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Suits Jacket

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suits jacket

A Guide to Men’s Suits

Unless you wear suits every day, the chances are good that you don’t keep up with fashion trends in men’s suits. Nevertheless, because suits form a considerable investment, it pays to be an educated shopper. Hence, here are some tips for every man who is in the market for a new men suit.

Double vs. Single Breasted:
One of the main things that you have probably always wondered about when it comes to buying a men’s suit is whether you should buy a double-breasted suit or a single-breasted suit.  Double-breasted suits tend to look better on people who are tall and slender. Single-breasted suits tend to look better on people who are on the heavier side, or those who are built muscle-wise.

Single-breasted suit jackets might have one, two, three, four, or even more buttons. If you’re looking for a classic, timeless style, you can choose a two-button jacket. They work with virtually every physique, and will have staying power. While wearing a two-button jacket, keep the old adage, “Top ever, bottom never” in mind, and only button the top button.

Three-button jackets have come into fashion, and are widely seen as mainstream. Three buttons add a perception of length to the torso, which works especially well for men with long legs. A two-button jacket may work better for shorter men. When wearing a three-button jacket, keep the top two buttons or only the middle button done.

Jackets that have four or more buttons are considered as very fashion forward, and are especially popular in urban styles. If you already own a selection of suits, a multi-button jacket makes for a great, edgy wardrobe addition.

Kind of Vents:
When it comes to jacket vents, you have 3 choices: no vent, single vent, and double vents. If you are very slender and are searching for a sleek look, you can get away with a jacket without vents. Otherwise, you should select either a single or center-back vent that gives you a bit of room to move, or double side vents that flatter most every physique and give you the broadest range of movement.

Kind of Pockets:
Pocket styles preferences change with the seasons, but nearly every men’s suit jacket has one of three types of pockets: besom pockets- which is a slit but no flap; flap pockets- where a piece of fabric overlaps the pocket opening; and combination- where the flap can be tucked into the pocket to replicate the look of a besom. The combination is the most versatile, but you really can’t go wrong with any of these types.

Shopping with a Purpose:
Whether you’re choosing a Giorgio Fiorelli, Hugo Boss, Mantoni, Ralph Lauren, or Calvin Klein suit, you definitely want the most bang for your bucks. Begin by searching online for sites that guarantee low prices and outstanding quality. You should be able to find a site that enables you to save 50% off of retail store prices. These sites typically offer an outstanding range of styles and sizes, as well as the expertise to guide you through your purchase. Whatever men’s suit you ultimately choose, you can be sure to wear it with style.

About the Author

Rachel E. Levinson is presently working on the site Tuxedos. He has written many articles on various topics. For more information about Zoot suits visit our site Mens suits.

How to Measure Men for Suits : Take Measurements for a Suit Jacket

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Shellac Coat

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shellac coat
Stain Sealing with Shellac?

I have some persistent stains that keep coming through the ceiling and wall paints … I am considering buying Zinser BIN Shellac-Based White Primer … see below:

I already have a tin of pure shellac dissolved in alcohol, however, and was wondering if that would work? I will be painting two coats over it anyway, so I don’t need the sealer to be white … I just need it to seal in the stain.

From what I can tell, the sealing properties of the Zinser BIN are due to it being shellac-based, and the fact that shellac forms a non-microporous film over surfaces so nothing gets through … in this case, am I better off just using my pure shellac or does the BIN have some other benefit that I’m missing?


The Alcohol based Shellac is fine to use……do as many coats as you like. If you want to hurry the drying a simple hand held hair dryer works great

Shellac Layering UV Color Coat System

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Leather Jackets For Boys

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leather jackets for boys
Where is a good place to get a leather jacket for a good price for preteen boys?

I always see good leather jackets at H&M and many other places but I can’t find one in my size!!! I see great ones for men and teenagers but none for boys ages 10-12. Can you please tell me where to find leather jackets like this:
or this:

Burlington Coat Factory has great prices also some leather stores like Wilson’s Leather can have some great deals.

Boys Leather Bomber Jacket, Boys Black Leather Jacket, Boys Leather Jacket

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Cafe Racer Jacket Leather

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cafe racer jacket leather
What is mean’t by the term Cafe Racer ?

Or what is a cafe Racer.? I remember seeing Member’s Only Leather jackets advertised as CAFE RACERS.

A café racer, originally pronounced “caff” (as in Kaff) racer, is a type of motorcycle as well as a type of motorcyclist. Both meanings have their roots in the 1960s British counterculture group the Rockers, or the Ton-up boys, although they were also common in Italy, Germany, and other European countries. In Italy, the term refers to the specific motorcycles that were and are used for short, sharp speed trips from one coffee bar to another.[1]

Barechest smokin in black leather cafe racer jacket

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Motorcycle Jacket Mesh Armor

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motorcycle jacket mesh armor

Women’s Motorcycle Jackets

Women’s Motorcycle Leather, Mesh and Cordura Jackets for motor biking are very famous types. Motorbike jacket’s name is itself descriptive enough that these types are used by motorcyclists. Manufactured with an aim to provide protection against seasonal weather changes and security. These women’s motorcycle jackets are trendy giving desired complete protection.

As the main safety aspect is concerned, motorcycle jackets for the two genders have very little difference. It would be a prejudiced statement to say that women ride bikes any slower than men. Reckless driving and speed is a phenomenon attached with biking. So why to hesitate when speeding and thrill is the aim, just because we are not having a safety gear. It is really wise to spend some dollars on buying a perfect protective women’s motorcycle jacket than breaking a bone or getting all bruised in an unseen and unfortunate accident.

Overall the selection of men and women motorcycle jackets in respect of style of the jackets differs and this must be kept in mind when you are buying the apparel.

Motorcycle jackets of women are high in quality; reasonably priced whether leather, Cordura or mesh. Materials used in leather jackets are made of 1.1-1.3mm premium top grain cow hide leather. Leather jackets also have five section removable armor for back, shoulders and elbows. The armor is completely removable through Velcro locked pockets. Shoulder and elbow pieces of armor are made of injection-molded plastic/hard armor padded with foam for comfort fit, and back piece is made of double density EVA. These have strong zippers in front, sleeves, around waist and ventilations.

Mesh women’s jackets have five pieces of protective armor in back, shoulders and elbows. These are made up of poly mesh; wearable throughout the year while Cordura women’s jackets are made of D600 poly Cordura. These have 3m reflective tape in front. Cordura jackets come with two fitted liners, fixed mesh liner while the other is removable full sleeve, quilted and insulated liner. These jackets can be worn during hot and cold weathers.

That’s why your women’s motorcycle jackets made from Cordura and mesh materials provides you protection in all warm n cold seasons.

At jackets4bikes women’s motorcycle jackets feature of ventilation is kept well in mind before designing jackets whether leather, Cordura or mesh jackets. Some jackets offer ventilation through perforated leather used in them while some have full ventilation control using front chest and back zippers.

Women’s Leather Jackets available on jackets4bikes are durable and long lasting as our every product meets high quality standards, which surely are desirable for all our valuable customers. Other salient features of women’s motorcycle jackets are waist adjustments using waist zippers and snap on buttons; this ability makes you feel more comfortable when you wear leather motorcycle jacket. Some women’s Leather jackets at jackets4bikes offer stretch panels along chest and torso area. This feature is superb if you want a custom fit. These Stretch panels can expand up to 3 inch for a perfect fit.

Answer to questions like “why choose Women’s Leather Jackets only from jackets4bikes?” is simple: High stringent quality standards are set for manufacturing and we stand behind all our products. Obviously it’s well-known that a good quality Leather jacket does have heat, cold, rough wear n tear resistance while Cordura and Mesh jackets are wearable throughout the year with comfort.

Women’s motorcycle jackets at jakets4bikes jackets are multipurpose; can be worn to ride on bikes or as an ultimate fashion wear. Huge varieties of Women’s motorcycle jackets are available at in various colors, designs and styles. Details regarding what to buy, suitable price, colors and styles are available.

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For more information do visit: Leather Jackets/ or Mesh Jackets/ or Cordura Jackets/ or

drop ur word at

Sport Bike Tips and Gear : Using Mesh or Armor for Sport Bike Jackets

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Suit Coat Hangers

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suit coat hangers

Coat Hangers: Add style to your wardrobe

Do you want to keep your business formals and winter wear in good condition? Using specialized coat hangers can make a big difference. Hangers designed for coats are available in a variety of materials like wood, metal, and plastic.

Coat hangers also help you in keeping your wardrobe spic and span.  Accessories may also be added to the hangers to enhance their functionality. For instance, clips can secure your coat’s matching pants and help you keep your garments properly. Also, by investing in coat hangers, you can be sure that your garments would not diminish in quality because of improper storage tools.

Wood is an ideal material for coat hangers. For one, wood coat hangers offer a natural look and a timeless appeal, adding style to any display space. Also, wood hangers are available in a wide array of neutral finishes like cherry, walnut, or white wash, blending well with all colors.

In addition, wood coat hangers offer a remarkable durability that will resist breakage and improper molding if used well and correctly. And because they are relatively easy to shape into custom designs that will result in a perfect fit, they can provide the care and protection that special clothes like suits need.

The capacity of coat hangers to carry the full weight of the coat ensures them from falling and getting spoiled. Whatever kind of coat hangers, you make use of; you must ensure that the coat hangers bear the features necessary to protect your coats while in storage. One of the most important features that you must check is the shape of the hangers. Optimally, the hangers should be broad and curved on the shoulder area. Such hangers ensure that the coats remain in shape, and wrinkling on the sides can be prevented.

Other than this, you must also make sure that your coat hangers offer an ultra-smooth finish. This is because such hangers do not create runs and also do not damage the coat’s lining. Such hangers are especially important for coats that are classy and feature silk or silk-like lining.

Apart from being used in homes, coat hangers are also used by department stores for adding some aesthetic sensibility when it comes to the display of clothing merchandise.

About the Author

At theshopfittingshop we use only the finest materials available in every wood hanger, plastic hanger or metal clothing Hanger we make and offer them at factory direct prices.

The Clothes Hangers of Society-Holden Rap

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Coat Cape

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coat cape
Where can I find a wool cape coat like this?

This kind of shape would be great! thanks 😀

American apparel have one the exact same style as that, in navy and in black, it’s got wook on the inside and it has a little hood, check it out on thier website

Klepper coat and cape outside

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Canvas Jacket

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canvas jacket
Can you bleach the century stretch canvas gi jacket?

without destroying it

I’m thinking of buying it. My middleweight just took its last reverse punch.

I am not sure how the stretch gi’s do with the bleach. If they are mostly cotton they will be fine.
I have kwon and century gi’s, heavy weight traditional cut. I am a fan of the Kwon 12oz kata cut gi.I bleach them about once a month. I also use a bleach pen to get routine stains out of them without having to bleach the whole affair. The armpits get a yellow hue after a couple of years. To avoid this wear a shirt underneath it. The stains are from deoderant, not sweat. If possible avoid wearing deaoderant, oils, lotions and other such things. They lead to stains. But soap is still a good thing before class, you do not wish to offend with odor.
When you bleach use lots warm water, extra rinse and go easy on the bleach. Of course you should never out it in the dryer. When white cotton gets too much bleach it gets yellowish and it also wears at the seams with too much bleach, so go easy on it.

Blaklader Brawny Canvas Jacket

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Coats Clark

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coats clark
what year did J&B Coats and Mr. Clark join together to become coats & clark thread company?


Here’s the whole history.

Flowers: Yo Yo Rosettes from Coats and Clark

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Cropped Jacket

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[affmage source=”cj” results=”20″]Cropped Jacket[/affmage]
cropped jacket
What type of shirts to wear with a cropped jean jacket during the fall?

-what type fitting shirts
-I’ll be wearing this to school and i have to follow the dress code
-pictures on clothing websites are welcome

white v-neck
lace cami
your favorite non-baggy tee

check look in the “trend” section

#2 Cropped Jacket, Vogue Knitting Early Fall 2010

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Uniform Coat

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uniform coat
Where can a deploying soldier purchase an extra multi-cam uniform?

I’m a late-deployer and my unit is utilizing multi-cam uniforms, which it is presently out of. I am looking to purchase two sets for travel to theater. Can anyone provide a site that sells the US Army-authorized multi-cam coat, pants, and patrol cap?

Propper is the main supplier of most US Army clothing.

However if you’re going to Iraq and not Afghan you might want to reconsider purchasing these items.

If your unit is more relax, you could check out the original founders of Multicam, they have a more ACU cut uniform, and then a high speed one also.

Hopefully this helps.

Uniform coat and shirt

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Jackets Gap

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jackets gap
GAP Leather Jacket in this months GQ..?

It’s by GAP but I can’t find it anywhere online. Has anyone seen it in any stores? If you can find it online it’s an easy 10 points.


Found this on My husband was looking for it too. 🙂

It looks a lot different than the picture from the magazine so it might not be the same one. Either way I hope this helps.

My Fall Jackets

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Coat Men Winter

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coat men winter
What men’s winter coat should I buy? Miu Miu or Dior Homme?

I’ve seen two coats I love but one is Miu Miu, which is a thin fabric trench coat, the other is a Dior Homme, which is a thick black winter trench. The difference is the price – Dior is almost double the amount. I’m about to start a new job and want to make the right impression and I also have been so careful with my money so that I can treat myself. I also want something that’ll last. The shop assistant did nothing but put me off the cheaper coat – Miu Miu – which made me wonder whether she gets commission. People I’ve shown it to are neutral over what they like. Help :-D….

Both are good brands and either would be a good buy. I have however tried on said Dior coat, and it is very warm and comfortable. Yes, the price is very high, but you pay for quality that lasts. I bought a Ted Baker winter coat 3 years ago for £250 and its still going strong.
As an alternative may I suggest a black trench coat from GAP. Its around £80 and I found it very comfy, plus GAP clothes are sleek and understated but do last and stay in fashion. Happy shopping!

Men’s Winter Coats….Cool Winter Jackets For Guys

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Jackets North Face

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jackets north face
where do you buy north face jackets in maryland?

everyone in my school has a north face jacket and i am wondering where to get one. people say they cost a lot so i want to find a place that is just a little cheaper than the regular jackets. where do you get a north face denali jacket in maryland?

rei, macy’s, nordrom, or , $60-200

The North Face Denali Jacket – Women’s

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Coats Wheel Balancer

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[mage lang=”” source=”flickr”]coats wheel balancer[/mage]
I’d like to start a tire install garage. what’s the best brand & make of Tire Changers/Wheel Balancer machine?

– Is the “Snap on” Brand good?
– I plan to change car and small truck tires with low volumes
– Is the “Coats Tire” Changer Machine
– I need one that has great blowers for inflating a wide variety of tires
– I would also like to install the low profile tires

Hunter is the best balancer (DSP9600 or GSP9700), and they make a pretty good changer too. I am not a big fan of the road force measurement, but it can be used as a sales tool. The Corghi tire changers (artiglio master) are the best. If you plan to do low profile or wide tires, it will do you no good to buy the entry level models. You need a good mid to upper level machine. If you are doing low volumes you may be better off making a deal with a local tire shop that already has the best equipment.

COATS wheel balancer XR1800 INTRO

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