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Ww2 Jackets

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ww2 jackets
restoring a ww2 bomber jacket?

i have a ww2 bomber jacket that was originally chocolate brown but has now lost 90% of its color and has a white/brown mottled look to it. the leather is extremely supple and in good shape . what would cause the leather color to flake off like this and is it possible to re-color the jacket without ruining it???

I would contact a USAF museum – or a museum like the Victoria and Albert in London. Both these organisations will have experts who can advise you on the best treatment for the jacket.
I don’t know about USAF or USAAF museums in the US, but the US hanger at the Imperial War Museum at the former USAAF base at Duxford, England should be able to help. (Conservation dept details are about half way down the page)

Hope this helps

My WWII Leather Flight Jacket Art

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Lab Coat Men’s

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lab coat men's
are there any stylish ways for a girl to wear a men’s dress shirt?

it’s white and button-up and is collared. is there a fashionable way i could wear this without it looking like a lab coat? i’m a girl.

Sure. Belt and leggins or dark tights and high heels or boots. All good to go πŸ˜‰ Ah, scarf too

“Bright Scope / Long Lab Coat” (Parody of “Short Skirt / Long Jacket” by Cake)

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Volcom Coat

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what do you think is the best brand for a coat?

Burton ?

haha yeah volcom is sick, but firefly has some sweet designs, they are all good names, its really just finding the perfect one! like me firefly white background with brown tree lines, 450 bucks o yeah ballin πŸ˜›

Review of 2010 Volcom Olive Pea Coat- Kelly from EasyLoungin reviews the Volcom Olive Pea Coat

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Yellow Jacket Manifold Gauge Set

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Yellow Jacket series 41 HVACR Manifold Gauge Set Unboxing!!!

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Army Jackets

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army jackets
What colors would go with a army camouflage jacket?

For anyone that knows anything about fashion, would an all red hat, all blue hat or most general colors go with or match a army camouflage jacket (dark green, grass green, brown)? Why or why not?
The color of the jacket is the same as this hat,4,6147.html?viewfrom=30

camo is so popular lately you can wear almot any color with it. but out of blue and red I would go with red. Chocolate brown would also go good with it!

Vermont’s Barre Army Navy Flight Jackets

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Varsity Jackets

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varsity jackets
Where can i buy NFL varsity jackets?

I’ve been looking for a few weeks now trying to find good websites to buy varsity jackets from which are reliable and ship to Australia. I need help finding a good website to buy NFL varsity jackets from (New Orleans Saints jacket) which you know is reliable. i haven’t been able to find many with a New Orleans Saints varsity jacket so I’ve come to ask for you help πŸ™‚

I’d like a jacket like this: (i like this jacket but its pricey but it gives you an ide of what im looking for πŸ™‚

The term “Varsity” is used to refer to school teams, not the NFL. But, the best way to find the widest variety of places is to Google “NFL team jackets”.

Posting a question like this is begging for spammers to advertise their site by posting a link to it. Normally, these are spammers for Licensing Pirates. If they are willing to rip-off licensing protection, why think they won’t rip you off.

Everybody Hates Varsity Jackets Part 1

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Abercrombie Jackets Men

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abercrombie jackets men
Can someone tell me the price of this jacket?

I can’t get into the american abercrombie and fitch website because i live in italy and i want to know the price of the sentinel and sawtooth jacket (men), can someone tell me the prices? thank you

So you live in Italy and want an A&F jacket? I’m so ashamed.

Those pieces of trash are $160 US (Sawtooth) and $120 US (Sentinel).

Hollister & American Rag Haul

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Levi Jean Jacket Men

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levi jean jacket men

Jeans empire of Levi’s

The first use of denim as a cotton material dates back as far as the 17th century, when it appeared in upholstery, work pants and awnings, ship’s sails and cowboy clothing as the fabric of hardworking and honest labour. The origin of its name is widely believed to be an Anglicism of the French for ‘serge de Nimes’ – the serge fabric, made in Nimes, France.  The famous Levi Strauss Company was created in 1873, with a patented denim jeans process featuring the famous Levi metal rivets. Levi had noticed that miners in the San Francisco gold rush needed strong and sturdy work pants, and he worked with his partner Jacob Davis to produce their patented designs of ‘waist overalls’ with copper rivets, in the famous blue denim.

It is said that except for the famous blue denim, the duck, a thick material which fell out of decline in favour of denim, was regarded as ‘wearing a tent’. These overalls proved to be a great success and Levi and Jacob moved into producing jackets and outwear, as well as muslin shirts.  His nepehews do not let him down! Through decades of working hard, Levi’s jeans have been more and more strong.

Over time, demand outstripped supply and the Strauss’ needed to find a new denim mill, as competition from the South was causing their New England supplier to struggle. By 1915 it was buying most of its denim from North Carolina and by the 1920s Levi’s waist overalls were leading the mens’ work pants market in America.

This only increased further in the 1930s, when the era of Hollywood westerns arrived, and Levi jeans became a high status fashion item, associated with the freedom and individualism of cowboys and the glamorous actors that played them. Heavy advertising spread their popularity across America and overseas.
In the Second World War, American GIs were known to take their favourite jeans overseas for action, to keep them safe!

After the war, Denim pants became increasingly associated with leisure activities of American people. Zippers began to be used in the 50s, and jeans became associated with teenage rebellion. Being featured in films of the time, and banned from many schools and colleges. During this same decade, the company began to export its products worldwide as a word spread. This new youth market was reflected in the name ‘jean’ being formally adopted by Levi’s in the 60s, as jeans flooded Europe and Asian markets, and became a symbol of youth, ideas, individuality and leisure.

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4.5 Men’s Styling Tips

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Field Jacket Womens

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field jacket womens

The moncler jacket look extremely stylish and outclass

Since forty years have gone, this company has got much successful experience in this industry, and has become one of the world leaders in this field. Just wear your moncler jackets over your T-shirt, the garment changes your attitude completely. This winter has brought a tough time on the colder regions of European countries, as the heavy snowfalls have compelled people to spend most of their time in homes.Though wearing this jacket over an air of blue jeans does not seem fashionable to many, finally it’s your comfort.

With the product’s high quality, various styles and fancy design, Moncler jacket is becoming well-known all over the world.The moncler jacket look extremely stylish and outclass when wore with the jeans pent.That is why you may need some advice to help you. It’s of no doubt that some of your friends would go for buying these stylish fabrics. The daily clothes are required to be designed with the functions that they can deal with the extreme weather conditions, but sometimes they can also turn into classic wear when the weather is not that horrible.

So, the moncler outlet jackets women and coat market is trying to bring out the stuff which can let the people perform their routine tasks without being affected by the extreme cold.All the designs have been made keeping in view current trends and fashion demands. Jackets for women allows maximum permutations and combinations. Packed lifts and falsely-advertised difficulty levels can be a pain, as well as misleading quotes for distances and the quality of the après.This awkward situation also put pressure on the manufacturers, because they need prepare enough collections for customers.

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Packed lifts and falsely-advertised difficulty levels can be a pain, as well as misleading quotes for distances and the quality of the après.This awkward situation also put pressure on the manufacturers, because they need prepare enough collections for customers.

World War Two m43 field jackets and 1946 trench coat with wool liner

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Barcelona Jacket Nike

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I just bought a classic barcelona jacket for 100 dollers and the logo is messed up i think it says C.F.B?

i think it suppose to be F.C.B i got it from some nike store in vancouver.

Is it possible that it can be C.F.B
i took the price tag off but i still have it, and i still have the receipt.

After the Spanish Civil War, the Catalan language and flag were banned and football clubs were prohibited from using non-Spanish names. These measures led to the club having its name forcibly changed to Club de FΓΊtbol Barcelona and the removal of the Catalan flag from the club shield

Nike Barcelona Med Filled Flip It Jacket

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Book Jacket Covers Paperback

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book jacket covers paperback
Will Half-Price Books buy books without a cover?

I’m going to sell some of our old books, but I was wondering if they would buy something that is generally in good condition but is missing the “dust jacket” that should be slipped over the outside. And would they buy old calculus, anatomy, and chemistry textbooks from the 90’s? How about paperbacks that have someone’s name written on the side?

ask them.
some don’t take text books.
they may buy your dust jacketless books. but probably not for much.
names on the side dont help really.

the stuff you have is better for a yard sale or garage sale or school funding sale

Processing Library Materials-Book Jackets

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Sewing Jacket

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sewing jacket
I’m going to start sewing a replica life-jacket from Titanic?

How should I do it? any suggestions? How do i begin? how do i end? I’m a guy and I feel more comftble asking on here than any other of my friends that are girls…i hope you understand. so any help would be really appreciated! THX
p.s. I’m actually pretty good at sewing

Well first on all you need to no what the life jacket looks like. Have good pictures or replicas, learn a bit more about life-jacket, as you can connect with it while sewing. Reseach what type of material the life jacket is made off, to get you started. I think purchasing the materials may be a bit expensive. start small, and build ur way up, when i start sewing, i like to start at my favorite part. Also make sure everything is proportional. Pay attention and good luck!

Teach Yourself to Sew: How to Sew a Jacket Part 1

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Bella Jacket Twilight

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bella jacket twilight
Bella’s brown jacket in Twilight?

i know a few people have asked for more info on this jacket.
my friend owns this jacket (in fact i wore it by coincidence on the day i watched the movie, its the EXACT same jacket, with the white fur in the hood and the same stitching and color. its not leather, its more like tweed…). anyway i want one for myself, i’ve checked the tag and it was made by rubbish, my friend bought hers at Nordstrom a long time ago and so they are no longer sold there.
here’s a picture from the movie:

its DEFINITELY the same jacket as my friend’s, so i know for sure it was made by Rubbish. i’ve looked online, on ebay, but cannot find it anywhere! (i offered my friend $100 for it [she bought hers for $80] but she wont budge!) if anyone could help, i would really appreciate it! thanks

I have been looking for this coat everywhere myself. Thanks so much for the brand! that REALLY helps! However; i too cant find it online. Ask your friend for the style number somewhere on the tag, how long ago she got it, where she got it, and that should do it. I wish there was a Rubbish company number to call..

Twilight Bella’s Jacket

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Yellow Jacket Hvac Gauges

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What’s a good HVAC tool brand name?

I have always used either Yellow Jacket or Field Piece for all my hvac tools. They are really reliable brand names, but I was wondering if there are any other good brand names out there? I am looking to buy a new set of gauges and thought I’d try something different if anything else is out there.

JB Makes a good set of gauges. Uniweld also….

In-depth video of my Yellow Jacket series 41 HVAC/R Gauges

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Vest Coats

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vest coats
Will boutonnieres look good on white dress shirts without vest or coat lapels?

I’m getting married in June and I want boutonnieres, but my wedding is going to be very casual and the groom and groomsmen won’t be wearing tuxes. Will boutonnieres look bad on just a white dress shirt? Does anyone have pics? I am very bad at visualization.

go for it!
it’ll look fine =]

11-01-2010 MR. ALAN’S showing Men’s, Women’s & Kid’s Clothing. Shoes, Hats, vest, coats

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