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Coat 3t

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coat 3t
My daughter is 18 months old, what size coat should I get?

She is 26 lb at 18 months now and I’m trying to decide if I should get her a 2T or 3T so maybe it could fit her next year. She doesn’t turn 2 until May, 2009. I’m very confused. We bought her a coat at Macys at 3T that wasn’t too big but the sleeves were long on her like they kept falling out. Help?

I would get a 2T. My daughter last year was 18 mths and we bought her a 2T and it fits her great this winter.

Haldolium – Teutonik

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Casual Coat

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casual coat
need to dress business casual. jeans with a sport coat and button up shirt?

i was just wondering if jeans would be ok to wear to an induction ceremony where the dress is supposed to be business casual. i was thinking about wearing a white button up shirt, sport coat, jeans, and nice shoes. maybe a tie. do you think this is appropriate as business casual?

Jeans are not business casual, slacks are business casual.

I would never wear jeans to an induction ceremony, I wouldn’t feel very business-y in it.

That’s just my thought on it….

But slacks, or really dark jeans and a nice shirt would work alright….but if you decide to wear the jeans then your shoes need to be really classy loking, not like sandals or the like.

Hammad In casual coat.3gp

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Jacket Medium

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jacket medium
Where can i find a woman’s xxs cardinal red Denali north face jacket? or a kids one is medium?

i only want it in cardinal red in xxs woman’s or medium in girls.


**SOLD!!**Icon Timax Jacket Medium Look

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Jacket Adidas

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jacket adidas
How do you wash outdoor paint out of denim overalls and an adidas jacket/shorts?

any ideas…because i really like these items clean…

could try rubbing alcohol…works on latex…If it is a natural material like wool or cotton…lacquer thinner…sparingly…just dab with a cotton ball, get it to break down with a hard edge…you still may have to wash it a few times….I used to take my painters clothes to a commercial laundry…80 cents a pound took 80% of the paint out (Hmmm…wonder what 100 cents would do) I think they used a lye soak…can’t be specific about how to do that except that it’s caustic and thus dangerous.

adidas David Beckham Woven Jacket

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Jacket Express

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jacket express
Can women pull off jeans and a suit jacket?

Can women pull of the suit jacket and jeans look?
I have on fitted jeans (they’re from express, barely boot) with a tight t-shirt and flats.. I want somethign to pull it together, can I throw on a suit jacket with it? or do only guys look nice like that?

FAShION DONT. ! . . .try this –
A.L.C. Perforated Leather Dress ;$697.00….

Yves Saint Laurent T-Strap Sandal Heel $557.00

Jackets for Fall

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John Coates

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john coates
where can i find photos,old photos of 1880 bar 52 adelaide ,(adelaide cellers)?

mygg grandfather was william john coates ( from portsea island )
he had abar called beer house, ( adelaide cellers)
where would i find a pic of him or the beer house

If there’s a local historical society, you might try there. I’m not sure where this is, but any historical society, library, etc. might have an old photo archive you can search through.

Or have you googled it?

John Coates WEB

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Yellow Jackets Traps

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yellow jackets traps

Basic Information as to Stinging Insects

Wasps and bumble bees have annual colonies that last for only one year. The colony dies in the fall with only the newly produced queens surviving the winter. The new queens leave their nests during late summer and mate with males. The queens then seek out overwintering sites, such as under loose bark, in rotted logs, under siding or tile, and in other small crevices and spaces, where they become dormant. These queens become active the following spring when temperatures warm. They search for favorable nesting sites to construct new nests. They do not reuse old nests.

Honey bees are perennial insects with colonies that survive more than one year. Honey bees form a cluster when hive temperatures approach 57° F. As the temperature drops, the cluster of bees becomes more compact. Bees inside this mass consume honey and generate heat so that those in the cluster do not freeze. As long as honey is available in the cluster, a strong colony can withstand temperatures down to -30° F. or lower for extended periods.

Wasp and Bee Stings

Wasps and bees sting to defend themselves or their colony. Stinging involves the injection of a protein venom that causes pain and other reactions. Wasps and bumble bees can sting more than once because they are able to pull out their stinger without injury to themselves. If you are stung by a wasp or bumble bee, the stinger is not left in your skin.

Honey bees have barbs on their stinger which remain hooked in the skin. The stinger, which is connected to the digestive system of the bee, is torn out of the abdomen as the bee attempts to fly away. As a result, the bee soon dies. If you are stung by a honey bee, scratch out the stinger (with its attached venom gland) with your fingernail as soon as possible. Do not try to pull out the stinger between two fingers. Doing so only forces more venom into your skin, causing greater irritation.

Most people have only local reactions to wasp and bee stings, although a few may experience more serious allergic reactions. Local, nonallergic reactions range from burning, itching, redness, and tenderness to massive swelling and itching that may last up to a week. These local reactions can be treated with ice, vinegar, honey, meat tenderizer, or commercial topical ointment to relieve the itching. An allergic reaction may include hives or rash, swelling away from the sting site, headache, minor respiratory symptoms, and stomach upset. These allergic reactions are not life-threatening and can be readily treated with an antihistamine.

Very rarely, a person may suffer a life-threatening, systemic allergic reaction to a bee or wasp sting, which can cause anaphylactic shock (fainting, difficulty breathing, swelling, and blockage in the throat) within minutes of being stung. These systemic symptoms are cause for immediate medical attention. People with known systemic allergic reactions to bee or wasp stings should consult with their physician to obtain an Epi-PenTM or Ana-Guard Sting KitTM to carry with them at all times. The venoms of bees and wasps are different, so having a severe reaction to a wasp sting does not mean a person will have the same reaction to a bee sting. It is vital to maintain pest control especially in situations where allergies are involved.

During late summer and fall, yellow jackets become aggressive scavengers and frequently disrupt outside activities where food or drink is served. Control of scavenging wasps is difficult, as there are no insecticides that effectively repel or discourage them.

The best strategy is to minimize attracting them is to wait to serve food and drink until people are ready to eat. Promptly put away food when done and throw garbage into a container with a tightly fitting lid. Examine glasses, cans, and other containers before drinking from them to check for wasps that may have flown inside. If a wasp flies to your food, wait for it to fly away or gently brush it away. If only a few yellow jackets are bothering your activity, ignoring them or capturing them with a net and may be sufficient. Traps may catch a considerable number of wasps, but not enough are captured to noticeably reduce the wasp population in the fall. Consider a reputable pest control company to address any major concerns.

About the Author

Best Pest LLC offers affordable pest control for Livingston County, MI and the surrounding areas. Their expertise in providing quality, affordable services for commercial and residential clients is unparalleled. For more information please visit Best Pest LLC.

The yellow jacket trap

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Jacket For Girls

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jacket for girls
Where Can I Get Or Where Do They Sell A Varsity Style Jacket For Girls?

Like This One:

I have one like your picture. The only place I can think of is D icks Sporting Goods. They have a special section where you can order a varsity jacket and customize it. My high school went through D icks Sporting Goods for all athletic varsity jackets. Mine is from basketball. Hope that helps you out. If you do not have a D icks Sporting Goods around your area, try any similar sporting goods store..maybe Sports Chalet, etc.

I had to space out the word, otherwise it stars** its out =p

Life jacket girls

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Throat Coat Tea Where To Buy

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Where to buy Throat Coat Tea?

Hi where can I buy throat coat tea?

Thank You

Here you have two brands – Yogi and Traditional Medicinals

Lots more brands on that site

When The Lights Go Down(A Jonas Brothers Sister Story) Chapter 119 Go To Girl

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Music Jacket

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music jacket
What is that leather jacket eminem wears in the not afraid music video?

like where can i buy it and what brand is it

Search for it on

Gabriel – Full Metal Jacket – Athenas Warfare (Demo) Music Video

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Book Jacket

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book jacket
What does the picture on the book jacket of Harry Potter 7 mean?

The setting is in the great hall that if you remember shows the sky, its orange because they were fighting all night and now its sunrise or dawn. harry is in that pose so he can catch the elder wand. he has just explained to voltamort that he is the master of death. voltamort is in that defient position because he cant except that he has lost the lumps or black mounds in the background are people watching the specticle.

hope that helped!!!!

The Making of a Book Cover: BLAMELESS, by Gail Carriger

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Jacket Tent

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jacket tent
What is the difference between the North Face Cat’s Meow and the North Face Cat’s Meow BX?

I guess the main thing i want to know is what the BX stands for. There are multiple north face items, jackets, tents, bags, etc. that have this “BX” next to the name of the item. thanks

Bx means box packaging.

Yeah, that’s rather an anticlimax but the information in the links seems reliable.

JakPak on KOMO 4 News

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Scooter Jackets Women

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scooter jackets women

Armadillo Scooter Wear – Ladies Scooter Jackets – Scarlett Mac – Urban Rider Review

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Dog Coat Patterns

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dog coat patterns

Dog Coat Health

Growing a Healthy Coat

There are many factors that can affect a dog’s coat health and overall condition.  These are the dog’s overall health, parasites, allergies, disease, and nutrition. Protein is the major component of a dog’s skin and coat; hair alone is 95% protein.  Oils are also of major importance in maintaining a dog’s coat health.  First, all cell membranes are composed of both proteins and oils.  The complex linkages between these two chemicals regulate the passage of water, minerals, and nutrients in and out of cells.  The oils help retain body moisture, maintain suppleness in the skin surface, and contribute to the sheen of the dog’s coat.  Yet, protein remains the foundation of a dog’s skin and coat health just as it is for muscle.  All skin cells are replaced every 3-4 weeks in a normal dog.

Pet Nutrition

The best coat begins from within.  A complete diet rich in essential amino acids and other key nutrients is the basis for good health and a beautiful coat.  In a normal, healthy dog, balance is the key. Deprivation, as well as excess levels of specific nutrients, can be detrimental to a dog’s coat health.  A deficiency of certain vitamins, minerals, amino acids, or fatty acids can result in canine skin problems.  Your dog itches and scratches and the coat damaging itch/scratch cycle begins.  Hair becomes lackluster, breaks, and thins.

Canine Skin/Coat Problems


Internal and external parasites can play a damaging role in your dog’s skin and coat health.  Worms can deplete your pet’s nutritional supply from within.  Hookworms, whipworms, and tapeworms, which suck the blood from the lining of the intestines, can quickly deteriorate a dog’s coat health.  Protein loss would be similar symptoms to inadequate protein intake.

Dog Allergies

Dog Allergies can also play a part in canine skin problems and dog coat health.  There are three main types of allergens: contact (such as flea saliva); inhaled (such as pollen, mold, dust); and food (ingredients).  Dogs do not react to allergies in the same way humans do.  They are not likely to sneeze or have runny noses.  Instead, you will see your dog itching and scratching, biting at their hind region, and licking or chewing at the pads of their feet.   If you see your dog scratching ears, tail, or anyplace they can reach, it may be signs of pet allergies.  If left untreated, it is likely that this will result in an inflammation of the pet’s skin, resulting in infection.  Dog allergy symptoms can also masquerade as, and perhaps lead to, ear infections, causing excessive wax build up and or your dog itching

Contact Dog Allergies The most common dog allergy is the result of fleabites. This is due to the dog becoming allergic to the saliva of the flea.  this reaction can occur after only one flea bite (once the dog has been previously exposed).  Many times, no fleas will be on the dog when the dog is examined, but intense biting and itching occurring near the tail is a dead giveaway.  There also may, or may not, be bumps on the dog’s skin causing the hair to have a raised appearance

Inhalant Dog Allergies Allergic reactions to inhaled substances begin to appear at 6-24 months of age.  Usually, the first experience coincides with pollination time.  However, seasonal patterns may change if the dog has become sensitive to dust or other materials.

Food Allergies

The most overlooked cause of dog allergies are food allergies.  Food allergic dogs develop sensitivity to a substance in their diet.  The most common allergens in dog food are: corn, whey, milk and beef.

Alex Brown is the Vice President of ALC Inovators, Inc.  ALC Inovators has been producing supplements to promote the health of dogs and cats for over twenty-five years. Along with the IN® Diet Supplement, ALC Inovators manufactures INhancerTM for dogs with hip and joint pain.  They can be found at

About the Author

Graduate of University of Florida. Majored in Food and Resource Economics. Vice President, Sales, ALC Inovators, Inc.

How To Crochet Bernat Dog Coat – Pattern Surfing

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Yellow Jacket Gauges

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yellow jacket gauges
What Yellow Jacket gauge set?

I just got my epa 608 type 1 card in last week. Now I am trying to select a set of gauges. I am trying to decide between a Yellow Jacket 41615 and a 42006. I am going to be using 404 134 and 22.
I ordered the 42006

get the 42006

YELLOW JACKET Quick Tip: 3-2-3 vs. 1% Gauges

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