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Beige Coat

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beige coat
If i paint my car with a 3 stage system, and the primer being beige will it have an effect on my red base coat?

it is an older sherwin williams system ultra fill ii. i have had it sitting around. id rather not spend money on new primer system. what kind of effect will it have on the red basecoat the brand is imron?

as a standard when painting lighter colored primers brighten and darker colored primers deepen the color of your base color. as a yellow primer would add a slight orange back hue to a red though the red would be the primary color seen and say a dark blue/black primer would give a deeper more burgandy finished result. this is why “primer grey” is typically used as it will not brighten or darken the true color. beige istelf is a neutral color and typically blends with everything but to be safe and ensure it will end as the color you want i might have it sampled and tested on a piece of metal prepped as your car would be prepped for paint. (filler and sanded then prime and paint and clear) it may cost a few dollars to have it done but you will be able to know it is what you wanted

Winter Fashion: Mix & Match II (Turning your Summer Faves into Winter Outfits)

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Jacket Motorcycle Women

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jacket motorcycle women
vented women’s motorcycle jacket for texas summers?

any recommendations ladies? brands? websites?

textile or leather is fine with me 🙂


Here is a link to a leather jacket.

Here is a link to a fibet jacket

Scorpion Elektra Women’s Motorcycle Jacket

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Jacket Parka Men

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jacket parka men
Where can I get a cool Parka jacket for Men for under $70?

Well since the weather has chilled down a bit, I figured I’d get a Parka style jacket (with the fur lined hood) similar to Bomber Jackets from PacSun. I’m looking for a black one. Mind you, its more for looks than to keep warm. Unfortunately, I’d rather not spend $100 dollars on them.

Finding some on the web will give you a better chance of getting the Best Question but if you at least know where they sell them, please share.

Thank you!
Ones like these:

Here’s a link to Men’s Parka’s for $80 and under at the comparison shopping site that I use:–price-range-0-80.htm

The North Face Mens Resolve Parka

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Coats Rack

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coats rack
Where can I buy a human coat dryer rack?

Seen a metal one with 3 horizontal rails and then a coat hanger shaped upper rail so you hang the coat over the top. Found it on google but having spoken to them they dont supply individuals. Any idea where I could get something similar or any ideas about drying methods – other than hairdryers etc. Have smelly riding coats/waterproofs that will need drying every day in the winter.

Is this the sort of thing you mean?

How to Make a Coat Rack : Sizing Coat Rack Base Plate

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Jackets Joe Rocket

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jackets joe rocket

Joe Rocket Motorcycle Jackets For Men – A Brief Review

There are few names that stand out quite like that of the Joe Rocket brand. This line of jackets are often times considered to be the premier brand of Motorcycle jackets. There are a few things that you need to look for when it comes to Joe rocket motorcycle jackets for men.

Unlike a lot of the brands that are on the market today, there is a state of quality that comes when a person makes the decision to invest his money in one of these jackets. Many of the jackets that are made are made from top of the line materials that are often times high grade leather or a close substitute. This is a sign that you are getting a quality product for your money.

The design and quality of the zippers is another aspect that needs to be looked at carefully. Many jackets are made from cheaper materials that are often times less quality in their design. This as a result will lead a person to make the decision to invest his money and buy a jacket wherein the zippers are not going to break on or wear out after a short amount of time.

No matter if you ride a sport bike or a cruiser, you are bound to find a design that is right for you and your needs. There are dozens of styles and designs for you to choose from. These as a result will allow a person to get a design that is right for them and their individual needs. This also allows them to have a more personal look when they are riding their bike.

Many riders today are concerned about a jacket that will hold up and not wear out over time. There is little to no chance that these jackets are going to wear out and will look as new years from now as the day that you bought it. This is a sign of a jacket that is built to withstand the test of time.

Price is something that you need to make sure that you keep in mind when it comes to getting a jacket that you are able to be proud of and one that will serve you well over the years. While these jackets do come with a little bit of a hefty price tag, they are well worth the money that you will spend in order to have a quality item.

There are several places that you are able to buy Joe rocket motorcycle jackets for men. There are several online discount stores that will be able to save you a little bit of money with your purchase. You will need to make sure that you take the time to find a quality item that will serve you well over the years.

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Joe Rocket Speedmaster 5.0 Jacket

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Coat Hangers Wood

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coat hangers wood
How does one hang a coat on a wood hanger?

My Mother in-law says that you should hang shirts, coats, jackets … pretty much anything with sleeves …. with the curve of the hanger facing outwards. I have always hung anything on wooden hangers with the curve facing the back of the garment. Can someone tell me where she may have gotten this information …. and if she’s correct? Thanks!!

I think you are right. When you wear the clothing, the natural slope of your shoulders is just a bit forward. If you hung a sweater on with the other side of the slope then the points would make funny bumps that would stick out when you wore it. Her way makes the clothing stay on the hanger better, but I’d prefer not to have abnormal bumps sticking off my shoulders.

Making Traditional Wooden Coat Hangers

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Motorcycle Jacket Women Pink

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motorcycle jacket women pink

Black with pink hoodie motorcycle jacket

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Coats 7065

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coats 7065

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Jacket Ralph Lauren

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[affmage source=”cj” results=”20″]Jacket Ralph Lauren[/affmage]
jacket ralph lauren
what is a good store to get an outfit for a modeling audition?

I am a young adult who is just starting out in the modeling world. I have an interveiw scheduled for a for late April. I am wear black skinny jeans, white wedges, and my white/cream Ralph Lauren suit jacket white red RL letters to the left hand side. What should the top be? I was thinking a silk red button down with collar, but a lot on people say tank-top. Please answer with any link, idea, or comment.

Yes i agree with the simple blank canvas.
I would also recommend H&M


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Tron Jackets

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tron jackets

Play Basketball Wearing Adidas Trainers

If you play basketball, one of the most vital sporting accessories that you require for playing this sport is a quality trainer. By wearing a comfy trainer you would be able to take flexible and fast moves when it comes to moving in the basketball court as well as passing and then scoring. Wearing Adidas trainers when playing in the court can offer you great comfort. Superstar shoes are great basketball shoes.

The label Adidas is well liked by almost all people who are brand conscious and are especially particular about using quality products. Not only will you get sports items with this brand, other items of fashion and styles such as fashion bags, body spray, t-shirts, tracksuits and others are also available with Adidas.

There are several reasons why people love Adidas Originals. This brand is actually known for offering comfortable as well as durable products. No matter what product it is, whenever Adidas manufactures any item, they always keep in mind one thing–they need to satisfy their customers by offering quality products. The products they sell are bit costly. But Originals fans definitely do not mind paying a little more when buying them because they very much well know that their purchase would be worthy.

Adidas Originals is one of the famous brands that specialize in sports apparel. So, when you look for sports apparel, whether its sneakers or tracksuits, look no further than this brand. Different kinds of tracksuits and trainers that are available with this brand offer great comfort to the wearer. They are crafted by making use of high quality materials. One of the most popular trainers from Originals is the Adidas Gazelle trainer. These trainers features three classic stripes on both sides and have soft suede upper.

Adicolour Trainers and Superstar Shoes are also some of the other most popular Adidas trainers available in the market. The Adicolour trainers’ concept became known to public since1983. They were originally white in colour and were available in wooden boxes. Adicolour low top trainers come with all white track jackets, set of 6 colored acrylic paints, wooden palatte and paintbrushes.

Adicolor was however re-launched in the year 2005 as a duplicate of the Originals. These trainers have several characters on them like Mr Happy, Betty Boop, Trimmy, Miss Piggy, Tron, Muhammad Ali and Kermit the Frog. However, if you think that the Adicolor trainers that were available in 1983 are completely different than the ones that have been re-launched in 2005, you are wrong! The rubber outsoles and the ghilly lacing system are similar.

If you plan to buy a tracksuit from Adidas you can be rest assured that they are made from stretchable materials offering you utmost comfy when jogging.

This brand makes use of the Trefoil logo (the logo that was used originally on all the products of Adidas until 1991 when the company introduced another new logo). This particular brand has an ex post facto old school feel. This brand invites lifestyle customers to celebrate the originality of this particular label by organizing unique campaigns and offering a wide variety of the product themes. A campaign was launched in 2008 in order to promote Adidas Originals.

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UD REPLICAS Tron Legacy Movie Replica Motorcycle Jacket with lights

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Jacket Aeropostale Men

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[mage lang=”” source=”flickr”]jacket aeropostale men[/mage]
Skeptical ? Wearing a…?

So I’m gonna go shopping again for some accessories, outerwear, and maybe shoes. I was looking around aero’s sites. So I was wondering if a zipped hoodie and a double breasted jacket would look alright? I’m petite.. very very petite, as in short, but I’m not fat, yay xD


OH god I love the internet so xD
I forget the name of the man who invented it..but I’m happy he did.
I’ll usually be wearing it with uniform D: school uniform sucks, I’m just happy my school isn’t so strict about it, just certain colors and some other rules.
Also, I wanna wear this during winter? like not uber cold days, I have a puff coat/jacket for that.
I’ll wear the hoodie and jacket separately during autumn and spring

They’re both absolutely adorable! I especially like the hoodie.

Just Dance

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Jackets Leather Guess

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jackets leather guess
I just bought a leather Jacket from U.S.A. Leather can you guess where it was made?

LOL it’s not what you think LOL

Probably China or Mexico or Pakistan or somewhere besides the USA………….

I had a hard time finding socks the other day made in the USA……..and it was sad, they weren’t as thick as the ones from Mexico…………

OOTD: Leather jacket with skinny jeans

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Tan Jacket

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[affmage source=”cj” results=”20″]Tan Jacket[/affmage]
tan jacket
How do I remove black pen ink from a washable tan leather jacket?

Methylated Spirits removes ink and grass stain´s . Use cotton wool , then rinse with clear water ,you can use a small amount of washing up liquid after you have rinsed with water

Tan Jacket

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Kindle Jacket Zipper

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The M-Edge Latitude Jacket

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Dog Jacket Anxiety

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dog jacket anxiety

Your Dog and Separation Anxiety – Training and Treatment

Your dog is scratching at the door again. You’ve just let her out so you can attend to a visitor, and now he’s having a major freak-out – whining and wailing and gouging up the doorplanks. It seems to happen every time you’re out of your dog’s direct line of vision. Bad enough she tears up the house while you’re away at work; lately, she’s started acting up while you’re still getting ready in the morning, whimpering and barking as you pick up your keys. The poor dog is a nervous wreck, and frankly you’re not feeling so hot either. What to do?

You are the most important person in your dog’s life, and naturally your presence is a comfort to her. But if your dog is tearing the door apart to get to you on the other side, it may be a sign of anxiety. The protective instinct is strong in dogs, and when your dog is separated from you during your workday, she may be afraid that something terrible will happen to you.

Another occasion for anxiety comes when you shut the dog outside or into another room, as to deal with a deliveryman or visitor. In such cases, her concern is for herself and her place in the hierarchy of your little pack. She feels rejected; you’ve sent her away, banished her, and her status within the social structure of the family is suddenly uncertain.

Whatever the cause of her insecurity, your dog needs reassurance from you before the behavior can be resolved. Desensitization training can help her to understand that separation is temporary. Research indicates that dogs, like most animals, perceive time very differently than humans do, with little functional concept of “the future” and limited ability to plan; but they can learn to associate stimulus clues with events, and thereby anticipate coming events – as in Pavlov’s famous experiment.

In a weekend of intensive training, you can start conditioning your dog to disassociate your departure rituals – e.g., gathering up your keys, or putting on your jacket – from the stress of separation, simply by performing those actions several times without actually leaving the house. By repeatedly going through the motions of departure while your dog is in a calm, submissive state, you are deactivating the triggers for her fear. When you do leave the house, don’t make a big goodbye. You’re not going to slip away unnoticed – your dog is far too alert for that – but by keeping the event low-key, you’re sending her the message that this No Big Deal.

The same desensitization approach can work to calm your dog’s fear of banishment when you isolate her. Open the door to her crate or play yard and, using a toy, encourage her to enter. Allow her to explore the environment, and walk away, all the while leaving the door or gate open. The idea is to get her used to the isolation space without anxiety. Once she’s comfortable with being in the crate or yard by herself, you can close the door or gate for a short time. If she scratches at the door, ignore her until she settles. Repeat the process several times, leaving the door shut for a longer time with each repetition.

The end goal of the training is to have the dog focus on what’s happening on her side of the door, rather than on your presence on the other side – so it’s vital to have toys and comfort items in the space. And again, don’t make a big fuss when it’s time to isolate the dog. If you’re calm and matter-of-fact, she will take her cues from you.

These conditioning techniques are the most certain way to alleviate behavioral problems. Keep in mind, though, that they will only be effective if undertaken while your dog is calm and settled; if your dog’s anxiety is particularly intense – to the degree where she cannot settle even with you present in the room – these exercises may actually make the problem worse. If this is the case, it may be necessary to have your vet prescribe an anti-anxiety medication – at least as a temporary measure, to allow your dog to relax enough to benefit from the behavior-modification training.

With the proper mix of reassurance and training, you and your dog can get back to enjoying the time you spend together, rather than stressing over the time you spend apart.

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Jack Feerick is an editor for – your source for dog beds and more.

How to put on the Anxiety

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