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Firebird Jacket

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firebird jacket
I’m plus size and large chested, but want to buy an Adidas Firebird?

I’m around a size 22, maybe a little smaller. And I have DD’s and find it hard to find a too fit there.

Could I buy a men’s Firebird jacket? Would it fit?
They have up to 3X.

probablt not I am a juniors size large..which I think is between small and medium in womens… I am a size 8 pant and wear a small mens jackets…if they have XXL it may fit

Still Dre Bass Cover

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Cabinet Coat Paint

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cabinet coat paint

Painting Tips: Priming

One of the most important rules of thumb in painting is, “always prime raw wood.”  This is especially true for the exterior of your house.  Primer penetrates the surface of the wood, both sealing the wood and providing an anchor upon which the finish paint will adhere.  Without the anchoring effect of the primer, the finish coat will fail.  It may take a few months, or even a few years, but eventually the wood will be exposed and unprotected.  Weather and the elements will invariably damage untreated, exposed wood.  Conversely, when the finish coat painted over the top of primed wood deteriorates, it powders and flakes; the primed wood that is exposed remains protected.  Moreover, the durability of the finish coat greatly increases with the application of primer coat, as it blocks the interaction of wood borne and waterborne chemicals, such as tannin, calcium and salts, due to exposure to the elements. 

Interior priming can also be valuable.  Raw wood, such as trim and cabinets, also benefits from priming due to the anchoring effect.  Raw drywall and fresh drywall texture also need priming.  If you do not prime new drywall/texture, you will not produce the build or luster desired of paints with any kind of sheen.  Flat paints will also suffer, due to the lack of hide that primers provide.  As a rule, if what you are painting has never been painted, then you should prime it before painting it.

For exteriors, you may need to buy a stain blocking primer, depending on the condition of the wood.  In addition, it is recommended that you prime any composite siding, such as Hardie Plank.  For interiors, most products will work fine, unless you have water damage/stains, in which case you will need a stain blocking primer.

For small areas you can use a brush and or roller to apply the primer. For larger areas, you can use a brush and roller or you can use a Paint Spray Rig. If you choose to use the paint spray rig wait until you are prepped to start spraying, then spray prime the needed areas before you paint them.  Note:  Brushes leave brush marks and rollers leave orange peel.  If your desire is to produce the smoothest finish possible, you may want to spray both the primer and finish.

I hope this tip was useful and helps you produce a beautiful and professional finish on your home. Remember, a fresh coat of paint on the exterior of your home adds a great deal to the curb appeal and value of your home.

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Green Kitchen Makeover – Painting Wood Cabinets

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Jacket Varsity

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jacket varsity
Where can I get my son a good varsity jacket?

I want to get my son a varsity jacket, but they are so expensive at the stores. Where can I get a really nice one for him?

Khleo Getting His Milk Money Varsity Jacket

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Door Coat Rack

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door coat rack
my neighbour leaves her rubbish outside my door?

for years my upstairs neighbour has used my hall floor to store all manner of her household goods and unwanted items just yards from my front door .Items include table chairs dozens of boxes of books even a coat rack full of jackets and coats gas bottle and much more. Every time I open my front door I am faced with this ugly mountain of bric a brac.
The local fire dept agree the situation constitutes a fire hazard yet despite my efforts at pleading cajoling even threatening she just ignores my requests to move the stuff and even adds to it on a regular basis. Any suggestions what I can do ???? I am at my wits end
–I live in Scotland so English law does not apply

Inform your landlord and tell him what the fire department said…………..

Craftsman Experience – How to Make a Door Knocker Coat Hanger, with Frank Fontana

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Leather Jacket Mens Black

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leather jacket mens black
Why are mens black leather jackets this winters trend?

as far as i know theyve always been pretty popular, i have 2

THE perfect black Men’s leather jacket from LEDER-DELUXE

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Light Coats

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light coats

What is anti-reflective coating?

Anti-reflective coating is a development to enhance and improve the lens performance by eliminating reflected light and allows more light to transmit through the lenses. Anti-reflective or anti-glare coating is composed of multiple layers of metal oxide applied to the front and back surface of the lenses once the lenses are treated with anti-scratch or hard coating. Once the lenses are treated with anti-reflective coating the lenses will have a greenish or bluish color which is prominent when you look at the lenses under fluorescent light or at certain angles.

Anti-reflective coating not only improves vision through the lenses but also improves the appearance of the lenses.  Anti-reflective coating reduces both internal and external reflection from the lenses and thus it makes the lenses look thinner and the onlookers can clearly see you eyes. If you are using rimless glasses with anti-reflective coating on the lenses the glasses looks almost invisible.

As per the vision aspect anti-reflective coating reduces reflective light which cuts down glare and improves the quality of vision at night  and when using computers at certain environment.  Research show that using anti-reflective coating can help you at night driving as the coating helps eliminate glare from the head light and tail light of cars thus offers clearer vision.

Anti-reflective coating is beneficial for all and thus is recommended that you should use glasses with anti-reflective coating.  The only drawback of these coating is that the scratches on the lenses are clearly visible as anti-reflective coating eliminates light reflections that can mask lens surface defects. Thus it is recommended that you do not clean the lenses dry it is advisable that you should dampen the lens surface before cleaning the glasses.



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The Red Coats – Red-Light Revolver Music Video

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Marmot Oracle Rain Jacket Men’s

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Alex Testing his Oracle Jacket

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Salomon Jacket Women

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Salomon Sideways 3L Jacket Women

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Jacket Waterproof

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jacket waterproof
New suede leather jacket – do I need to waterproof it or apply a protective coating?

I recently bought a suede leather jacket. I am just wondering whether I need to apply a protective coating or waterproof layer (eg. Scotchguard) before I start wearing it?

I am worried that if I do nothing, and get caught in the rain the leather will be destroyed. However, I also want to check whether spraying my jacket with a protective coating is going to make the texture hard or sticky or anything like that?

Does anyone have any experience or advice?

There is a very good suede protector called Waterstop which if used regularly on suede jackets will make it much easier to look after and prevent it from getting very dirty

North Face Venture Jacket – Waterproof, Breathable & Lightweight jacket from the North Face

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Coat Tree Rack

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coat tree rack

Let The Hall Coat Tree Give You The Sophistication At The Doorstep

Coat Tree is basically a tall piece of furniture, which is generally designed with special hooks and they are placed usually right at the entry way. The tree generally serves the purpose of hanging coats, umbrellas, hats and others. The benefit of this furniture is that when walking through the door, the coats, hats and other garments can be put right on the tree rather than carrying them all along throughout the house. Not only are they a remedy to keep the mess out of a house, but also greatly popular in any type of organizations. They do provide a provision to put off wet coats and hats from the house.

However, a hall coat tree is a type which is usually different from that of a rack. It generally stands and is not attached to the wall where as a rack usually hangs from the wall. It is called a “tree” because it is quite similar in the looks with that of an actual tree. The furniture has a wide base with hooks or pegs that look like branches on a tree. These coat trees are generally 6ft. tall or even more, which enables coats and other items to hang freely and prevents them to dangle on the floor. Some of the hall coat trees come along with a provisional shoe bench. The benefit of the shoe bench is that people attending a meeting or in a gathering in the hall can comfortably sit on the bench part and take off their shoes after keeping the coat in the respective hanger. Generally this type of coat trees kept in a hall carry an additional hat rack at the top. With the hat rack at the top, the tree indeed looks nice and along with that, the hats do not get crushed behind the coats.

While purchasing one it is necessary to keep a few things in the mind. A hall coat tree is generally meant to be kept in an assembly or in a gathering. The purpose of it is to withstand a moderate strength of the coats. It should be noted that while keeping the coats on a hall tree, it is necessary to maintain a balancing approach in order to prevent it from falling. It is of a general tendency for a few people to casually lean their attires on any of the available branch, which is obviously not accepted as the entire architecture of the tree, from the base till the hat stand, is constructed on the theory of equilibrium. Wet coats should be kept on top of the others so that they get a provision to dry and not get mold.

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Martha Stewart Molds a Tree Branch & Casts a Plastic Peg Coat Rack

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Paramedic Jacket

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paramedic jacket
Who is/are the UK suppliers of Police and/or Paramedic High Vis clothing?

Hi everyone,

I am doing a business case study into safety clothing (High Viz stuff) for UK police and paramedics.

I was wondering if anyone out there, maybe if you work in the services, could simply tell me who makes their kit?
Are there many suppliers, or just one/couple of main ones?
How often do jackets etc get replaced?
Or any other info would be much appreciated!


It varies between organisation, a lot of ambulance jackets and police jackets are custom made with green/white or blue/white checkered tape. A company called Reflexite makes prismatic tape for high vis clothing which is very popular on ambulance jackets.

Here is a link to a site that sells paramedic uniforms.

Some police forces have jackets custom designed an exmaple of this would the Met, where as some county forces issue National Uniform Equipment standard jackets with just the words police on, and they can be issued in different forces.

I imagine each officer would replace his/her jacket when it becomes too mucky so it does not fullfill its purpose, I guess they get a new one from stores each time blood gets on them which I imagine in those jobs is rather frequent.

paramedic stud in black leather

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Harley Coat

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harley coat
does anyone know of a website to purchase throttle cable kits for harley (motorcycles)?

I have a 98 Dyna glide (Harley Davidson) and can’t afford to pay $75.00 for a steel braided cable (coated) I just found out they have rebuild kits, so you can run the cable thru the old housing and fasten the ball, that connects, to throttle and carb. But I don’t know where to buy it. The other 2 are steel braided alsoI know yhe black cable’s they are a heck of alot cheaper. Doe’s anyone know of a website to buy, the kit?
Thanx C. check bottom of the page, then click through the next few pages, should find exactly what ya need

try here too

The Martin Harley Band “Winter Coat” Official Video

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Jacket Jeans Men

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jacket jeans men
What jacket is stylin for men right now?

if im gona be wearin mostly plaid shirts n jeans? vans 4 shoes

whats the style? sick of black hoodies too be honest

how about just a simple black blazer? it can be dressed up or down depending on your needs

ps. i completely understand the hoodie thing

Armani Jeans Zip Jacket For Men- Black

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Red Jackets Men

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red jackets men

All About Mens Blazer

A formal dress or a formal blazer means uniformity. The men’s blazers in various places are always considered to be the watch points for the solidarity and the integrity of the place and the seriousness of the work they are involved in. blazers are always seen as a formal or semi formal dress code which shows the prestige of the organization or the institution. Here blazers for men mean more of a sports jacket or a school/ college’s uniform. Mainly they comprise of sports jackets or school uniforms. But blazers are also well known as dinner jackets or blazers giving us an insight to the entire meaning.

Blazers are usually double breasted. Yet single breasted blazers are not uncommon these days. Velvet blazers are the major succeeding kings of blazers. Blazers are always brightly colored. A majestic look appears whenever a man wears a blazer or a sports jacket.

Mens blazer

mens blazer is a blazer which is bright mens in color, matching the needs of an ordinary blazer which is bright in color. mens blazers are liked all over the world. They blazer many occasions. Halloween fantasies can never be complete without someone wearing mens blazer . One buttoned, two buttoned blazers are mostly preferred. They blazer many occasions and places.

Mens mens blazers are the sensation from times immemorial. The excellent varieties of mens blazers or mens sport coats for men can be very well available with us in mensusa. These are bright blazers with bright services.

Mens blazers – it is most attractive and most used color anywhere. mens suits are simply compatible with earth tones from white to red to tan colors. The work culture has been getting more informal over the last few years. In some places, men’s suits and ties are yet obligatory, while in others, tee shirts and jeans are the norm. Hence days having a mens suit have become a necessity. On the other hand blazers are quite common and worn by men or women and on the reachable in subdued colors. Whether you looking towards a men suit for dinner, social party or for business purposes mens blazer is the first you should look at.

mens blazer gives an archetypal look and it is a must in men’s wardrobe. Be it any normal pants or a jean mens color blazer goes with it. Versatility matters a lot when selecting the new blazer for upcoming season. It is always believed that investing in blazer is worth good for couple of years together. When worn, you appear to be a flip and style conscious men. Men Blazers could be worn day to evening and works with different looks.

Color Combination with mens Blazer

If you have just purchased a dashing mens blazer and wondering what color would best with it, then it is the least thing to worry about having an exact match. Pair up your corduroy or moleskin pants with your mens blazer . Getting a matching shirt and pants would just not; it’s about getting perfect shoes as well. For example, mens pants with mens blazer would certainly be wired, whereas if you go with khakis with mens shows and belt, any light color shirt with mens blazer would go much decent. Like wise you can try out many other mixtures as well, but remember to wear well-matched accessories.

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Red Jacket Firearms’ full-auto DPMS 9mm w/ C-mag

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Womens Coats Winter

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womens coats winter
Do you know where I can get a coat like this?

I really like this winter coat:

But they ran out and I’m not sure if they will restock. (Or will restock in time because I need a coat now) I’m just curious if you know where I can get something like that one. Specific stores, links, ect would be really helpful.


I know Macys has some cool ones, you may also find coats like that at places like Nordstrom.

Here are some ones I found that are similar:

womens winter coats 2011

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