter Jackets Boys

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winter jackets boys
Does any one know where i can get a 4 1/2 month old boy a thick winter jacket?

all i can find is 12 m

Osh Kosh, The Gap

We live where it gets pretty cold so we have a bunch of coats for our son and I know that both those places carry them in smaller sizes.

Bad Boys Kids Jacket. Winter Coat Parka. Size 4T. Black.

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Yamaha Jacket

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yamaha jacket

Motorcycles Questions & Answers

99 gsxr running catastrophic! HELP?
i have a 99 gsxr 600. i enjoy had doomed to failure luck with getting this entity running right. i took it to a mechanic, and he just made it worse…definatly will not be going posterior to him, but anyways, i found a good friend who works…

99 Kx 250 problems?
—————————————-… Hi, i recently rebuild the top and bottom end on my 99 kx 250. I used a Hotrods crank utensils, a Wiseco prolite piston, resleeved the cylinder with an L.A. Sleeve as capably as replaced all indispensable seals and gaskets. The bike be broken…

A 2001 raptor 600 or a 98 yamaha warrior?
guy selling a raptor 600 who said this bout the carb…The reason i read aloud somethings wrong with the carb, the bike doesn’t wrong strong next to it off choke. Its not getting satisfactory gas to the carb but bike still runs, it’s just at…

A 87′ Ducati four wheeler, 2 stroke. 250cc. Value?
WE are needing the value of this Ducati? These four wheelers we hear were rare. Excellent condition!

A appropriate 4×4 sport quad?
I have have dirt bikes for a while and am looking into quads. i want a quad they can rip around the fiels and be able to walk trough mud and 4×4 situatishons. is there a dedicated onelike a polaris scrambler or a better one.

A beginner’s motorbiking question?
i am planning on buying a bike. i wanna know when it is a good time to buy a bike? i also wanna know what a accurate beginner bike is? where on earth can i get a used/new bike for cheap?

A Bettie Page-inspired Party.?
Hello. I’m having a double Birth Day party for my Dad and his best friend April 5th of this year. They are into Motorcycles, and hot chicks (both cheerfully married by the way – lol) … I’m thinking about a Bettie Page-inspired knees-up with motorcycles too….

A bike beside a roof?
guys, those ones with Chinese roof-mounted motorcycles and good experiences back me decide whether to buy one . is it really a descent ,reliable product for urban use? and one more entity: I just have access to Chinese ones. I’d appriciate your answers.

A buddy of mine bought a Harley!?
I’ve had crotch rockets for years, but Harley is starting to creep into my mind. Maybe I’m tired of keeping the substance off, or because I never really have a pony tail, even when I was a go before banger. I’m thinking of a Dyna Wide…

A contemporary bike?
i want a new bike. i have have a 07 R6S for about 7 months, its a nice bike, it was my first bike. but i want something quicker. something that can win the nose up by a flick of the wrist (no homo). any…

A couple of Q’s?
+Is it normal for the magneto to own lots of oil on it, stance in mind the engine have not been started all the same since re-build? +Why does the chain hit past its sell-by date the swinging arm, It is the right tension and adjectives? +…

A delima I’ve run into near my parents around buying a different bike. What do you guys infer?
Here’s the facts: I’m 22 and a full time student with no charge. I’ve owned a Honda Shadow 750 Spirit for a little over a year very soon. I’ve been riding cruisers (my parents) since I be about 17. I’ve other wanted a sport bike. Everybody…

A examine almost a 1984 Kawasaki Praire 250, KLT250C, THREE WHEELER?
i was going to buy a three wheeler or a fourwheeler for my son for chrismas but did not hold alot of moneyand found one but a guy was readjusting the valve and dropped the tapped nut into the motor, he wasn’t competent to retrieve it…

A few motorcycle question…?
Does anyone think that Yamaha tally the YCC-I (Yamaha Chip Controlled Intake, which varies intake stack length near RPM) will help the very weak low/mid collection of the R6? Anyone seen what the clean CBR1000RR looks like, I found a few photoshopped pix on the…

A few question just about mopeds / scooters?
1. How old do you hold to be to ride one? 2. I want one that doesn’t sound approaching a lawnmower, a decent one, but not too pricy, reccomend any? 3.How much would insurance be? 14 at the moment, decide to save up…

A grill in the order of helmets…?
I’ve been shopping for months for a helmet that fits properly (and THAT’S the key part). My question is, have anyone out there purchased a helmet lacking trying it on first? I’m interested in a KBC FFR, or a Zeus 508, but I can’t find ANY dealer…

A Motorcycle and Cold Weather. Is it better to speed up or slow down ?
Imagine it’s 7o Celcius outside, and you got a cheap jacket. Now you’re riding the bike to work. Roads are not damp or icy. You can reach it within 10 mins if you speed. You can take 20 mins if you travel regular speed. But if…

A pious quad for me?
I’ve been getting into this rotten road, fourwheelin hobby and ive been good up to buy a fourwheeler. I plan on buying one used because i can’t afford a new one. Anyways im currently on an past its sell-by date brand named a highbird…

A quiz something like scooters??
Does anyone know the age requirement for a scooter? Do I have to seize a special license? Im thinking of getting one from and Im not sure what I need to achieve? Can I get one for my daughter also who…

A worthy starter bike/cruiser?
I am in the process of erudition to ride a motorcycle (Im 20 yrs old, and I drive stick shift cars) and I am looking around at different brands, and I would resembling some opinions ona obedient light bike..It doesnt hold to be too wimpy (LOL) Im…

Abandoned motor scooter law?
whats the law on abandoned motor scooter contained by nyc. i found one and would like to keep it rather.

About a honda h100s?
i am going to do a gear oil change on this bike but im not sure how much gear grease to put in as there is no dipstick or any horizontal mark . could some one tell me how much grease to put in. many…

About how much does it cost to grasp a spout clearance check on a 2004 VTR1000F/SUPERHAWK?
Aparently I am over due for a valve check on my Bike. Anyone know give or take a few how much it would be to get them checked for clearance? Its a 2004 Honda SuperHawk 996/ VTR1000F.

About how much is a 16K repairs check and replace the heavens filter on my bike?
I have a 2004 Honda Super Hawk/VTR1000F I bought it from the salesperson with 9,000 miles on it. I own put 10,000 miles on it sence then. I enjoy done all the grease changes, brakes, manacle, sprockets, etc… I was a short time ago wanting to know…

About my 90cc dirt bike, 3rd gear is broken..back?
Right, 1st gear is fine, through to second gear … also fine…into third…slows dwn as if the chain stops…and the lone way to procure it out is to kik start it wich is VERY tough when this happens and to unclick it into gear 2 or 4……

About Scooters?
I really want to get a vespa when I’m a bit older but I’m not sure going on for driving rules etc. Is there a different driving age for scooters and also would you have to purloin a different driving test? this is for the…

About that RMX 250 dirt bike of mine..?
It has the plug specified for it. I hope its not the piston having a hole contained by it because the guy i bought it from rode it 6 times and he bought it new. i have scarcely driven it because i was having carb problems.

About what is a 2001 Ninja 250 worth w/ 6476 miles?
I have seen adjectives different year 250’s with some having 22,000 miles and most below 10,000 but all around the same price. How lots miles are too many??

Accelleration tackle?
I have a gixxr and I have the 2nd sprocket off today and it looks pretty doomed to failure. I want to replace it and I can only assume my primary is only as bad, so I’m doing both. If your sprockets are that doomed to failure…

Action against buyer?
I bought a Ninja 250 from a dealer here and it be a complete nightmare. The whole article was a disaster from the beggining. I want to protect myself within case the bike breaks so I be wondering short of a lawsuit if there be any options….

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Joe Rocket Yamaha Delta R Jacket

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Bench Jacket Men

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bench jacket men
Are there Bench BBQ Jackets for men?

hey, im a male and recently got a bench jacket as a gift. The jacket is the same exact style as the Women BBQ jackets but when i try to search for mens bbq jackets online they dont exists, so i am wondering if i got a womens jacket?

aha don’t worry they have men’s bench jackets!

The Best Pick Up Lines

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Suzuki Jacket Women

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Biker Girls are Increasingly Taking to the Open Roads

When Rose Hyer was diagnosed with breast cancer so advanced that doctors gave her only a month to live, the single mom decided to finally start living. The spunky hairdresser, then 39, was tired of “being a passenger” in life. She moved to Florida, took up body building and bought her own motorcycle – a metallic blue Suzuki Intruder 800.

Hyer is one of thousands of women across the country finding camaraderie in women’s motorcycle clubs. From the Chrome Divas in Columbia, S.C., and the Women on Wheels in Lincoln, Neb., to the Throttle Queens in Landover, Md., and the Motor Maids in Erie, Mich., women are increasingly taking to the open roads.

“I didn’t have control of the cancer, there’s nothing you can do, so riding is something you have control of,” said Hyer, now 54.

Women bikers aren’t your stereotypical bar-brawling, tattooed, leather jacket biker chicks. The new wave of female riders are soccer moms, even grandmas, corporate attorneys and nurses with an average income of $55,850, according to the Motorcycle Industry Council.

The number of women who own their own bikes is on the rise – jumping 36% to 635,000 between 1998 to 2003, according to the most recent numbers from the Motorcycle Industry Council, a trade group based in Irvine, Calif. At the famous online website Biker Girls On Wheels , it has more than 320,000 female riders. Sixty percent of the members are women riders.

Manufacturers such as Harley-Davidson and Ultra Motorcycles are capitalizing on the trend, designing bikes with lighter frames, custom fit gears and lower seats.

“It’s pretty much been a men’s market, but a lot of ladies really like riding motorcycles and I think they feel left out so that’s why we created something just for women,” Ultra Motorcycles sales director Dan Houston said of his company’s Groundpounder and California Kid models.

At Harley-Davidson, motorcycles sales to women are at an all-time high, jumping from 600 in 1980 to 30,000 in 2005. Women make up about half of new-rider classes on the test track at Harley-Davidson Orlando, said Tony Cianciotto, marketing manager at Harley Orlando.

“I think for so long women have ridden on the back, but nowadays women are very independent,” Cianciotto said.

The winding roads offer women an escape from crying babies, stressful jobs and high-maintenance relationships. Many female riders plan this week to roll up to Daytona Beach’s annual Bike Week, to gab with the thousands of fellow bikers from around the country who gather to scope out the merchandise and ride the test tracks.

“We’re definitely seeing a trend in more female riders” showing up at Bike Week, said Kevin Kilian, official for Daytona’s chamber of commerce.

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Alpinestars Dyno Jacket Review

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Jacket 4xl

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In Minnesota, what is the best way to donate warm clothing to the homeless?

I work for a Cold Storage Warehouse and I have a lot of sweatshirts, jackets, and cold weather gear (Hats/ gloves)
Ranging from size L to 4XL. I would like to give them to the homelss esecially since this winter is actually cold again.
Whats the best way to do this?

Where are you located? Mary’s place is always looking for items (also known as Caring and Sharing Hands – or it might be Sharing and Caring Hands – I can never remember which comes first) – they should be in the phone book. Items go DIRECTLY to homeless – unlike goodwill, which is actually sold. Mary’s Place is in MPLS – not that far from the new ballpark.

Olympia Moto Sports AST 2 Jacket

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Jacket Dresses For Special Occasions

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Guys: What do you think of girls in dresses? (with pic)?

What do you think of this dress?

Urban Renewal Dress

Not to dress up, just casual like with a jean jacket maybe…cute on a girl, or should it just be worn for special occasions? Honestly please 🙂

well, my opinion i wouldnt wear that at all. but if you like it , it would look good with a jean jacket and its not the kind of just to be worn for special occasions. it would look good casually 😛

boys suits, girls dresses,tiaras,shoes,bolero jacket,accesorieswaistcoats,3 peice suit

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Yellow Jacket Killer

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yellow jacket killer

What to Pack for your International Surf Holiday

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First, the essentials…..the things you can’t or shouldn’t even get on the plane without. Passport, airline tickets, travel or accommodation vouchers, and travel insurance policy. Other than your passport, all of these should have been provided by your surf travel agent. You will be confident knowing that you will be looked after should anything go wrong on your trip, ie flight delays or cancellations, natural disasters, or in the case of sickness or injury. Make sure you have policy numbers and 24 hour emergency assistance contact numbers for your travel insurance in case of emergency.

Regarding your passport, make sure it has at least 6 months validity from the date you are due to return from your trip and at least 2 full pages empty in case you need a visa at your destination. You should always take a couple of copies of your passport with you as well – keep them in a separate place, in case you lose your passport…this may help at the embassy. You may also be required to give copies to your accommodation or boat charter operator.

It’s a good idea to have taken a copy of all of the above and left it with your spouse or a close relative at home in case of emergency. Travel itineraries will normally have accommodation/contact phone numbers and they will show dates of where you will be and when – should anything happen at home while you are away.

Money – you won’t survive long without this. Options will differ for each destination. Local currency cash is the obvious choice, but you don’t want to be carrying around too much cash for fear of getting it lost or stolen. Best to just take enough to get you by for the first couple of days, unless you are going somewhere remote with no ATM or credit card access.

An additional essential you might need for your surf trips could be an International Drivers License, although most countries will let you hire a car just with your normal drivers license from home. Best to check before you leave though as it needs to be obtained from your home country.

Health and medical history records are a good idea if you have any health issues that might be a problem on your surf holiday, particularly if you are required to take specific medications with you. Some countries also require to see your vaccination certificates – especially yellow fever. Check these out with your doctor.

Next – carry on luggage on the plane. Generally most airlines will let you take about 5-10kgs carry on luggage (check with your airline or travel agent).You should always pack all of your valuables in your carry on bag, as you do not want these in your checked luggage. They will not be covered by your travel insurance if anything happens to your luggage in transit, and lost luggage is very common! As well as any jewellery, keep cameras and video cameras , laptops and ipods with you. You should carry a pen for filling out forms as well as reading material in case the movies are boring or your flight gets delayed! And don’t forget your munchies/lollies for the plane!

Check in luggage can be anywhere from 15 – 30kgs in economy. Some low cost airlines don’t even include any checked luggage – this has to be added onto the ticket price or prepurchased at the airport, again check with your airline or travel agent. Suggestions on what to pack here will depend on your destination – but generally for most surf holidays you will want to take : boardies/bikinis, tshirts, sarong, hat, sunnies, thongs, other shoes for when thongs are not appropriate (ie the plane, hiking, remote villages), a fleece for areas when it can get cold at night, a waterproof jacket for boat charters when it can get rough and wet, a pocket knife, ear plugs (in case of snorers), sunscreen, and your toiletries.

If you are heading to surf areas with Malaria, it is a good idea to also take light cotton long pants and long sleeve shirts to keep the mozzies from biting. Don’t forget to see your doctor regarding any medications suggested for Malarial areas or areas which might have other vaccination requirements.

With regards to surf gear, again what boards you should take will depend on the destination for what will be best. You’ll also need to check the airlines as to any limitations on lengths of boards they may have. If you are going on a surf boat charter, you should also check with the boat or your surf travel agent as to any limits on the number of boards you can take – due to storage limitations. It’s a good idea for most destinations to take reef booties, and depending on expected wave heights and heaviness, you might want to think about a helmet, especially if you are going to be surfing bigger/heavier waves than you are used to.

Standard items to remember are spare leg ropes, wax and wax comb, Vaseline for chafing, long and short arm rash vests, duct tape and a ding repair kit, snorkel, mask and fins, and spare board fins and fin key.

Generally most surfers are also keen fishermen, so if this is you, don’t forget to take your favourite rod and lures etc. Don’t rely on existing equipment that might be at your destination as it is generally well used or not enough of it to go around when there is a number of people wanting to access it from a resort or surf boat charter.

Last but not least, a first aid kit. It’s a good idea if you are travelling in a group to get 1 person to arrange this for the group. It is generally unnecessary for each person to have their own and it can take up quite a bit of room. You should consider : insect repellant, pain killers, diahorrea tablets, gastrolyte rehydration tablets, seasickness tablets, antibiotics to fight infections, betadine for reef cuts, bandages, waterproof bandaids, hydrogen peroxide for cleaning wounds, aqua ear eardrops, tweezers and scissors (make sure you pack these in your checked luggage as you will not be allowed to take them on the plane in your carry on luggage), after sun gel, stop itch cream, thermometer, cotton buds/wool, antiseptic wipes and safety pins……… I’m sure this doesn’t cover every situation, but it should cover most!

Most of all pack your sense of humour, sense of adventure, respectfulness for the locals and make sure this is the best surf trip you have ever been on!

About the Author

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Leslie, Yellowjacket Killer

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Rain Jacket Mens

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rain jacket mens
Can anyone recommend a mens breathable jacket that won’t make me sweat?

I need a rain resistant or preferably waterproof jacket that I can walk to and form work in without sweating excessively!

I currently have a Berghaus, and within 10 minutes of haivng it on, I’m dripping wet through!, not form the rain I hasten to add

try northface jackets 🙂
link: Womens:
Hope i helped 😀

Kathyn Camsey Selling A Pennine Ridge Mens Rain Jacket On Price-Drop TV

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Jacket Tomy Men

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Ranking Toyan – Jacket And Tie (Holding On To My Girlfriend riddim)

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True Religion Jean Jacket For Men

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What are the hottest men’s clothes for this summer’s nightlife?

1. I want to become a bit more trendy.

I am clueless. Like for example, if I am going to PURE in VEGAS or TAO etc, and I want to look VERY fashionable……….I’ll wear TRUE RELIGION JEANS or ROCK AND REPUBLICS………………..

what kind of tops/shirts/jackets would be hot?

-name brands/types/etc


i personaly like guys who look nice but are trendy to so i would say a striped or plain polo shirt whit a pair dark jeans if your shirt is light and light if your shirts dark if yya need any mor ehelp feel to email me

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Gore-tex Jackets

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Applying a patch to a Gore Tex jacket?

Gore tex is spendy, and I hate to punch it full of holes sewing on these patches. Any glue that would REALLY work? Or is it OK to sew Gore Tex?

Once you make a needle hole in a waterproof/breathable membrane you essentially create a conduit by which liquid can pass. You can sew/stitch through these types of fabric, but then you need to seal the seam. A waterproof fabric tape applied to the stitched area will keep the water out, but it also stops the garment from breathing in that spot as well. The more you stitch and tape, the less breathability in the garment.

Glues, adhesives, etc applied to the outside of the garment may or may not damage the fabric. It will stop the breathability at that location on the garment and it may react with the DWR finish or even the material itself. Before using any glue or adhesive it would be a good idea to test a small drop or two on a section of the garment such as the inside of the sleeve or the cuff of the pant leg to see if what you plan to use reacts with the material.

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