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Coat Storage Bags

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coat storage bags
I stored a leather coat with a lining and it smells…can I wash it on delicate ?

I bought it from DANIER Leather, but it stinks as it was in a plastic bag, in storage., what should i do ?

Hang outside to air out. You can’t wash leather.=)

Cat In SPC Saver Bagcat Hiding In Coat

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Jacket Harley Davidson

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jacket harley davidson
Harley Davidson jacket?

Other than online, Where else can I buy a pink Harley Davidson jacket cheap?

You’re not going to find a jacket like that very cheaply at all. The reason? Distributors often have strict restrictions regarding how low their retailers can sell, and this will be especially true regarding a brand that’s as protective of their image as Harley. I’d try “Froogle” or eBay to get the best price. One way for retailers to circumvent the “lowest retailer price” rule is to offer the “make an offer” option on their fixed price auctions. Send them a lower offer for a jacket and they may accept it.

Harley Davidson Leather Jacket

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Juniors Jacket

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juniors jacket

Fashion Guru’s Tip for Junior Clothing

Finding the best junior clothing that fits is more of a Herculean task especially when you are a teenager. Almost everyone in this stage of “identity crisis” really wants to know something more about one’ self which is usually expressed in your own style.

Style can be the best expression of yourself, but sometimes, it is just way too awkward for others to see. In your part, you also have the responsibility of being likable in front of others. For these reasons, let me take you to some piece of advice from the most renowned fashion gurus on how to do with your most treasured junior clothes in order to look stylish and at the same time getting the highlight of everyone’s eyes.

Tip 1. Don’t wear the same junior clothes in a week

One thing you should be avoiding with your junior clothing is to wear the same junior clothing in a week. Try to make some variety of yourself. Familiarity breeds contempt! Always make something new every day as long as you are not repeating the same junior clothes you wear the other day.

While some could not afford to buy lots of dresses in their closets, perhaps, spreading what you have across the week is a good idea. The more you get a variety of styles every day, the more they will be interested with you who have lots of something new to have every day.

Tip 2. Wear some special clothing sometimes

Almost everyone thinks that fashion is a vanity. In reality, it is the other way. Fashion is just something you always want to spice your life. It is the way of expressing your individualist style which makes you feel at home with yourself. For this reason, there is always a reason for you to have at least a piece of designer’s clothes. While your usual junior clothing might be bought at a cheaper price, try to match it with some valuable designer’s clothes.

When people see you that you have with you those elite clothing, people will think that you have a sense of capability. An impression is only momentary, which means you do not have to make them an every day routine. Try to bring out those best clothing of yours occasionally or if when you feel you like to wear them.

Tip 3. Never overdo your accessories

Even if you possess the most expensive junior clothing or no matter how stylish you are, it will always be spoiled with a simple piece called accessories. Doing a lot of accessories can be damaging instead of helping your image.

Try to get rid yourself and look like a walking Christmas tree with lots of bling blings hanging around. Always make it simple and at the same time comfortable. For sure, you are not going to a competition of having the most fashion accessories except when you are really going there.

Tip 4. Wear something which can withstand time.

A fashion guru commented that one should never be updated with style most of the time. For a certain fad in will become a fool stuff in the future. Getting some piece of junior clothing that can withstand time like the leather jacket and those piece of bill bottom jeans. Try to think of wearing your piece of junior clothing for some years to think. Always consider if it is something you can wear from time to time before getting that piece of junior clothing.

The most important thing about being stylish is to be comfortable with what you wear and at the same time conveying that aura of your own sense to others. For this reason, it is always fitting for you to choose the best junior clothing that can satisfy your own taste of style and at the same time not wearing you out.

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DKNY Jeans Juniors Washed Hooded Jacket 7765865

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Gold Jacket

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gold jacket

Try to Keep an Eye on the World’s Trend of Jackets

Being stylish is always the top project for ladies. The same as being beautiful, the ski jackets for ladies have to be practical and also functional. Jackets are just one of the many items that can be customized to gain attention for many different reasons. They last for a long time and will work all that time to get whatever message that you have on the jacket exposure.


Other good features of Moncler jacket include a draw cord at the waist which means you can tighten or loosen as required for a snug fit to keep out the snow and cold, clips on the sleeves which can be connected to gloves and mittens which helps to avoid losing these and a removable hood.


The diversiform of styles, long down jackets, down-hat jackets, is the reason why this brand came to the top. But the jackets are for the cold season doesn’t mean their color has to be cold. Orange, gold, red, no matter what color you want, you can find the one you like best with these ski jackets.


It may be opposite to the majority crowd believed; Moncler jackets are different than your everyday winter jacket. Yes, you can wear your ski jacket as your everyday jacket, but if you haven’t purchased a jacket just for skiing, you’d better not to wear the everyday winter jacket that you bought at the department store to the slopes.


Because of the light weight and small shape, as many people get bothered by wearing jackets in winter season, as they are heavy in weight and also makes them look clumsy. These Moncler women jackets have clever details such as internal zipper guards to provide extra protection from water and wind, and a number of pockets including lined hand pockets for keeping your hands warm.


Various styles and high quality are always what people want when trying to buy a glamorous outfit. Fortunately,the Moncler jacket can perfectly accord with the demand of the market. Keep an eye on the world of ski jackets to find out more about developments in women’s jackets and where to find them. There is a very useful section on ski jacket sizes for US, Canada, UK and elsewhere.

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Gold Jacket, Green Jacket

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Motorcycle Jackets For Men

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motorcycle jackets for men
Where can I buy in the Chicagoland area or northwest suburbs cheap brand name motorcycle apperal?

I am looking for brand name (alpinestar,fox,oneil,scorpion etc.) motorcycle protection jackets for men and women at a discounted price. Are there any good outlets in this area? Looking for kind of like a Marshalls or TJMaxx but for motorcycle gear. I know you can buy online, but sometimes outlet stores have unbeatable prices. Thank You!!


Icon Overlord Textile Men’s Motorcycle Jacket

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White Coat Clipboard -blue

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white coat clipboard -blue

The Clipboard- First Step to Leadership

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Welding Coat

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welding coat
Welding a gas tank?

I took my gas tank out of my mustang ,I cleaned it and had it sitting for a week until the fumes went away I weld a sump on it with a mig welder, But i tested the tank and i had 8 holes on it ,pinholes size.I tried all fricken day to fixed them but the more I tried the more holes i got. so finaly i made it down to 3 pinholes.How can i get the covered,Can i jb weld them or can i braze it?My plans were i was going to jb weld them,then i would buy a gas tank kit.Which includes a gas tank cleaner to remove any rust,if i had any an a coat that seals the tank from inside.Would that be ok. Please let me know asap.I want to work on my tank this weekends.Thanks
idon’t want to buy another tank ,a tank with a sump cost over 100 dollars.


I agree with spamme44 – you’d be best to get a new tank in my opinion. Seems the welding has weakened the tank and is making holes; it’s only a matter of time before you find/create new ones. I’d personally suggest you get a new tank and if you need the sump attached on that one, try brazing from the get-go…that way you’re not actually fusing the metals thus less heat is involved.

I’ve found JB weld to be a wonderful invention and I’ve used it on so many things…while it’s supposed to be “temporary”, I’ve had JB fixes outlast what I used it on…however, I’m not so sure I’d be comfortable using it on a fuel tank where the chances of a recurring leak could cause a serious safety hazard.

I wish you all the best in this and have a very blessed weekend 🙂

welding with the new hobart handler 210 making coat racks

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Jackets Caterpillar

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jackets caterpillar
Help trying to find a certain yaoi / Shounen Ai manga?

Help trying to find a certain yaoi / Shounen Ai manga?
I remember this much.
It begins like this, a guy walking pass a guy who sitting on a bench, but is asleep and a bug (normal size bug, like a Caterpillar or something like that) is on him, so the person walking by use his coat to get the bug off him(the guy sleeping)and the bug goes flying. Then the guy wakes up and like thank you so much and blah blah. Then the next day the guy who was sleeping on the bench gives the guy who saved him from the bug a new jacket. Then after that the guy who was saved keeps giving the guy who saved him presents


Baby Aspen, Caterpillar Crawlers Baby Socks Gift Set

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Jacket Buttons

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jacket buttons
What are the sizes of the Class A jacket pocket buttons and where can I get them?

So my DS was a really cool guy and decided to take off the pocket buttons on my Class A jacket to “keep it safe” while it was getting dry cleaned. So a few weeks go by and I forget about it then graduate and never got them back. Now im with my unit and need to wear the uniform but don’t have the buttons. I need to find out where to get them because supply doesn’t have them and can’t seem to find them anywhere. Can use all the help I can get. Thanks

Either your supply sergeant or the clothing sales store should have them. You can also order them from

Order two sets of Buttons Men’s Service Coat Pocket (Pair)

See this link –

You will have to pay extra for overnight shipping.

Burberry Button Jacket for Women-White

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Leather Jacket Cheap

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leather jacket cheap
schott 118 motorcycle leather jacket cheap look alike knockoff imitation?

i don’t want to spend $500 on a schott leather jacket and be constantly paranoid of damaging it. where can i get a nice motorcycle leather jacket online that looks similar to a schott 118 but in the $89-$200 range. doesn’t have a size small. i’m skinny and i want the jacket to fit snugg. size 34. no ebay or bigdogleather either


Fake leather jacket scam! Italiano Buyer Beware!

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Jacket Calvin

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jacket calvin
I’m getting my son’s 1 yr old pictures done today..?

What What should i put him in? I have a Calvin Klein outfit its jeans and a zip up jacket the jacket is brown.. and I was also going to put him in another outfit its a US polo outfit long sleeve jacket and a pair of pants.. but should I put him in something summery? It’s only 65 degrees out here today so of course he has to wear something warm out but since his birthday is in August should he wear a summer outfit as well or just do what I was planning

I recently had my sons pictures done. He wore a summer outfit with a shirt that covered a tank top. In some of the pictures he has on the outer shirt and some just the tank and some both. it was easier to remove the one shirt than to change an entire outfit. Think about your child and his temperment. Half way through our session my son just had a melt down and we did not get alot of pictures cause he was tired.

Chun telling Calvin to take off his jacket @ Kawasaki Japan 1/11/11

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Ladies Jacket Dresses

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ladies jacket dresses

Top tips for womens dresses this autumn/winter 2010

Taking inspiration from the catwalks, the high street will leave shoppers feeling spoilt for choice this winter. When it comes to ladies fashion there are some key trends available this season.

Most retailers have taken inspiration from the catwalk and celebrities by offering gorgeous trends in womens dresses. For instance, there is a clear nod towards 1960s shift dresses. True to nature, these Twiggy-esque pieces will have bold and graphic prints that will speak volumes on either a night out or on a shopping trip. The shorter length means they will look amazing worn with opaque tights and boots.

In other areas of ladies fashion dresses, many retailers have been exploring the 1970s look with flowing Boho dresses and sparkly disco inspired pieces. The long maxi dress will still be a key piece in every woman’s wardrobe with many retailers offering styles in darker and funkier styles.

With velvet being a key fabric this season, this will be seen across all areas of fashion from dresses to jackets. Although it may seem like a hard trend to pull off, many fashion experts agree that the look can be achieved by wearing one piece on its own. For example a velvet dress will look amazing worn with lace tights, which is also another major theme for this season.

Music, television and fashion are all interlinked so it is little wonder that the full skirts and dresses from TV series Mad Men has influenced a revival in 1950s dresses and skirts. This ultra feminine look will show hour glass figures off to absolute perfection as it nips in and goes out in all the right places. Shorter ladies should be wary of this look however as they may need to have their dresses taken up a few inches to avoid looking too drowned in fabric.

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Gothic Leather Dresses,ladies leather dresses,leather uk

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Mini Jacket

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mini jacket
Im going to wear a brown mini brown leather jacket to school is that weird?

I have this brown mini thin leather jacket that im going to wear with a black tee underneath with skinny jeans and boots is that a weird outfit? I need this question answered before tomorrow! thanks 🙂

this kinda looks like it but its in black:

No, it’s not a weird outfit..
You can try adding some necklace to make it more elegant.
Well if you like to see more ideal styles for leather jackets, you can try
to check out this site i came across.

Hope my idea helps! 🙂


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Jacket Aviator

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jacket aviator
Which ‘JACKET’ ‘LOOKS BETTER’..? JACKET 1 or 2…?

I have tried on both columbia jackets. They are both for winter. Originally, both jackets were $229 but are now reduced to $140. Columbia Jacket #1 seems to fit me better than the other jacket. I am thinking of getting the 1st jacket. I am thinking of using the jacket for winter. Maybe wear a sweater, jeans, and some snow boots with the jacket with a pair of black gloves. What do u think of both jackets? WHich looks better?

MEN”S COLUMBIA AVIATOR JACKET #1,01,_Columbia-Sportswear-Aviator-Jacket-For-Men.html



number one since u said it fits u better…why pay 140 on a jacket that doesn’t look too great in the first place?…logically number one is the wiser choice if u like it better and it looks better on u than choice 2. it fits the requirements for being warm as well.

Pairings: What to Wear with an Aviator Leather Jacket

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Leather Jacket With Hood For Men

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leather jacket with hood for men

Girls Leather Jackets to Die For

If there is 1 piece of clothes that has proved to be much more flexible than any other specifically in today’s aggressive markets and financial system it would be girls leather jackets. Feel about it, most international locations are even now struggling to restore their economy so several men and women and females specially can’t afford to acquire fashionable clothing as regularly as they use to. Women leather jackets if purchased properly would effortlessly fit collectively with other clothes in your wardrobe closet.

This market place has grown so huge and this implies that there are also lots of retailers that get aspect in delivering less than ethical leather jackets. BE mindful when acquiring yours since some sorts of disguise very last longer and look greater than other folks. Make guaranteed to seem for ask oneself some critical queries ahead of creating that obtain like:

o What sort of leather is it? Major grain or split conceal

o What disguise is it for instance; Cow disguise or maybe Buffalo?

o Leathers to stay away from would be Pig and Goat leather as this is horrible good quality in comparison to Real Cow cover.

It’s critical to know what to seem for when generating a conclusion to buy; this could in the end have an effect on you later and price you far more.

Women leather jackets were essentially created to shield them when participating in risky sports or routines like skiing, or riding a motorcycle. Women’s Leather Motorcycle Jackets are mainly the purpose why it’s grow to be so popular that in actuality quite a few females that don’t even unique a bike have bought or proven curiosity in leather jackets. Produced popular in the motion pictures dating back again to the 50’s have made an empire in design and style and opened a lot of doors of creativity for females and style designers all over the world.

Check out or discover a local wholesaler that specializes in girls leather jackets and you’re sure to discover a good offer. One particular type of leather jackets that are preferred for women that demand a plus sizes are trench coat design jackets which had been built popular by the film known as “The Matrix”. Very long flowing and trendy styles are certain to follow and search breathtaking with the proper setting to make any plus dimension woman experience like a star for a day.

If you dwell in trend setting cities like London or New York then probabilities are you’ve noticed how well-known girls leather jackets with hoods have turn into. Obtainable with fur collars or delicate inner linings can make leather jackets with hoods quite delectable and a personalized favourite for many ladies wanting to appear wise while traveling and preserving out the rain or cold.

Can’t locate what you’re wanting for in the merchants then attempt eBay or Amazon. Here you’ll discover so many distinct variations of so be cautious not to get overcome by the variety of options accessible. Remember that occasionally not each and every dimension indicated will always fit, so don’t be shy to ask for your size, be it further little or a plus dimension it doesn’t subject simply because they don’t know you personally. For far more info about “Custom Closets New York”, you really should visit: Custom Closets New York

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